[July] Top 15 Instant Paytm Cash Apps 2023 | Play Games and Earn Paytm Cash

Top 15 best Paytm Cash earning games: Are you looking for some fun and safe ways to make money or some money earning apps?

So this article is for you. Here you can find a comprehensive list of the 15 best Paytm Cash earning games to earn up to Rs. 3000 each day, all of which you will undoubtedly like.

In this article, We will be discussing some fun games that will help you earn some real cash while playing the top money making games.

So, what are the requirements for earning Paytm Cash?

All you’ll need is an Android phone, the Paytm app, and network access. That’s what you’ll need to get began with Paytm Cash Games and start earning money.

The most major benefit is that all of the games we’ll explain in this article are fully legal, so you can play but also generate income without concern with these real cash apps.

Top 15 Best Apps to Play Games and Earn Paytm Cash.

WinZo Gaming App

Download WinZo App

Winzo has around 15 games where you can win Paytm cash if users play them consistently. It’s one of the initial Paytm earning sites, offering a large range of games to choose from.

You can earn Rs. 34 for each download made via your referral link by sending the referral code with your friends. Cool! Isn’t that so? You will also receive a Rs. 50 registration bonus.

Features of Winzo App

  • They have a great support team so they will help you whenever you are facing any kind of problems while playing the games.
  • 1.2 crores individuals are earning from this app.


  • When you sign up for the game, you’ll notice that you can win paytm money from playing over 25 games.

Download WinZo App

Ludo Supreme App – Cash Earning Games

The Ludo ultimate app has been certified as a RNG Certified Dice by iTech Labs. This ludo introduces a new layout in which you can participate in a thrilling 10-minute game.

This app has the real Cash Earning Games. You can play with outsiders as well as invite family members and friends.

The 10-minute play is scheduled, and the timer comes to an end after 10 minutes. The winner will now be the player with the best score.

The best part is that the timer helps motivate you to achieve your highest score while also preventing you from just being bored after a long period of the game.

Features of Supreme App

  • 24/7 Tournaments
  • 10-minute Ludo
  • Faster Instant Payout


  • Referring to your friend earns ₹15 per friend.
  • You will get tokens when you log in daily.

Download Ludo Supreme App

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Royally Rummy App

Royally Rummy Apk download

Royally Rummy APK application is a new application, which is uniquely designed for rummy lovers. On the off chance that you are a rummy lover, this application is the most ideal to you.

You can download it from the site easily And you will get ₹51 signup bonus moment from the application that can be utilized to mess around too, And subsequent to downloading it, your course of mess around and bring in cash will be begun.

Features of Royally Rummy App

  • High Referral Commission:- In Royally Rummy App, you can earn huge commissions, as we told you before. From the third referral onwards, you will get ₹100 for each referral and a 30 percent commission.
  • Daily bonus:- You can earn a daily login bonus in this new and loaded with highlights Royally Rummy App.
  • Share and Earn:- You can earn ₹100 for each fruitful referral from the Share and Earn tab button.

Download Royally Rummy Apk

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mGamer App

mGamer is a game where you can earn money, something which you can then use in other activities. In other words, you can earn diamonds, gems, as well as other essential items to use in some of your favourite games in contrast to being delighted.

The concept behind mGamer is simple: simply open the app to view all of your possibilities for earning cash but also powerups. You can earn prizes by playing games, viewing video, or even filling out surveys in this manner.

mGamer is a fantastic app that allows you to earn tons of cash for playing some of your favourite games in a quick, reliable, and safe manner.

Features of mGamer app

  • Earn game credits using the official and legal app. You don’t have to worry about being expelled off your preferred gaming platform.
  • Free Google Play Redeem Code but also Free In-Game Currency
  • Having support for international currencies, it’s simple and quick to use.
  • Earning Game Money, Game Currency Reward Apps are among the advantages of mGamer.


  • You will earn 5 coins after watching the video.
  • Get 150 coins after inviting your friends.
  • Try luck draw and earn around 100 – 1000 coins.

mGamer Mod + Apk Download

mGamer Apk Download Original

GameZop App – Game Earning App

Gamezop is a mobile gaming software that specialises in HTML5 games, that don’t require any download and it can be playable with a single tap.

Although most games include an entry price, they are ideal for anyone wishing to have a good time while spending their money.

If you’re seeking for a fun time without spending any money, Gamezop has a range of free games to offer its users. The app deposits any winnings into the users’ Paytm wallets. Play and enjoy this Game Earning App.

Features of GameZop App

  • Earn around 100 – 2000 paytm cash instantly after playing the games.
  • Receive 10 percent commission by creating your own tournaments.
  • Play more than 250 plus games.


  • You’ll earn ₹15 per referral.
  • Earn upto ₹20 by spinning the wheel.
  • You’ll get ₹30 for the sign up bonus.

Download GameZop App

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Frenzy Bubble Shooter App

On Google Play, you can download Frenzy Bubble Shooter for free. You will receive $30 in loyalty points whenever you initially begin the game.

For those that play for seven days in a row, there are daily check-in awards of $0.50, $1, $2, $4, $8, and up to $100. To save the pigs, all you have to do is aim and shoot at the same colour bubbles.

I’m not sure why, but the developer refers to them as elves. On each level, you must save a certain number of elves with a maximum of 30 bubbles. The game is over when you run out of bubbles. You’ll be earning Paytm cash every time you complete a level, so you can easily double your rewards by watching a video ad.

Features of Frenzy Bubble Shooter App

  • Earn ₹10 paytm cash by completing each level.
  • Win ₹10 or more by using scratch cards.


  • By daily signups win paytm cash between ₹2.5 to ₹40
  • Get extra cash between ₹1 and ₹2 by checking ads.

Download Frenzy Bubble Shooter App

Galo App – Earning Paytm Cash

galo app paytm cash earning

Galo is an online gaming site featuring a diverse selection of games. You will not only play your favourite smartphone games, but you can also earn real money by doing so. By enjoying 100+ games on your mobile using Galo, you could earn a lot of money. With Galo’s exceptional gaming abilities, you’ll like to play more and win so much. You’ll also receive a bonus for each referral you make.

Features of Galo App

  • Playing the game can earn you between ₹300 and ₹500 in paytm cash.
  • By spinning the wheel, you’ll win ₹ 100.
  • Earn paytm cash by watching ads.


  • You’ll get rewards by signing daily.
  • For new users get a bonus of ₹50.
  • By opening a treasure box you’ll earn more than 50 coins.

Download Galo App

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FanFight App

Download FanFight a23 App

FanFight enthrals you in a fantasy sports world where your knowledge of cricket and football can help you win real cash on a daily basis. Play FanFight to start winning real money. You can win daily cash prizes with quick withdrawals, so you can compete with your friends!

Features of Fan Fight App

  • Users have given it a 4.5-star rating, which indicates that it is highly recommended.
  • Other fantasy apps produce 20X higher winnings.
  • Extra money that is 100% usable
  • Authenticity and security hundred percent guaranteed.


  • You’ll get ₹100 on every referral.
  • You will get daily rewards.

Download FanFight App

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Note: Fan Fight is now A23 Games

StepsSetGo App

Steps Set Go App download

It’s as simple as walking. It’s almost as entertaining as shopping. One SSG Coin is awarded for every 1000 measures taken. SSG Coins can be accumulated over time and used to claim products and discounts in the app’s ‘Bazaar.’ While measuring your step count, distance, calories, walk your way to greater health with amazing rewards.

Features of StepsSetGo App

  • You will earn 1.25 coins per 1000 steps.
  • Your level will increase as you earn more money.
  • Use the daily rewards to your advantage.


  • Earn 5 coins for inviting your friends.
  • Daily tasks can earn you up to ten coins.

Download StepsSetGo App

Game Gully App

GameGully offers stunning 3D visuals and a detailed map. Only accessible on Android, the game allows you to earn a substantial amount of Paytm money by finishing each level. You will receive Rs. 10 for each level that you accomplish.

You also earn scratch cards if you play it every day for a chance to win Rs. 10 or even more. For downloading the game, new players can get a registration reward of up to Rs. 150.

Features of Game Gully App

  • Playing games can earn you up to ten paytm coins.
  • You can also play favorite games like bubble shooter, fruit slash etc.


  • Earn ₹ 1500 paytm cash by referring your friend.
  • You’ll get daily rewards.
  • While updating your app then also get 20 bonus coins.

Download Game Gully App

Plaisa Pro Game

Plaisa Pro App allows you to play online games and win free paytm cash. Because gaming has a low level of competition, the chances of winning are great. You can discuss your Plaisa Pro Referral Code with others and use it to support each other, earn referral bonuses and also play games with it.

Features of Plaisa Pro Game

  • You can win ₹ 15 – 40 by playing many games.
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹10.


  • Earn upto ₹400 for referral
  • As a new users you can earn ₹52

Download Plaisa Pro App

Real Cash Games

Download Real Cash Games App

Real Cash Games, one of the top mobile gaming apps, offers several ways to earn rewards and win unexpected prizes. This platform’s games also allow you to earn real money in Paytm payments.

Clan Samurai, Knife-Ninja, Treasure Iceland, and Knife are just a few of the games accessible on this gaming site. The best part is that they’re all free and take up very little space on your computer or mobile device.

You can win up to 50 coins and just a daily bonus of up to 20 coins by playing games on this platform. The site also allows you to make money by playing quiz games and introducing your family or friends to the app. If you look at the real cash games app reviews, you’ll see that it’s a fantastic game app.

Features of Real Cash Games

  • Earn upto 50 coins by playing games.
  • By playing games you can earn cash.


  • Daily earn up to 20 coins.
  • Earn extra coins by referring your friends.

Download Real Cash Games App

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Zupee Gold

It’s an online trivia game with simple questions. You can make Paytm money online by providing the proper answers to those questions. Users can select a topic from over 500 options and then take a quiz depending on their selection. You can earn more than you want for as long as you want with this app, and that there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Features of Zupee Gold

  • Earn ₹ 3000 paytm cash by playing tournaments daily.
  • Play different kinds of quizzes.


  • You will earn upto ₹10 paytm money for inviting friends.

Download Zupee Gold App

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Bakbuck App

On Bakbuck, you may participate in daily contests for a chance to win Paytm cash, watch viral videos, culinary videos, and so much more. Housewives, businessmen, ladies, and students all utilise this app to have a good time while earning Paytm. For Indian users, a safe, secure, and approved app is available. Through our engaging social games built for Indian users, you may participate in contests at any time of the day or night with your friends and relatives.

Features of Bakbuck App

  • There are a wide variety of quizzes.


  • Earn gems daily by watching videos.
  • Earn 100 gems by referring your friend.

Download Bakbuck App

Paytm First Games App

Paytm First Games App

Paytm First Games is perhaps the most popular gaming app in India, offering games such as Fantasy Cricket, Rummy, Call Break, or Poker! Enjoying your favourite games on the First Games app now gives you the chance to earn up to ₹50 Lakhs every day.

Features of Paytm First Games App

  • Win rewards upto ₹ 25 lacs by playing fantasy cricket.
  • Have an opportunity to win anywhere from ₹40 and ₹100 in paytm cash.


  • Joining bonus is ₹50
  • Earn ₹50 paytm cash by inviting friends.

Download Paytm First Games App

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Winapp – play to win

Download WinApp but also play normal games to earn real money. It’s really simple to make real money – simply download WinApp, place a bet, and engage in any game to receive coins for each win. With a few clicks, you may transfer all of your coins to your PayTM wallet. Moreover, you can earn 10 coins by offering WinApp to your friends and colleagues using your referral link.

Features of Winapp – play to win

  • The winapp comes in both Hindi and English.
  • This app has around more than 20 lakh players.


  • If you are looking for a simple way to earn money then this app is perfect for you. You can easily earn coins and later on you can convert into paytm cash.

Download WinApp Gaming App

Wrapping up

Paytm First Games and other Paytm cash games are the top in 2022. You are free to attempt whichever game appeals to you the most. Furthermore, all of these Paytm cash games are completely legal and trusted by millions of users. I hope now you understand all the apps given above. For better understanding, you must read the information given above thoroughly.

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