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If you use social media then you must have seen the advertisement for Bullet App, what is this Bullet App and how can we take a loan for short time by using it without any paperwork. In today’s post, we will review Bullet App in detail and will tell you about all the information related to this Bullet Pay Later App.

What is Bullet App?

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Bullet is a UPI payment and Pay later Android as well as iOS application, launched by Jupiter, with the help of which you can make recharge and bill payments. Also, in this, you can do shopping by taking a loan for a few days as a credit, that is, you can shop today and pay with the help of Bullet and after a few days repayment of your bill amount to Bullet. In simple language, you can take a short time loan for shopping in this app.

With this app you can pay in many online stores, as well as you can also pay in food order websites like zomato and swiggy. In simple language, with the help of this app, you can do shopping even without money and when you get the money then you can pay it and finish your loan.

Bullet App Additional Details

App NameBullet – Pay Later App, UPI Credit Card
Downloads5 Lakh +
Rating3.8 stars
Released on08-Nov-2020
Launched ByJupiter
Pay Bullet App DownloadBullet App Download

How to Download Bullet App

You can download the Bullet app from both the Goole Play Store and its official website. For downloading from Play Store, open the Play Store app, and search Bullet in the search bar, here you will see Bullet app at the top, you can install this app on your smartphone by clicking on it.

Click here to download Bullet app from its official website: Pay Bullet App Download

How does Bullet App work?

Bullet App is a payment application based on UPI technology. In which you can buy any item online or offline and pay by taking it in credit. And you can give back the money taken in the credit to Bullet App after a few days.

Let me tell you that this app does not give credit to everyone. You must have a good credit score to take credit from Bullet App. This app checks credit score with the help of credit bureau, if your credit score is good then you get pay later option using which you can pay bill in credit.

Important Features of Bullet App

Before talking more about this app, let’s take a look at its feature, that is, let us know what features we get to see in this app.

1. Scan and pay with Bullet

With the help of Bullet, you can scan any QR code and make payment through UPI. This is a very simple process. As if you open this app, then in the home page itself you get the option of Scan and Pay, by clicking on which you can pay any bill.

2. Pay in 15 days

You can also do any bill payment or online shopping by taking money in credit for 15 days from Bullet app. You will be able to take advantage of this feature only if your credit score is good, otherwise you will be deprived of this feature. If you take money in credit from Bullet, then you are given this amount for 15 days. You have to pay back the credit taken to the bullet app within 15 days.

3. Easy onboarding

Bullet App gives you credit for UPI payments based on your Mobile Number and PAN Card details. Your credit limit depends on your credit score, which is checked through the credit bureaus.

How to Create Account in Bullet App?

Creating an account in Bullet App is very easy, for this you do not need any document. You can register in Bullet app by entering your mobile number. And to enable the feature of credit in it, you will have to give your credit score details, for which you will need a PAN card. You can check your credit score in this app. Overall, the process of creating an account in this is very simple, any person can easily create an account in it and use this app.

You have to pay the money taken in credit in Bullet App on the 5th and 20th of every month. In this, you do not have to submit any bank statement of any kind.

Documents Required for Bullet App?

Documents needed to start with bullet is as follows:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. PAN Card

Bullet App Customer Care Number

Bullet App Customer Email Id[email protected]
Bullet App Customer Care Number[email protected]

Why Bullet App is not working?

Yes! you may face some issues like Bullet App is not working as of now, As we got to know that they are upgrading their systems to make the Bullet App better to provide a seamless payment experience, their team is at work around the clock and targeting again by early March, However, if you have any query then you can write them at [email protected] for any assistance.


In today’s post, we tried to know in detail about – what is Bullet App and what is Bullet Pay Later in Bullet App. Hope you have come to know about this app very well after reading this Bullet App review article. If you still have any questions related to this app then don’t forget to ask us by comment. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends through social media.

Here we will try to share with you the answers to some important questions you ask about this app in simple language. Hope all these answers will help you to know this app better.

What is Bullet App?

Bullet is such an app that gives credit i.e. money in credit for UPI payment. And we have to return the borrowed money to this app within 15 days. We do not have to pay any interest for the money taken from this app. You can pay with this app by taking credit in both online and offline sectors. In this, you can pay the credit taken by you 2 times in a month.

How much interest is charged on the credit taken in this app?

We do not have to pay any interest for the credit taken for UPI payment in Bullet App. In this we get free credit for 15 days. We can use this credit comfortably in both online shopping or offline shopping areas.

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