Top 27 Fantasy Cricket Apps List 2024 | Fantasy Gaming Apps in India

Fantasy Cricket is a new opportunity to experience cricket in a fun way. It’s similar to fantasy sports where players draft teams of real-life players and score points based on how the players did in the game.

It’s different from traditional cricket because it takes more of a statistical approach.

Fantasy Cricket is a game which is played by people who are interested in cricket. It’s a game of skill, where the player picks various players according to their performance on the field.

Fantasy Cricket has become very popular in India, with over 10+ million users playing Fantasy Cricket on several apps.

Here in this article, we have shared some of the Top 28 Fantasy Cricket Apps, that you should try.

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Top 27 Fantasy Cricket Apps

Dream11 Play NowAMYSO1MN
Gamezy Play Now 783AKV
My11Circle Play Now AMYS4214
Paytm First Games Play Now AMASOL489
MyTeam11 Play Now H8S2V048ES
BalleBaazi Play Now OI0P27OM
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1. Dream11 – Fantasy Cricket App

dream11 app download

Dream11 is the best fantasy cricket app. It’s simple to use and allows you to make money playing cricket. You can create a team of 11 players and play matches, win cash prizes, and enter contests with your friends.

This Fantasy Cricket app will also give you the details of the match and also how your select player is performing in the match.

Dream11 is a quick and convenient way to play fantasy cricket, with all the features you need for success. It is indeed the top choice for people who are looking for a fun, engaging, and thrilling experience.

Dream11 App Features

  • It’s a perfect way to enjoy cricket and earn money at the same time. You can earn money by playing Fantasy Cricket or any other Fantasy Sports and also by its referral system.
  • It’s a fantasy cricket game with live updates of all the matches, commentary, latest player news, and more.
  • This fantasy cricket app allows you to create your own dream team and compete against other users’ teams.
  • Dream11, the fantasy cricket app which offers several prize pools for you to win. You can pick your players and watch them score points in real-time on your mobile.

Dream11 Referral Code: AMYSO1MN

Dream11 app download

2. Gamezy – Fantasy Cricket App

Gamezy is one of the best and easy-to-use Fantasy Cricket app. Not only does it have the most features, but it also has an easy interface that is perfect for new players. You can play or watch cricket, football, and other games news and details in real-time. It also offers features like live scoring, league management, and advanced match statistics.

It’s a platform where you can make your own teams, manage them, and earn money. And not only with participate in contests, but also you can make money in this app through its referral system. 

Gamezy App Features

  • This app offers real-time scores so you are always updated on the latest matches of cricket, and with live commentary and scores, you can know how your players are performing.
  • You can win money and other prizes by predicting which players will score the most runs, take the most wickets, and perform the best in various stages of a match.
  • This application also allows you to earn money through its referral system.
  • You can join the Gamezy Fantasy Cricket App community by selecting your favorite cricket players, they will be live on your team. You can make changes to your team anytime.

Gamezy App Referral Code : 783AKV

Gamezy app download

How To Use Gamezy App in Hindi 2024

3. My11Circle – Fantasy Cricket App

The My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App is the dream app for all cricket lovers. It lets you create your own fantasy team of 11 players, and then earns points based on how well they perform in their real-life games.

You can also trade players, create leagues with your friends, and compete against other teams on their international cricket ladder.

With the My11Circle Fantasy Cricket App, you can easily follow and analyze live games to learn about player details and in-depth analysis while also engaging with experts for commentary and analysis. So, that you can choose players in your time wisely.

My11Circle App Features

  • With detailed commentary, player detail pages, and an in-depth game analysis section, this app provides everything you need to know about the game and how your selected players are performing in the match.
  • My11Circle allows you to make changes to your team of 11 players before each match. You can change your players for a particular match by selecting the Swap Player option from the Team Management tab.
  • My11Circle is a Fantasy Cricket app that helps you earn money by joining the price pool. You can select your team of players and enter contests.
  • Like other Fantasy Cricket apps, you can also earn money in this app through Referral.

My11Circle App Referral Code: AMYS4214

My11Circle app download

How To Use My11Circle App in Hindi 2024

4. Paytm First Games – Fantasy Cricket App

Paytm First Games is the best fantasy cricket app. It has a wide range of features like live score, live match updates, and other notifications. It also has a dashboard with the stats of your favorite player and other players.

If you are a cricket enthusiast, then you will want to download our app for your Android or iOS phone. The app will provide you with all the information you need about the Indian Premier League, including live scores and commentary.

You can also create your own 11 players team and join in prize pools and in several other contests to earn a lot of money. Play Fantasy Cricket with your friends and family members and earn money.

Paytm First Games Features

  • Paytm First Games has a wide variety of Fantasy games like cricket, football, tennis, Rummy, etc.
  • With Paytm First Games, you can earn money by playing Fantasy Cricket. And not only with Fantasy Games, but you can also earn through its referral system.
  • Paytm First Games provides live cricket updates of all major cricketing events, including live scores, match highlights, player stats, and the latest news.
  • You can also join several leagues and prize pools in the app with your friends and family members.

Paytm First Games App Referral Code: AMASOL489

Paytm First Games app download

How To Use Paytm First Game App in Hindi 2024

5. MyTeam11 – Fantasy Cricket App

MyTeam11 is the most exciting fantasy cricket app. It allows you to create a team of international and Indian players and earn points by how well they perform in real-life games. You can also play against your friends or any other person around the world.

You can play with any player of your choice and win amazing prizes. It’s the world’s most popular game that helps you win cash prizes based on your strategy and ability to pick players.

You can view match highlights, latest updates, and other player stats on your mobile phone. You can also compete in head-to-head matches while picking up points for each wicket your player takes or runs scored.

MyTeam11 App Features

  • MyTeam11 is the best fantasy cricket app in India. It allows you to join leagues and compete with other players, giving you the opportunity to make money from your skills.
  • Moreover, it also lets you enjoy a continuously running cricket league, with no gaps in between matches, and with real-time updates of scores, stats, and news.
  • You can also earn money through the Referral System of the MyTeam11 app. You along with whom you will refer this app get cash benefits.
  • MyTeam11 is a comprehensive fantasy sports platform that offers games in various sports, including cricket, football, kabaddi, volleyball, basketball, etc.

MyTeam11 App Referral Code: H8S2V048ES

MyTeam11 app download

How To Use MyTeam11 App in Hindi 2024

6. MPL – Fantasy Cricket App

MPL is one of the best online games and Cricket Fantasy apps in the market. You can create your own Cricket team and join prize pools with your friends. MPL enables you to play Fantasy Cricket at your convenience – it’s not just about cricket, it’s about playing with friends too.

MPL provides the most realistic Cricket experience on the market. It has features like live streaming, push notifications, individual player stats, and more. You can even create your own Cricket team and join prize pools. Not only does MPL offer live cricket matches, but it also offers in-match updates and an in-game chat for its users.

MPL App Features

  • MPL is a mobile-optimized app for Android and iOS, where users can play free games and earn money. There are several mini-games like fruit ninja, chess, and other games.
  • It also offers several fantasy sports games, like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, and many more through which you can earn money by joining in prize pools.
  • You can create your own Cricket team and join in contests and prize pools with several prizes.
  • Like other Fantasy Cricket applications, there is also a Referral System, with which you can earn money by referring your friends and family members through your code.

MPL App Referral Code: NDS5B8WY

Download MPL App

How To Use MPL App in Hindi 2024

7. BalleBaazi – Fantasy Cricket App

BalleBaazi is a Fantasy Sports app that lets you play Fantasy Cricket and create your very own team.

This is a unique opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to experience it in a whole new way, while also making some money.

Once you’re done signing up, you’ll be all set to get started with the various features available on BalleBaazi.

It’s free to play but to enter higher prize contests, you’ll need to pay. You can also buy tickets or pay charges for prize pools and contests that provide you with the opportunity to win prizes based on the performance of your favourite players.

BalleBaazi App Features

  • BalleBaazi app is a place where you can play Fantasy Cricket and other games like Cricket Quiz, Cricket Poll, and Match of the Day to win real money.
  • BalleBaazi offers several Fantasy sports games like Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Volleyball, etc.
  • In addition to scores, BalleBaazi offers you live commentary on all major cricket matches from the best commentators. This ensures that you don’t miss any updates.
  • It provides users with the ability to follow their favorite sports events in near-real time, on the go. It also includes exclusive video content and scoring updates.

BalleBaazi App Referral Code: OI0P27OM

BalleBaazi app download

How To Use BalleBaazi App in Hindi 2024

8. 11Wickets – Fantasy Cricket App

11Wickets is a new cricket fantasy game app that you can play on the go. Cricket is the third most popular sport in the world, played in more than 100 countries.

11Wickets is a fantasy app for both cricket enthusiasts and novices. You can choose to create your own team or join an existing league. You can play for free or pay fees to win real money!

11Wickets offers real-time cricket match highlights, commentary, and player performance analysis. With 11Wickets, you can stay on top of the cricket games that you are following.

You can also see the latest trends in the game as well as recommendations for who to choose in your team.

11Wickets App Features

  • 11Wickets gives you the opportunity to win real cash prizes. You don’t need to be a cricket expert to enjoy 11Wickets as you can pick your favourite players and watch their performance in real-time as it shows match updates and news.
  • 11Wickets is a fantasy cricket app that not only allows you to create your own cricket team but also match it with another user’s team in a virtual cricket match.
  • In-app messaging and chat features make it possible for you to communicate with other players and discuss strategies.
  • You can challenge friends or search for opponents from around the world.

11Wickets App Referral Code: fce352c

11Wickets App Download

How To Use 11Wicket App in Hindi 2024

9. Nostra Pro – Fantasy Cricket App

Nostra Pro provides all the features that you’ll need to be successful in Fantasy Cricket. Whether you’re managing a team for one day, 1 month, or the entire season, Nostra Pro is there for you at every step of the way. You can also create your own league so that you can compete against your friends.

Nostra is a fantasy games app with various Fantasy games included! Games include fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy table tennis, and kabaddi. Also, it will show you match updates and also how your selected team members are performing in the match.

Nostra Pro App Features

  • Nostra is an innovative game that offers you the opportunity to earn real money by playing Fantasy Cricket and other games in which you can predict the match.
  • The platform is secure, fast, and offers the best odds available. Players can join prize pools for popular events like the World Cup or NFL games or just pick their favorite team and predict.
  • It also provides match updates and news, as other Fantasy Cricket Apps provide.
  • You can also earn a steady income with the Nostra Pro referral system. You can attract more users and make money with the referral system of Nostra Pro.

Nostra Pro App Referral Code: AMY1091

Nostra Pro app download

How To Use Nostra Pro App in Hindi 2024

10. FanFight – Fantasy Cricket App

Last but not the least, is FanFight. It is a great way for you to not only enjoy your favorite fantasy sports but to also compete with your friends and others from around the world. You can challenge your friends or create a public league and invite anyone you want to join.

Fanfight is the app for cricket fanatics to track live match stats, make smart picks, and win cash prizes. It is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India and provides an addictive game with instant rewards. The game allows you to create teams of players in the various leagues in the world of cricket and compete with others.

FanFight App Features

  • Users can create their own private leagues, join public leagues, compete for big prizes, and more.
  • The app features many contests and prize pools that you can enter with little to no money required.
  • The Fanfight app itself has a referral system through which people can earn money! All you need to do is invite your friends and family to join the app, and if they sign up, you’ll get cash rewards for free.
  • Fanfight offers fantasy sports games for all major sports leagues and is available for Android and iPhone users. The app is easy to use and has a sleek interface.

FanFight App Referral Code: DPVXVM

FanFight app download

How To Use FanFight App in Hindi 2024

11. Vision11 Fantasy Cricket App

Vision11 App is another excellent app with a completely lag-free User experience. It will also give you a cash incentive of Rs 300 when you sign up, but you should use the Vision11 Referral Code AMYSO5912801. Manish Pandey seems to be the Vision11 fantasy app’s brand ambassador.

Vision11’s referral scheme has just been changed. You will receive a ₹100 cash bonus if you refer a friend to join or play Vision11, as well as the friend will receive a ₹300 cash bonus. At the same time, you would receive 20% real cash in your winning balance for the rest of your life.

You will not receive a cash bonus if you do not submit the referral code. In addition, by introducing your friends, you can earn an infinite cash incentive. However, remember to notify your friends about the referral code. You will not receive any cash bonuses unless they enter the Vision11 Referral Code.

The Vision11 app now includes a new feature. Every member can now receive a lifetime 20 percent share from a referred buddy. If your referred buddy spends ₹100, for instance, you will receive ₹20 in your winning balance.

The best aspect is that you will have it for the rest of your life and will also be able to withdraw it to your bank account.

This lifelong 20% share in Vision11 will assist you in accumulating a winning balance even after entering any contest.

Download Vision11 Fantasy Cricket App

Vision11 Referral Code AMYSO5912801

12. Real11 Fantasy App

real11 app download

Real 11 Fantasy App is one of the most popular fantasy apps among new apps. It offers a simple user interface and a referral programme. You will receive 50 points for downloading apps as well as 100 points for referring a friend.

We all enjoy watching cricket on TV and listening to Hindi commentary. In India, Akash Chopra is a very well known Hindi commentator. He seems to be the fantasy app’s brand spokesperson. After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to sign up with your email and phone number. After that, a ₹50 cash bonus would be added to your Real11 Wallet. This bonus can be used to enter any paid contest.

Please note that even before registering for KYC, you must verify your mobile number and email address with an OTP. You will receive a 50 cash bonus and 50 Xtra Cash if you introduce a new user to Real11.

This Xtracash amount of ₹50 could be used to enter any contest. It implies you can use your referral bonus to enter any contest. Please remember that you can only use a portion of your cash bonus. You can only enter a contest with a maximum of ₹500 XtraCash.

The Real11 Fantasy App has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹200. Your winnings could be withdrawn from your Paytm Wallet or your bank account. This will take 2-3 working days for the withdrawal to be completed.

Download Real11 App

13. Fantasy Power 11

For the past few months, I’ve been using this as my primary app. It simply takes 4 hours for it to appear in my Paytm wallet. Like other famous apps, you can play grand league, local league, or personal matches in this app. The user interface and team building process are almost identical to those of other apps.

You will receive a Rs 100 cash bonus for downloading the app, as well as a Rs 100 cash bonus for each new referral. You would earn an endless cash bonus by referring to an unlimited number of friends.

Every day, you may win a cash bonus by scratching a card in Fantasy Power 11. The minimum withdrawal amount in Fantasy Power 11 is Rs 200, and you can withdraw an unlimited number of times.

Your winnings can be withdrawn to your Paytm Wallet and bank account. To initiate a bank account withdrawal, you must first validate your PAN card or bank account, which might take up to 2-3 days.

Download Fantasy Power 11 App

14. 11 Challengers Fantasy App

Joining a fantasy contest on a new fantasy app makes it incredibly easy to win. A new fantasy cricket app called 11CHALLENGERS has been released. For a long time, I’ve been using the 11Challengers Fantasy App.

This app has no lag or sluggish loading issues, which would be the nicest thing I can say about any new app. You will receive a ₹100 cash bonus for downloading this app and a ₹50 referral bonus.

Not only that, but your winning balance from your referred friend’s deposit or investment will earn you a 20% commission. If a friend spends ₹100 in either a contest, you will receive 20% of that amount in your winning balance.

As a result, if you share this app with your friends when they play matches, you will receive money without having to enter any contests.

For your information, once or twice a week, you can participate in a 100 percent bonus usable contest and league in this new fantasy cricket app 11 Challengers.

Download 11 Challengers Fantasy App

15. Royal11 Fantasy App

In the run-up to the IPL, a slew of new fantasy sports apps debuted in India. This year, Royal11, another fantasy software, made its debut. Vision11, Fantasy Power 11 and Royal11 are all the same thing. You will receive a 100 bonus for downloading the app, as well as a ₹300 bonus and a lifetime 25% deposit cash bonus with each new referral.

This app allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, and basketball. The least amount that can be withdrawn is ₹200. You have the option of withdrawing via Paytm or Bank. It will take 2-3 days for the withdrawal to be completed.

However, as you may be aware, in order to make a withdrawal, you must first fulfil KYC. With your Pan Card and Bank Account data, you must complete KYC.

The best part of Royal11 is that you may join their Affiliate Program whether you are a Promoter, Influencer, and YouTuber like me. You could earn a 75 percent commission from your referred friends in this method.

Download Royal11 Fantasy App

16. Kubera Fantasy App

This is the new colossus of fantasy gaming. You may currently play fantasy cricket or kabaddi with this app. For newbies, this appears to be a terrific fantasy app. Since this is a fantasy game with a small number of competitors.

This app allows you to compete in both traditional and DFS contests. For the Kubera Fantasy recommend and earn option, you can receive a ₹50 bonus.

At the same time, you will earn extra commission if you join the Kubera Fantasy affiliate network. You will receive a commission if some user participates in any DFS contests. Users can only cash out their winnings into their bank accounts.

This app does not offer a Paytm withdrawal option. You can cash out your winnings in increments of 200 or multiples of 200.

Download Kubera Fantasy App

17. Prime Captain

If you want to play games and make money quickly, I believe Prime Captain Fantasy App is the greatest choice. In this app, you will see that there is virtually little competition. This is not a money-making game. Since this app only allows you to play fantasy games. In this app, we may play fantasy cricket, football, basketball, or baseball.

To play fantasy games, you may receive a ₹100 cash bonus. You would also receive a ₹100 cash incentive if you refer your friends. Deposit balance, winning balance, cash bonus, and referral bonus seem to be the four sections of the account option. Your referral bonus page will be updated with all of your referral benefits.

I believe the Prime Captain Affiliate choice is for you if you believe you could refer more people. Joining their affiliate programme will allow you to earn actual money.

The referral bonus has a minimum withdrawal of ₹500, while the winning balance has a minimum withdrawal of ₹300. If you have any issues, please contact Prime Captain customer service at [email protected] (Official Email).

Download Prime Captain App

18. Sportasy Fantasy App

Sportasy seems to be the newest fantasy cricket behemoth. On this app, we may play fantasy cricket, football, or basketball. The amazing thing about this app is that it has the cheapest entry charge. Users will receive a ₹500 no-expiration signup incentive.

You may occasionally receive a free entry contest. This will allow you to play games without having to spend any money. Normally, you will receive a ₹300 signup bonus, but if you use the Sportasy referral code APPKHAZANA, you will receive an additional ₹200 cash incentive.

In grand leagues, people can take advantage of a 20% boost. This app allows you to make a same-day withdrawal. You can deposit money into both your Paytm wallet and your bank account. It also has the option of Quick Withdrawal.

The least amount that can be withdrawn is ₹100. If you refer friends, you can receive a ₹500 cash incentive and a 25% referral commission in addition to the chance to win again for the rest of your life. You will earn a winning balance in this manner without having to invest anything.

19. Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App

This app does not appeal to me. As it will automatically log out once or twice a day. Apart from that, it’s a fantastic app that’s part of Share Chat.

You will receive a Rs 100 cash bonus for downloading the app and then another Rs 100 for each new referral on Jeet11. If you enjoy playing cricket quizzes, you may do it on this app as well.

20. Pro Sports 11

Pro Sports 11 is just another good alternative if you really want to play fantasy cricket and football in such a low-competition app. If you download this app using the provided link, you will receive a Rs 150 welcome bonus.

You will receive Rs 50 upon downloading, then Rs 100 extra after inputting the Pro Sports 11 Referral Code APPKHAZANA. You can receive a 50%, 25%, and 10% bonus on your friend’s payments in their wallet through Pro Sports 11.

You also will receive a referral incentive through Pro Sports 11 Refer and Earn Offer in addition to these benefits. You will receive a cash bonus of up to ₹250 for each new referral. This bonus could be used to enter any contest.

21. FanFight Fantasy Cricket App

FanFight Apk download

FanFight is also a fantastic fantasy game. From the FanFight Refer and Earn offer, you can earn up to Rs 500. Not only that, and for the first time deposit into our FanFight wallet, FanFight offers a 100% cash bonus up to Rs 100.

To play Fantasy Cricket or Football, go to the link underneath and download the FanFight app. You will receive a Rs 100 cash incentive once your registration is done.

22. HalaPlay Fantasy App

HalaPlay seems to be an android and iOS fantasy app which offers fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, quiz, and rummy. If you use the HalaPlay Referral Code Q8U1Y1QP, you will receive Rs 50 for downloading.

Then you’ll earn Rs 50 in your HalaPlay wallet for each new referral. The nicest feature about this Fantasy Cricket App is that you may enter a contest with a 100% bonus. You can participate in normal, reverse, H2H [N], H2H [R], and other contests with the HalaPlay Fantasy Cricket App.

There seems to be no opportunity to select a vice-captain in this application. Only one captain can be chosen.

If you enter a reverse contest, you must score the fewest points by selecting players from a pool of 11. In the HalaPlay reverse battle, the one who scores the fewest points is declared winner.

23. PlayerzPot Fantasy App

playerzpot apk download

The 2nd Innings Fantasy App is now popular among fantasy players. PlayerzPot is a fantasy baseball app which includes a 2nd Innings competition. If you’ve not downloaded the PlayerzPot Fantasy App, you will receive a ₹50 bonus in your wallet after doing so.

Users can join any paid pod with a 100 percent bonus (contest). On the PlayerzPot Fantasy Cricket App, you may play a whole match or two innings. On the PlayerzPot App, you may play football, hockey, handball, as well as other sports in addition to fantasy cricket.

Users that have a winning amount of ₹150 or more are eligible to withdraw their winnings. There are three different forms of withdrawals available: Instant Withdrawal, Paytm, and Bank Withdrawal. You can only withdraw money from PlayerzPot once.

An activated Paytm Wallet is required for Paytm Withdrawal. For bank withdrawals, you must also validate your PAN and bank information. A successful bank or Paytm withdrawal can consist of up to 1-2 days.

24. Qureka Pro Earn Money App

qureka Pro app review

This is not just a fantasy software, but also a game app with a variety of different games. On Qureka Pro, you may play live cricket, fruit slash, quizzes, ball shooters, candy brust, and other games. If you win each time you play, you may receive a gift.

In Qureka Pro Apk, you may find a variety of different forms of content. Qureka Pro Apk also has a fantastic Refer and Earn programme. By inviting your friends, you can earn up to ₹5,000 every day. You will receive ₹5 each time a friend joins using your referral code.

The favorite aspect of the Qureka Pro Refer and Earn Offer is that you can get your referral bonus instantly in Paytm or Bank. Your Qureka Pro VIP Wallet will be credited with all of your quiz prizes and referral bonuses.

Paytm withdrawals from Qureka Pro Apk start at rs 100. You can only withdraw three times each day. The minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are ₹10 and ₹5,000, respectively.

25. Twelfth Man Fantasy App

Cricket is our favourite sport to watch more than any other. Apart from cricket, if there were any sports with large fan bases, it is undoubtedly football. Twelfth Man Fantasy App is a better choice if you prefer to play Fantasy Cricket or Football on even a different app.

You will receive 25 points for downloading the app and another 25 points for referring a friend. On Twelfth Man, you can only refer up to 15 pals.

26. Howzat Fantasy App

howzat app download

Another of the greatest fantasy apps in India for 2024 is Howzat Fantasy App. Suresh Raina was recently appointed as their third brand ambassador. Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, and Suresh Raina are indeed the Howzat brand ambassadors.

Just fantasy cricket and fantasy football are available in this app. The apps Jungle Rummy and Howzat are the same. From a single app, you may select any choice. You will receive ₹50 in your Howzat wallet after signing up.

If you refer your friends, you will receive a payback of ₹600 in your account. You can play a variety of contests in this game, including beating the expert. If you enter this contest and defeat one of the Howzat team’s experts (Irfan Pathan, Suresh Raina, or Yuvraj Singh), you will receive a 2X refund of your participation fee.

Your winnings can be withdrawn from both your Paytm wallet and your bank account. You can also withdraw your winnings from your UPI account if you choose.

Download HowZat App

27. MyFab11 Fantasy App

myfab11 app

MyFab11 seems to be another fantastic dream app for everyone. This fantasy cricket app’s captain is Sanju Samson. We may play fantasy cricket, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, handball, and also the National Football League, among other sports.

After you join up for the MyFab11 fantasy app, you will receive a ₹50 cash bonus. At the same time, you’ll receive a ₹100 incentive and a 20% contest commission for every cash contest they enter during their lifetime.

The monetary bonus could be used to enter future competitions. You can either withdraw the 20% profit commission or use the balance to play games. Since this amount will be applied to your winnings.

Paytm and bank withdrawals are available through MyFab11. This could take up to 24 hours to complete the withdrawal process.

My Fab11 App Download

My Fab11 Referral Code: HFADBBJJDC91


So, these are some of the Top 28 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps that you should use. You can select any one of the above-mentioned apps to play fantasy cricket or any other fantasy sports you like the most and play in.

All the applications are genuine and trustworthy and millions of people are already using all these applications.

So, download any of these Fantasy Cricket Apps and create your own Fantasy Cricket team and play fantasy cricket and earn real money.

All the apps have a referral system too, through which you can earn some extra money rather than playing fantasy sports.

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