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List of best English Speaking App available in India 2022, Here we are gonna review all These android applications: Embibe, Duolingo, Cake, Hello English, ELSA Speak, Learn English, FluentU, and VOA.

We no longer have to wait for English language lessons to learn English. We no longer need to wait for English classes or experiment with trial-and-error tactics since we have our phones with us and the information we need is just a click away. In this post, we will offer you with a selection of the best programmes for speaking English that will help you talk fluently and comfortably.

What is an English-Speaking App?

An app is a condensed version of an application. Mobile applications are programmes designed to operate on mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet, or watch. English Speaking Apps are programmes designed to improve the English proficiency of the individual using them. The installation of these apps on your tablet or phone provides you with access to English Speaking materials while you’re on the go. If you have an English Speaking app loaded, you can access the materials and learn to speak English whenever you want. The resources provided by these apps are tailored to the needs and desires of the individual users.

Here are some of the English Speaking App are as follows:

Embibe: Learning Outcomes App

EMBIBE english learning app

The Embibe Learning Outcomes App is a one-of-a-kind tool intended for everyone and, more especially, for individuals. Are you wondering how? What is the best way to get started? The Embibe programme was created with the end-learning user’s ability in mind. As a result, it provides the user with a personalised learning experience that includes gorgeous movies and visuals.

With its unique, user-centric features and features, Embibe Learning Outcomes App is a must-have for all learners. Embibe Learning Outcomes App is thought to be one of the top learning applications. It lets you establish goals, provides you with an individualised coach, evaluates your needs for learning using AI (AI) and offers you with AI-generated feedback.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Embibe App


  •  Embibe application identifies your learning gaps and provides you with training sessions that will help you to meet your target.
  • Embibe gives you English study guides as well as interactive videos and individualised coaching so that you can increase and improve your academic score.
  • Embibe’s practice tools include mock tests, talking tips and strategies You can even pass the toughest tests and interviews easily.


  • Sometimes this app is not working properly.
  • There are connectivity issues.

Duolingo: Learn English Free

Duolingo English learning app

The Duolingo app has transformed the way that people are learning spoken English. The short lessons in English feel more like games than instruction. It helps you, learners, to improve their reading, speaking and listening, vocabulary along English pronunciation. The app lets you begin with the most basic phrases, and then move on into sentences. The app lets users master new words every day. Its lessons are bite-sized and its progression tracking methods makes it an easy-to-use app.

Advantages and disadvantages of Duolingo App


  • Duolingo does not work with images but has many symbols and images which provide the same effect and can help you remember the lessons you’ve learned.
  • The use for Duolingo is easy to use and provides an excellent overview of the options and content available.
  • The words or phrases you are learning are spoken out loudly. You can also record exercises that will help you improve your skills in speaking.


  • There isn’t any information at the beginning on how the entire course operates.
  • Sometimes the language and example sentences aren’t the norm and are not the type of language you would use in real life.
  • If you are looking to master about a specific subject however, you won’t have access to it until you complete all prior tasks.

Cake: Lesson Updates Every Day

Cake English learning app

Are you looking to enhance your English-speaking abilities? Take a look. The Cake application provides you with the chance to communicate with native speakers free of cost. If you’re looking to be able to mimic the sound of a native speaker the Cake app has the answer for you. All you need to do is to voice record with an app and then, using the app’s AI recognition of speech, it will let you know where you are. So, you can improve your pronunciation and in the near future, you’ll sound like an authentic speaker.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cake App


  • The quick response from all the members of the Technical Support Team.
  • The design is fantastic and the platform is loaded with outstanding features. Integrating with different platforms is easy , which is great.
  • The account manager has been available to assist you, and their ticketing service has been swift to solve problems. I can’t say enough positive praise for Cake support.


  • If you’re having a tracking issue in this field, you could easily lose hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes.
  • They only require offline access to the business with the street address, as part of the management system.
  • Not properly translated to European dates and numbers formats. There is no scheduling of payout changes during events.

Hello English: Learn English

Hello English app

You can speak English confidently using The Hello English App. This Hello English App developed by CultureAlley is among the top apps to speak English fluently that is available on the Play store. Do you want to appear in an interview confidently or impress your coworkers or pass your English proficiency test easily? Hello English App is the answer. Hello English App comes to your aid with its free games, lessons that are interactive video tutorials, practice exercises, and electronic books.

Develop English writing, reading and speaking skills using the top award-winning application, Hello English. This app has been recognized as Google’s Editor’s Choice for two consecutive years (2018 and 2017) and also India’s Top mobile App in 2017 according to IAMAI and Google’s Top Apps in 2016.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hello English App


  • It can help you improve your English and increase your understanding of the grammar of English.
  • There is a forum within it. By which you can express your views on any topic.
  • Everyday you learn things that are new. Through its news feature as well as “daily quiz” keep you informed of international news and news from your country.


  • Inability to control your behaviour can be a problem for those people who lack discipline. A language that you learn only every week isn’t that efficient.
  • Mobile apps are extremely impersonal when compared with face-to-face classes on the internet or at language schools. It is possible to “communicate” using computers, but you can’t engage in an actual dialogue with them.
  • Mobile Apps require an active internet connection. If your mobile network or wifi isn’t functioning, you will not be able to accomplish your tasks.

ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak app

The accent is what comes to mind when we think about English-speaking skills. The app allows users to practice English pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation through fun games. The app can compare the voice of the user with native speakers, and provide immediate feedback and instructions on how to correct it. Advanced Feedback and corrective video videos that follow the speaking allow the user to fix difficult sounds and improve their speaking skills.

Advantages and disadvantages of ELSA Speak App


  • It is simple and allows you to navigate between skills, levels, reports, topics, and other features.
  • These topics include technology, culture and daily conversations.
  • You can choose from English, Vietnamese, or Japanese as your display language – this is a good indicator of who you are targeting with the app.


  • ELSA almost does not place much emphasis on suprasegmental characteristics that could be most helpful in accentreduction.
  • An inaccurate system to catch mispronunciations.

Learn English – Listening and Speaking

learn english app

The “Learn English-Listening and Speaking” app by PORO’s is designed for self-learners who want to learn English quickly and efficiently. This app is perfect for English speaking. It has 750 audio lessons from native speakers about English everyday conversations or common greetings. Through interesting learning methods, users can learn about greetings, introductions, small talks, and business conversations.

 Interactive games allow learners to practice the concepts they have learned. The app also aims to improve listening and vocabulary skills (words and phrases, speaking style and pronunciation with intonation), through engaging stories and news articles. This app is appropriate for all levels of learners: Intermediate, advanced, and beginner.

Advantages and disadvantages of Learn English App


  • With audio files from native speakers, you can learn more than 750 lessons on English conversation in everyday life.
  • The audio script is available for the learner to follow.
  • You can customize the show/hide transcript mode to understand and retain the native speaker’s reading style.


  • There are so many adds in between.

FluentU: Learn Languages with authentic videos

fluentu English app

If you are a person who likes to learn through video and audio and would like to improve your speaking English and have fun doing it, you’ll find FluentU to be the perfect choice for you.

Here’s the way FluentU operates;

FluentU uses authentic video content, such as movies, music videos news, inspiring talks and news–and transforms them into personalised lessons in language learning.

Advantages and disadvantages of FluentU App


  • You can watch videos that have subtitles and find out more about the vocabulary by clicking on them.
  • Participate in various quizzes (e.g. complete all the blanks in the texts by typing in the correct word or mix-up words in the proper sequence)
  • You can repeat the same video as often you’d like.


  • There are a few helpful options in the form of audio lessons, a dictionary flashcards, and dictionary. But the audio quality is not the best, and the audio recordings sound robotic since they were not recorded from native speakers.

VOA Learning English – Practice listening everyday

VOA Learning English app

While this app was created to improve listening skills but it’s excellent for training the natural English speech as well.

VOA Learning English provides stories as well as lessons and news in English for people who are not native language speakers. The application uses simple vocabulary and the native speakers speak slowly, so you’ll be able to understand the content.

Advantages and disadvantages of VOA App


  • For practicing speaking For speaking practice, there are two key characteristics: you can change the volume of the audio, and then easily repeat difficult portions. Utilize these to listen attentively and mimic what you are hearing. Try to make your voice to be consistent with the sound.
  • The app provides business news, historical, the environment, and more. You’ll learn English while being informed about events within the U.S.


  • The new layout is not good. You have to change the language through the app and now it’s telling to download separate apps for a different language.

Benefits of English Apps are:

Utilizing English Speaking Apps are among the best ways to master English and comes with many advantages. Let’s examine some of the benefits that come with using an app that speaks English.


The cost is by far the most crucial reason. The vast majority of English Speaking Apps in the Play Store was entirely free. Such free English-speaking applications can be quite useful for users because all they have to do is download them and start utilizing them.

The ability to learn at your the pace of your own:

This app, Mobile English Speak allows users the flexibility to progress at their own pace. The user is able to continue in the same direction they left off in the past and may repeat lessons if required.

Time Flexibility:

The software allows English-speaking users to take classes or engage in events based on their own preferences. The user can obtain the data whenever they want, no matter where they will be.


I hope now you understand all about Top English speaking apps. So here we discussed all about the Embibe: Learning Outcomes App, Advantages and Disadvantages of Embibe App, Duolingo: Learn English Free, Advantages and disadvantages of Duolingo App, Cake: Lesson Updates Every Day, Advantages and disadvantages of Cake App, Hello English: Learn English, Advantages and disadvantages of Hello English App,

Also about ELSA Speak: English Learning App, Advantages and disadvantages of ELSA Speak App, Learn English – Listening and Speaking, Advantages and disadvantages of Learn English App, FluentU: Learn Languages with authentic videos, Advantages and disadvantages of FluentU App, VOA Learning English – Practice listening everyday, Advantages and disadvantages of VOA App, etc. By reading this information you will clear all your doubts regarding which app is suitable for you.

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