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In this Article we will know- What is CRED App, How Cred works, How to use Cred App, How to download Cred App, How to earn money from Cred App, As we all know CRED is the most rewarding credit card bill payment app. So lets get started…

What is CRED App?

CRED is a free smartphone app for paying credit card bills. It’s available for free download on iOS and Android, and it streamlines the bill-paying procedure while rewarding users for paying their credit card payments on time.

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CRED App Additional Details

App NameCRED
Downloads1 Crore +
Rating4.7 stars
Released on25-Nov-2018
Launched ByCRED – most rewarding credit card bill payment app
DownloadDownload Cred App

How does it work?

Download the CRED App as well as enter your phone number. Till the account is created, the app examines the cards associated with the registered number.

Customers would’ve been permitted to use the special app if their credit score was more than 750. Instead, they’ll be placed on the waiting list.

If access is granted, CRED apps will be able to read or scan credit card receipts, including due dates, services statements, as well as other information.

  • CRED enables you to manage all of your credit cards in one convenient location.
  • When you pay your credit card bills, you’ll receive CRED coins, which you could use to get savings on CRED partner products.
  • It examines total costs, hidden costs, including loan limits, it advises you on all of this so that further fees are avoided.
  • CRED security is a feature of the app that analyses email statements that displays information such as balance, due date, bank fees, or expenditure bifurcation.
  • Consumers can use the smart statement function to minimise costs by analysing their CREDit card statements.

CRED – Credit Card Payment App Honest In-depth Review (Hindi Video)

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Benefits Of Using CRED App

  • You receive reward points with every Rupee you put toward the account, in addition to providing a one-stop portal for clearing your credit card bills. The reward points are considered as ‘CRED coins,’ and they may be redeemed for a variety of items on the CRED app.
  • The app’s offers are updated on a regular basis, and you can use your CRED coins (also known as ‘burning CRED coins’) to redeem them among genres.
  • You may keep records of your payment history for all of the cards you’ve linked to the platform, and also future bills.
  • Features like ‘Kill the bill’ allow you to earn rewards towards your bill repayment.
  • Each time your card bill is issued, you will receive a reminder, guaranteeing that you do not miss payments.

How To Download CRED App

Install the Cred App From Google Play Store on your Android or App Store on the iOS device then register with your phone number.

This app will check your credit score as well as inform you if you are qualified for the service following verifying your phone number using an OTP.

The software will register all credit cards connected to your mobile phone after successful authentication.

How to Use a CRED App?

  • Payment can be done using debit cards, UPI, or CRED Cash balance using the CRED App.
  • Users get rewarded with CRED coins whenever they purchase using their credit cards through the CRED App.
  • CRED credits can be used to earn savings on online shopping, buying tickets, and making payments, among other things.
  • The programme keeps track of your credit card usage including spending habits and sends reports to the users.
  • Furthermore, the CRED app alerts users to any pending payments.
  • Users must store personal information on such apps while utilising apps like these. Many times, the databases of applications like these are compromised, and if you keep important debit/credit card details in these apps, the hackers can access it, putting you at risk.
  • Users should examine the security procedures designed to safeguard user data before using online payment apps.

How Do I Pay With CRED?

If you’re already a member and also have your credit card stored on the app, utilising CRED Pay is easy. The following are the steps to using CRED Pay.

  • Go to the CRED Pay option of the CRED app.
  • Look for and tap on the chosen brand.
  • Place chosen items in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout.
  • Choose CRED Pay from the payment options.
  • Unlock an applicable offer using CRED Coins.
  • Make a payment using the CRED-saved credit card.

How CRED App Earn Money

Businesses pay CRED listing fees to have their products and services shown on its app. Financial organisations also have access to financial data received from users, allowing them to adapt their offer appropriately.

  • You can get products and services from firms which have paid for access to Discover via CRED. Fashion boutiques, spas, Amazon gift cards, and much more are among the options. Users can choose from a range of incentives with these deals. As a result, it captures the attention of users. Each time a user redeems CRED coins from the app to choose a deal, CRED gets a fee from the company.
  • CRED gathers your financial information as you use the app or pay your bills in order to provide you with good deals in the future. This is their secondary revenue stream. Institutions are constantly on the lookout for most trustworthy consumers to utilise their credit cards, loans, and other services. CRED charges banks & credit card firms for access to this information.

There is no single optimum revenue stream for CRED. CRED offers a variety of products and services, including Rentpay, CRED Stash, Store, Credit Card Payments, or CRED Pay.

  • CRED Pay was developed with the help of Visa and Razorpay. It allows brands to accept payments instantaneously on their networks, giving them a direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel.
  • CRED Store is a member-only assortment of discounted services and brands. When you pay your credit card bills using CRED, you gain CRED coins. These coins might be used to gain unique access to hand-picked products and activities, and to earn incentives.
  • CRED Stash is an online lending platform that allows customers to apply for a personal credit line entirely online. The registration/subscription fees are nil in this case.
  • The bank, on the other hand, pays interest on money borrowed, which would be displayed here on application during the loan application process.

CRED App Customer Care

CRED does not have a customer service phone number, but you can contact the customer service team via in-app chat or email.

CRED customer support is accessible to help you at any moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support team is available to answer your questions, solve your problems, or gather feedback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cred App Consumer Complaints

You can contact CRED’s customer care department in a variety of ways. You can contact the CRED customer support team if you do have any issues regarding credit cards, credit card transactions, credit card autopay debit, loyalty points, payment status, and anything else.

Email, instant messaging on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, and in chat assistance are all options for contacting CRED customer service.


By paying off your credit card bills through the CRED App, you can get a variety of wonderful rewards. You can use your collected cred coins to get a KillTheBill offer or a discount on purchasing or movies by redeeming them.

So Guys In this Article we have known about– What is CRED App, How it works, How to use Cred App, How to download Cred App, How to earn money from Cred App, How CRED App Earn Money, CRED App Customer Care, How do I join CRED, Is it safe to use the CRED app, How do I convert CRED points to cash, etc.

What is a CRED app for?

CRED is a free smartphone app for paying credit card bills. It’s free to download on iOS and Android, so it streamlines the bill-paying procedure while rewarding users for paying their credit card payments on time.

How do I join CRED?

It’s as simple as 123 to create a CRED account. To set up your account, simply download an app and follow the simple steps on the screen. You must enter the number, which will be verified using an OTP sent to it.

Is the CRED app approved by the RBI?

NCPI, which is part of the RBI, has given Cred its approval.

Is it safe to use the CRED app?

The safety of the CRED app, Security: Given that the CRED App’s founder has managed millions of customers on Freecharge, it’s fair to trust that app is absolutely secure. Allowing email access to read your statements is a choice in the app.

Is CRED a Chinese app?

No, CRED is an Indian app, not a Chinese one. CRED’s founder and CEO is Kunal Shah. You may trust this programme because it is entirely safe. CRED is a website that allows you to pay off your credit card debt.

How do I convert CRED points to cash?

The user must select the “burn” option to redeem the CRED currency. When the customer uses the credit card to pay a bill, the system automatically credits the points to a card in the form of cash. An equal amount of credit points are converted by the system.

Who is funding CRED?

Cred has raised $251 million in a Series E financing round led by Tiger Global & Falcon Edge, valued at $4.01 billion, showing investor interest in Indian fintech.

Is CRED only for credit cards?

The CRED app, though, is not available to everyone. Users with a credit score of at least 750 are eligible to use the CRED app. Your credit score is checked using your phone number, which would be linked to your bank account. Payments could also be done through the CRED App utilising debit cards, UPI, or CRED Cash balance.

Is CRED free?

CRED offers free credit scores that are based on EXPERIAN and CRIF data. I have used CRED to keep track as to what credit cards that offer are available.

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