7 Best Selfie App With Filters For Android & iOS | Download Free Selfie App of 2024

In this Article we will know about the top 7 best selfie app with filters on Android. We have selected few app like YouCam Perfect, B612, Retrica, Snapchat, Perfect 365, FaceApp and FaceTune 2, etc. So lets get started…

Selfies are really a terrific way to demonstrate self-love, and also an efficient method to take pics with someone else because you wish to be in it. The greatest Android smartphones have included capabilities that enable users to capture high-quality photos even within low-light situations.

List of Top 7 Best Selfie App in India 2022

If you would not have a smartphone with such a great selfie camera, though, you could utilise one of its applications which specialises in increasing picture clarity. Here are a few of the top Android selfie apps we identified. You must try now without thinking twice.

1. YouCam Perfect

youcam perfect selfie app download

The finest selfies picture editing and beauty camera application is YouCam Perfect. You may get enough selfie as well as photo editing & beautification options that need including YouCam Perfect, including face beautification, whitening, collage, tints, framing, textures, themes, HSL, logos, stickers, and much more!

Features of YouCam Perfect

The best image app is YouCam Perfect. The software allows users to edit selfies in both video and photo mode, as well as an auto-beautify tool that improves overall appearance as you shoot. The app conceals blemishes in the skin, while an eye booster expands the eyes & reduces puffiness underneath the eyes. It includes picture frames, camera lenses, a photo collage creator, and other features.

Pros and Cons of YouCam Perfect App


  • Provides a one-of-a-kind rapid makeover tool.
  • Fashion social networking app
  • Allows you to alter the contour of your face
  • Face-detection technologies is supported.
  • Sharing on social media is encouraged.


  • To remove advertisements, you must make an in-app payment.

2. B612

B612 selfie app download

B612, a specialised selfie camera software accessible for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, enables users to customise their images with such a choice of special effects. The application has also reached a milestone of 100 million monthly users.

Features of B612 App

It has over 350 animation effects that are activated by facial motions, as well as colour filters which enable users to change hue and intensity with simple flicks, a collage feature, as well as other selfie-friendly functions. On August 1, the B612 app was released.

Pros and Cons of B612 App


  • An iPhone selfies application with a minimalist UI that is simple to use.
  • And over 40 filters are available.
  • Border option vignettes
  • Auto-focus technology is supported.
  • Sharing on social media is appreciated.


Importing photos from the camera roll is not supported.

3. Retrica

Retrica selfie app download

Retrica is perhaps a photo app similar to Instagram which allows you to apply multiple filters to your pictures. Unlike Instagram, though, Retrica helps to apply effects in live time, so you can preview how well an image will turn out first before you shoot it.

Features of Retrica App

Retrica is a fun app for folks that are always wanting to improve the photography abilities of their smartphone. It provides an approach to the standard collection of filters or functions available in most camera programmes. The application promotes creativity with its overall of 80 possible filters and sequential mode.

Pros and Cons of Retrica App


  • Choose from 80 antique filters created by professionals.
  • Apply the filters pre or post taking a shot, as desired.
  • Enjoy ad-free browsing.


  • There really is nothing negative to say about with this programme.

4. Snapchat

While Snapchat allows users to capture any type of photo or video you desire, the majority of users use it for selfie. Upon taking a photo, you may add textual overlay, Global Lenses, and Bitmoji, share it to family and friends, and also have your creations self-destruct and at a defined interval to erase the proof. This guarantees that only the designated person sees your bizarre cat whiskers as well as dog ears. Snapchat is indeed an outstanding selfie app with a little of discretion and self-destructing features.

 In Snapchat, you also can take a selfie save it and to your camera roll to share on Instagram and Facebook. And save immediately to your photographs, select Save in the Memories or Camera Roll. With photo snaps preset to No Limit and video snaps set to Loop, users may just save snaps simply press and hold just on Snap within Chat.

Features of Snapchat App

Snapchat was designed for private, one-on-one image sharing, but can also be used for a variety of purposes, like transmitting short movies, live video conferencing, texting, generating caricature-like Bitmoji characters, or broadcasting a chronological “stories” to all of your followers.

Pros and Cons of Snapchat App


  • It’s a simple method to give someone an expertise.
  • With the application, users could use geofilters.
  • Customers can interact with businesses directly.
  • You will see who is looking at your photos.
  • Snapchat creates unique stories by aggregating snaps from important occasions.


  • Snapchat’s user base is relatively small.
  • Snapchat doesn’t even have a lot of data analytics.
  • Snapchat Stories are only valid for a short period.
  • In comparison to certain other social media networks, adding friends in Snapchat is more difficult.

5. Perfect 365

perfect 365 selfie app download

With over 100 million users globally with hundreds of celebrity makeup artist partners as well as corporate partnerships, Perfect365 is by far the most prominent makeup app on the market.

Features of Perfect 365 App

Perfect365 today has over 60 million internet users throughout the world. Perfect365 has added a new Multi-face option to embrace the current groupie trend, that selfie-with-friends photo made popular via someone such as Ellen DeGeneres & Barack Obama. Multi-face is one of the application’s numerous new features, allowing people to edit up to 5 faces with one photo utilising Perfect365’s renowned Facial Recognition software.

Perfect365 is now the most popular online makeover app globally, giving customers greatest control over their mobile phone photographs. It is rumoured to be the Kardashian clan’s turn selfie app. Perfect365 must have quickly now become go-to app for selfie as well as makeup enthusiasts across the planet, huge kudos to dozens of Hotstyle each makeovers, and over 20 customised makeup but also tweaking techniques, Fashion it! apparel as well as accessory suggestions, but also step-by-step how something makes remaking Hot Styles to true cosmetic a breeze.

Pros and Cons of Perfect 365 App


  • Describes how to create various appearances.
  • Gives advice about apparel.
  • There are numerous features.


  • Insufficiently intuitive
  • It’s more about make-up than picture enhancement.

6. FaceApp

FaceApp is an images and video modifying application built by Wireless Lab, a Russian startup, for iPhone and Android. Utilising artificial intelligence and neural networks, the software creates highly realistic changes of human faces in images.

Features of FaceApp

FaceApp is published on iphone in January 2017 as well as Android in February 2017. There are many editor choices for manipulating the uploaded picture, like creating an impression, make-up, grins, hair colours, haircuts, glasses, age, or moustache.

Pros and Cons of FaceApp


  • You can have fun with the face pictures or utilise them for professional purposes. FaceApp provides a variety of options for editing uploaded photographs, including applying impressions, makeup, hair colours, smiles, changing haircuts, spectacles, and the beard. One of most intriguing possibilities is the ageing option, which can accurately predict the future appearance or transport you to a youthful face image.
  • FaceApp’s success could be gauged from the fact that celebrities including such Drake, Hillary Duff, Gordon Ramsay, or LeBron James have utilised its ageing filters to promote their future looks on social media. Because of its artificial intelligence services like as filtration, lens blur, overlays, backdrops, tattoos, and vignettes, users can use it for professional applications including such photographs and designing.
  • The FaceApp is credited with offering features including such gender change conversion to the LGBT or transgender populations. Trolls and social networks addicts alike adore it because of its capacity to rapidly turn any picture into the desired specifications and backgrounds.


  • Communication that is ineffective. It really has recently been under fire from of the public for failing to fully communicate that now the software uploads photographs to the cloud instead of analyzing them locally just on mobile screen.

7. Facetune 2

Facetune2 is a simple photo editor which functions as your own personal glam squad. Every time, you’ll get that Instagram-worthy shot! Facetune2 is indeed the latest edition of the award-winning Facetune application, featuring a brand-new, incredible range of professional editing tools.

Features of Facetune 2 App

Facetune2 has features like smoothing skin, eliminating pimples as well as imperfections, swiping over/off pores, or enhancing facial features. It only needs a few clicks for everybody to start questioning you about your skin-care routine.

Pros and Cons of Facetune 2 App


  • Easy to be using but also with a lot of features and effects that are scalable. There is no cost for the basic plan. The editing tools are simple to use.
  • Facetune2 could enhance any photo as well as offer you complete control so over final outcome thanks to a comprehensive set of powerful, professional, yet simple-to-use editing or artistic features. Smooth out skin, eliminate blemishes, whiten teeth, adjust terrible lighting, and shape faces with only a few swipes.


  • There aren’t many alternatives for sharing on social media. The cost of add-ons and memberships can be quite high.


Who wouldn’t like to acquire likes by posting an attractive selfie on social media? To capture the finest version of oneself, try utilising a few of these selfie apps.

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