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Top 10 best educational apps available in India 2022, Here we are gonna review all android applications like Brainly, BYJU’S, Vedantu, UnfoldU, Duolingo, Khan Academy, Meritnation, Udemy, Toppr, Gyanly

Do you want to learn new things? If this is the case, browse out these Android learning applications which can educate you on almost anything.

Some learning applications are better than others, and they all strive to help you understand things you didn’t know before.

Instead of study material, this list focuses on tools for learning new things. The top learning applications are listed below. Here you will know everything about educational apps in India.

List of Top 10 Educational Apps in India 2022

1.BrainlyClick Here4.2 ⭐️
2.BYJU’sClick Here4.2 ⭐️
3.VedantuClick Here4.1 ⭐️
4.UnfoldUClick Here3.5 ⭐️
5.DuolingoClick Here4.5 ⭐️
6.Khan AcademyClick Here4.5 ⭐️
7.MeritnationClick Here3.9 ⭐️
8.UdemyClick Here4.3 ⭐️
9. Toppr Click Here4.3 ⭐️
10. Gyanly Click Here4.9 ⭐️


Brainly is a free app available on both the Apple And Google Play Store. Brainly, which began as a collaborative community, is essentially crowdsourcing of homework; users can ask (and answer) queries about their subject as well as receive a reply in minutes.

Benefits of using Brainly

  • Brainly is a crowdsourcing application that allows kids to ask questions regarding homework and receive a response from a group of over 30 million individuals.
  • Users can explore the library of questions and answers, but they must first create an account before they could even pose a question. To create an account, Brainly would ask users to either manually enter their information and connect to your Facebook account credentials.
  • The app has an 80 percent answer rate, which means that 80 percent of questions were addressed within 10 minutes of being posted. After a user posts a question, users may receive up to two appropriate answers, which will be reviewed by a team of 450 moderators for correctness or deleted if they contain errors.

Pros and Cons of Brainly App


  • Anyone can ask any question they want about anything at any time.
  • Students from various classes assist one another with their schoolwork.
  • Many pupils learn more about other subjects in this class.
  • Many powerful people oversee the Brainly app.
  •  There are numerous rules and regulations that everyone must follow in order to complete their tasks.


  • Some people don’t expand on their responses, instead just a single sentence.
  • This website is used for cheating.
  • Some individuals copy and paste answers from the internet.


BYJU’S, which was established in 2015, has quickly become one of the most popular and favoured educational apps among students of all ages. Original content, rich animations, interactive simulations, including engaging video lectures by India’s greatest teachers are all used in the BYJU’S learning app.

Benefits of using BYJU’s

  • The most significant benefit of using Byju’s is the decreased cost. In comparison with large cities, Byju’s lessons are much less costly.
  • It is significantly less expensive that taking university classes.
  • Students can learn at any time and from any location.
  • Students can learn while having a good time.
  • Professors and teachers with advanced degrees.

Pros and Cons of BYJU’s


  • Due to its significant advertising and marketing techniques, Byju’s is without a doubt one of the most well-known interactive learning apps ever.
  • The numerous courses offered on its website, Byjus has a very broad reach.
  • Byjus also offers classes for the IAS, JEE, NEET, as well as other government examinations.
  • Byju’s contents are of exceptional quality and are created in an engaging manner.


  • Byjus is a very expensive product and comes on top in all educational apps. The main drawback is that Byjus is quite expensive. It costs around 3,000 Rs per month, totaling 36,000 Rs per year. The average individual would be unable to buy Byjus. It is not a cost-effective option, particularly when there are other websites that offer equivalent outstanding information at a far lesser cost.


Vedantu is a live coaching platform and educational apps that have been built online. It provides live coaching lessons for kids in grades 6 through 12. The portal also offers preparation for a variety of exams, including the IIT foundation.

Benefits of using Vedantu

  • Personalized instruction delivered LIVE from the convenience of your own home.
  • Better to listen to a recorded lecture.
  • Time and energy savings, as well as a safe option.
  • Learning can take place everywhere and at any time.

Pros and Cons of Vedantu


  • At extremely low internet bandwidth  is required, LIVE audio visual contact with students and teachers.
  • Students and the teachers share a live educational environment (Whiteboard).
  • Every LIVE session with students and teachers on Vedantu is replayed for revision or review.
  • Reporting on Student as well as Parent Performance
  • Meeting using mobile platforms in real time


  • The first and most prominent complaint is if you dare to join Vedantu as a teacher, you must forgo having a flexible schedule. You will lose all sense of balance in your personal and work lives.
  • In reality, the youngsters report that the company’s customer service is terrible, based on their guardians’ experiences.
  • The tutors are in the same boat. Even seven days appears to be a relatively small period of time. They don’t give a damn about basic work ethics like working eight hours a day. Vedantu’s tutors rarely locate any overtime calculations because it would jeopardise all of the overtime labour speculations.


UnfoldU’s Personalized Learning System was founded in 2014 as a visionary initiative by its Founder and Chairman, Sh. Harish Kumar Bajaj, to provide students with a more enhanced form of digital education. UnfoldU is a student-friendly portal as well as a mobile educational apps (www.unfoldu.com).

Benefits of using UnfoldU

  • Clear your doubt in a simple way.
  • Expert teachers’ effective advice.
  • Video files of solutions with your name on them.
  • Solutions PDF files with your name on them.

Pros and cons of UnfoldU


  • Mentor Class Videos are available seven days per week, 24 hours a day.
  • Students will gain a better knowledge of how to learn as well as understand specific subjects.
  • Weekly self-evaluation to improve knowledge of topics.
  • Text and video solutions to NCERT exercises.


  • The videos which we download can’t be seen sometimes.
  • The test syllabus repeats continuously.
  • There is no quick response to your queries.


Duolingo exploded onto the scene in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since. It’s a language study software with a lot of positive features. It breaks down languages into manageable bits using mini-games. The classes become more difficult as you progress, yet they never cease to be enjoyable. It can be used in nearly a dozen different languages. According to the makers, 34 hours on this software is equivalent to a semester in school. It is entirely free to use. There are no commercials either. It’s a fantastic learning software for both adults and children. The new monthly subscription makes the whole thing a little less enjoyable, but the free version remains excellent of this educational apps.

Benefits of using Duolingo

  • Costumes for your Duo are available to purchase.
  • You will be able to complete lessons more quickly.
  • More straightforward and well-organised.
  • Images and flash cards are included.
  • There will be multiple choice questions.
  • Ability to earn lingots by keeping full hearts during the duration of a class.

Pros and cons of Duolingo


  • You should use the “improvement” setting to achieve your level. It keeps you motivated and ready to complete your tasks.
  • The interface as well as design are simple and elegant, and as a result, it is extremely popular. It also includes a variety of languages that individuals enjoy.
  • There are a lot of languages to choose from, which is great and helps with knowing more prevalent languages like Spanish.


  • Meeting time constraints can be challenging, and warnings can become unpleasant, as well as the architecture of the learning process.
  • Duolingo makes it difficult to learn a language totally on your own. A complete novice would be lost.
  • When it relates to advertisements, there are some that makes feel uneasy.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known online learning resource. Maths, science, physics, economics, and a variety of other subjects are among the courses taught. It’s normally the kind of thing that specialised learning applications (like Coursera and Udemy) avoid. Over 10,000 videos are included in the app, as well as a range of training and courses. It could be used to learn new ideas as well as review old ones. Khan Academy is well and being totally free educational apps to be using, with really no added charges or costs. As a result, it’s one of the greatest learning apps for students on a tight budget. For those of you with children, there is also a kid’s version.

Benefits of using Khan Academy

  • It is both free and open to the public.
  • There are numerous subjects to choose from.
  • You have the freedom to learn as well as work at your own speed.
  • It has a huge number of arithmetic problems for a variety of grade levels.

Pros and cons of Khan Academy


  • It is entirely free educational apps to watch videos as well as work on challenges. This can be accessible from every location which has internet connectivity.
  • Maths, biology, chemistry, and physics are all covered in videos. Videos on the arts, humanities, economics, as well as finance are also available. Because Khan Academy is always expanding, new courses or videos are released on a regular schedule.
  • Without having to regard the pace of other students or even the teacher, you can independently fast forward, rewind, repeat videos, stop, and sort out a problem. Some who work slowly by nature or who struggle with a particular subject can focus on that subject. Others that are inherently talented in a subject could be able to breeze through to the simpler phases.


  • It is less interactive than having a daily instructor or tutor.
  • You’re only getting one type of instruction currently.
  • Learning has lost its interactive aspect.
  • It impairs one’s capacity to be inventive in the heat of the moment.


Meritnation is by far the most widely used study app for ICSE, CBSE, and state board exams. It includes study resources, complete homework assistance, exam preparation with sample papers, and review notes.

Meritnation is one of the best educational apps for those who are looking for NCERT solutions, Board Exam solutions and need help in doing Homework.

Benefits of using Meritnation

  • Latest and most up-to-date information is available.
  • Accessibility is not time-dependent.
  • There is a lot of information available.
  • Information that is precise and accurate.
  • Time, money, and effort are saved.
  • Knowledge retention is improved.

Pros and cons of Meritnation


  • Feedback is given on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of the teaching is maintained at all times.
  • After numerous rounds of selection, expert teachers have been selected to provide an exceptional live learning experience.
  • Every idea is linked to a set of learning objectives, resulting in a learning path that will help you master your lesson quickly.


  • Customer service is very bad.
  • According to some people they do not deliver what they promise.


Among the most prominent course-style learning apps is Udemy. It, like many others, emphasises skill-based learning. There are classes in Adobe programmes, Microsoft apps, and you can even study public speaking, cooking, and other skills. You can choose from a range of free classes or pay for one of the most in ones. Video lectures with video examples are typically used in the courses. As a result, the app allows you to watch them whenever you choose. Although some of them might use some improvement, it has been a pleasant experience generally.

Benefits of using Udemy

  • You’ll never lose access to the Udemy material you’ve paid for.
  • With its classes, Udemy provides chat rooms as well as message boards.
  • You’ll also have access to a multitude of Udemy course reviews and ratings.
  • On Udemy, you can study for a variety of technological certificates.

Pros and cons of Udemy


  • Udemy enables you to own access to all the Udemy courses you purchase again for the duration of the course.
  • Udemy instructors are noted for keeping their courses up to date in order to maintain teaching productive, consistent, as well as relevant.
  • For each lesson, the reviews as well as ratings are made public. The best-rated courses will put it at the top of each search that really is relevant to its topic. You can detect if one instructor is better at teaching beginners, or if the other one is better at teaching successful students, by browsing the courses.


  • Courses are normally $10.99 per, which might add up quickly if you’re on a tight budget.
  • In addition, each course contains between forty and one hundred hours of content. This implies you’ll have such a lot of reading and studying to do. If you consider how long coding takes, as well as the time it takes to complete answers and projects, you’ll see how time-consuming a course may be. A single class might take you more than a month to complete.
  • Also, if certification is important to you, you should know not all of the classes on Udemy are certified. Some of the courses are authorised; nevertheless, you’ll have to look for them. Once you’ve fixed an issue, you’ll need to show that you’ve learnt about the topics. On Udemy, you’ll find a number of portfolio and accessible projects that will help you show your problem-solving abilities. Even though the lessons on Udemy aren’t accredited, they can help you grow your profile.


Toppr is an eLearning programme that takes Topper’s world-class advice to the digital world. Toppr.com’s iTutor is a service created to help students succeed in today’s competitive environment. Most competitive exams, ranging from IIT/JEE to NEET, may be successfully passed utilising the Toppr app.

Benefits of using Toppr

  • Toppr’s team of experts collects content as well as study materials from all around the internet, which is then selected by experts in each topic so you don’t waste time looking for suitable study materials.
  • This can be difficult to find step-by-step answers to questions. The majority of websites only provide the final solutions or skip steps to provide only a portion of a solution. To all of the problems, Toppr provides advice and step-by-step solutions. If you still have questions, our highly qualified team is here to assist you right away. You can reach out to us through our forum or receive immediate answers.
  • On Toppr, you’ll discover a never-ending bank of questions, practice tests, past years’ papers for practically each competitive exam, sample papers, model answers, and much more. Toppr publishes new questions every month, assuring that you do have a consistent supply of study material with which to study and simply cover the extensive course.

Pros and cons of Toppr


  • Toppr assists students in determining how much of the curriculum they have learned.
  • There are a lot of questions to practise with.
  • This website provides an interactive means through which a broad student community can compare, discuss, or receive comments.


  • It is not useful for the foundation sessions, using example videos, study materials, links, as well as a live chat with just an expert


If you wish to take a computer-related course, prepare for a government job, or take a board test, you will find all of your study materials including easy-to-understand notes on the gyanly platform. You’ll be shocked to learn that the gyanly platform is now used by millions of users to obtain online courses.

Benefits of using Gyanly

There are so many courses offered some of them are:

  • Soft skills training
  • English language training
  • Course on computer literacy
  • Course on office equipment
  • Course in digital science
  • Courses in digital video photography and photography
  • Course on Application Coding

Pros and cons of Gyanly


  • Students who study online skills for the digital world while also learning skills in school/college.
  • This software is available for download on the Google Play Store, so you can put it on your smartphone right away to begin acquiring digital skills.
  • Computer Fundamentals, MS Word, Basic Spreadsheet, and Powerpoint Fundamentals, among others. On the Gyanly App, you may take free digital skill courses. You may improve your digital skills by using this fantastic and native teaching tool.


  • Sometimes the app is closed in between the work and by entering correct id and password then also its showing error.


So now you have all the necessary information related to the best educational apps. By reading this information you will understand which app is most suitable for you to learn.

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