[Real] Play Quiz and Earn Paytm Cash Apps Download 2023 | Top 10 Best Quiz Apps in India

This website is frequently visited by those looking for ways to generate money online. They discovered the top quiz apps in India for earning Paytm cash. Is it true, though, that game apps can make you money? Paytm money can be earned by using quiz apps.

Yes! Some well-known apps, such as Brain Baazi and a slew of other quizzes, can pay you in real money. These apps allow you to play quiz and win Paytm cash.

In this article, I’ll share the top ten quiz apps for earning Paytm cash in 2022. By playing the quiz you can earn Paytm cash easily.

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10  Best Quiz Apps to Earn Paytm Cash

BrainBaazi App AKA BaaziNow

brain baazi now app download

Another live-quiz app, BrainBaazi, allows you to win real money by responding to questions. Quizzes are conducted several times a day, with reward pools of up to one lakh dollars. When you’re taking a quiz, you have one “life” to keep playing after you’ve made a mistake. Each game allows you to use only one life. By recommending your friends to BrainBaazi, you can earn more lives.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Maths quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Hollywood quiz
  • Gk quiz


  • By playing you can earn per quiz.
  • By referring friends, you can earn money.

What are your options for playing?

  • The host will ask you ten questions, and you’ll have 10 seconds to respond to each one. As a result, you must answer instantly.

Download BaaziNow App

Task Bucks App

taskbucks app paytm cash

TaskBucks is a well-known and well-paid app. Taskbucks has been around for a long time and has undergone several changes. Users were encouraged to read and share stories when the app first launched.

However, you may now earn Paytm cash without making any investments. It’s as simple as downloading applications, completing deals, and referring friends. Referring to friends also could help you earn more money.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Sports quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • General knowledge quiz
  • Business quiz


  • You can earn money by referring friends.
  • Various digital activities can be completed to earn money.

With Taskbucks, you will simply earn Paytm cash and deposit it into your Paytm account.

These are the steps to take.

  • After you’ve signed up, add your paytm number.
  • You can play several quizzes and earn coins from there and then convert them into cash.

Download Task Bucks App

MPL – Mobile Premier League

Download MPL App paytm cash

MPL is one of the most popular free Paytm cash earning games. You may choose over 30 games, participate in events, and play for actual cash. Tournaments, on the other hand, are not free to enter.

Tokens will be required.

Tokens can be earned by playing the Daily Spin but also referring friends. You will receive 50 Tokens with each friend who enters your referral code ” or “ plays at least three games.

To make additional money, you may also play fantasy sports on MPL.

UPI and bank account were two additional payment options besides Paytm wallet. Without KYC, your first withdrawal request will be granted. Your government ID proof, including an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, a voter ID card, or even a driver’s licence, must be verified.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Current affair quiz
  • Maths quiz
  • Bollywood quiz and more


  • On MPL you can earn by playing quiz
  • Earn by referring your friends

To make money, you must answer basic questions, and you can withdraw your winnings immediately via Paytm wallet, Amazon Pay, UPI, or direct bank transfer.

Select the quiz category you wish to play from and earn money right away by answering correctly. Before you begin the game, read up on your expertise to improve your chances of winning.

Download MPL App

Qureka Quiz App

download Qureka app play quiz earn paytm cash

This app offers a “Learn” function that helps to learn about a subject by taking quizzes. Along with quizzes, Qureka offers a feature called “Made in India” that allows you to play quizzes created by Indians. The game is simple to play, with a clear and intuitive design.

You can log into your account from anywhere and enjoy the game on your tablet or smartphone. Quiz games are a fun way to study, and Qureka: Play Quizzes is one of the best. You may also use the “Learn” function to test your knowledge on a subject by completing quizzes.

Quiz games created by Indians are entertaining to play and can teach you a lot about the country.

You can play variety of quiz

  • IPL quiz
  • UPSC exam quiz
  • SSC exam quiz
  • World Cup quiz


  • You can win by playing quiz
  • By watching videos, you can make income.

You’ll have only 10 seconds to respond to the questionnaire. Because of this reason you can’t take help from websites.

Download Qureka App

Bujho To Jaane App

bujho to jaane app paytm cash

Bujho To Jaane is a platform where you may learn about a variety of topics such as education, entertainment, and so on. It will improve your understanding of current events, math, social science, and other topics. The user can take as many quizzes as they want on various themes.

The application is also designed to help you prepare for government exams. The Bujho To Jaane app includes a specific quiz that is used in major government exams like Banking, SSC, UPSC, Defense, and others.

You can play variety of quiz

  • English learning quiz
  • Competitive exam quiz
  • Cricket quiz
  • General knowledge quiz


  • Win coins by playing quizzes.
  • Earn extra coins by referring friends.

With this Bujho To Jaane App, you will not only increase your knowledge but also earn money by this.

Download Bujho To Jaane App

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mChamp App

mChamp quiz app download

mChamp is a trivia and quiz app that will help you enhance your knowledge and understanding! Play a fun Celebrities quiz. It’s a multi-genre quiz app that’s simple to use and will keep your mind entertained. The app’s built-in features, such as play with celebrity quiz, video, audio quiz, text quiz, including image quiz, keep the mind twisting, fascinating, and brain taxing going.

mChamp is a quiz app that also serves as a knowledge-gathering platform. Daily feeds from hand-picked classified areas including Bollywood, sports, and more will help you to improve your general knowledge.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Logo quiz
  • Word games quiz
  • Current affairs quiz
  • Play math quiz


  • Win by playing quiz
  • For winning coins spin daily.
  • To earn coins watch videos daily.
  • Earn Paytm cash by completing surveys.

You can play a quiz as per your interest by registering with your mobile number. But one thing you must keep in mind for earning Paytm cash is that you must give the right answers.

Download mChamp App

Play and Win – Numbase limited

play and win app paytm cash earn

To gain the most scores and also the thrill of winning cash rewards, test your knowledge and answer random questions. Thousands of queries on anything from technology to sports to culture to movies to history to games to general knowledge, and so forth.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Culture
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • History
  • Technology


  • By playing a quiz you can earn Paytm cash.
  • By spinning the wheel you can earn cash.
  • Win rewards daily.

Download Play and Win App

CashNGifts App

Download CashNGifts App

If you have a basic understanding of mathematics. If you can answer simple arithmetic questions like (4+5) or (10+34), the CashNGifts app is a great way to make money by answering simple math questions. CashNGifts is a free app that can help you win Paytm cash, Amazon gift cards, as well as other prizes.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Different kinds of games with basic maths quizzes.


  • Earn daily rewards by watching ads
  • Earn easily by spinning wheel
  • Refer and Win
  • Earn by solving the quiz

Play quiz and win Paytm cash by CashNGifts apps

  • When you go to the app’s homescreen, you’ll see a play but also earn option.
  • The option to complete maths questions can be found by clicking on the earn option.
  • To earn money, take a math quiz.

Download CashNGifts App

Top Quiz App

download top quiz app

TopQuiz is a simple quiz game where you can win money by responding to questions. Also, you can use these coins to win contests. You can play a quiz and win free money in the contest.

Each quiz contains 5-7 questions. The winner will be chosen in under 24 hours.Your ranking is determined by the number of correct answers and also the time it takes you to complete the quiz.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Bollywood quiz
  • Maths quiz
  • Cricket quiz


Download TopQuiz App

Qunami App

Qunami quiz app download

Qunami is an app that allows you to participate in live quizzes with other participants.

Your rank, that is decided by your accuracy but also response speed, determines how much free Paytm cash you get. The quizzes were free to take, but ads will appear with each one.

You can play variety of quiz

  • Culture
  • Science
  • Entertainment and Many More

This app is available in two languages: English but also Hindi. You may sign up using either Facebook and maybe even Gmail, and after that, you must play certain quiz games and defeat your opponent in order to win cash.

Download Qunami App


So, guys, I hope you enjoy these Top 10 Quiz apps, or as they are often known, Play quiz but also earn Paytm cash Daily.

By reading this information you will clear all your doubts about these Quiz apps for better understanding you must read this topic thoroughly. We will also be adding more quiz apps in the near future to help you win real money.

If you guys found this Quiz App list helpful, please share it with your near and dear ones.

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