Top 11 Best Apps To Earn Paytm Cash By Watching Videos 2023

Are you interested to earn paytm cash by watching videos? Then this article is PERFECT for you. There are a number of trusted applications and websites in India which allow users to watch video earn Paytm cash.

That’s right, you read it accurately.

How Can You Earn Paytm Cash?

The explanation is simple: the apps I’ve listed below are being used to promote other businesses (advertisers) by showing videos to people like us. And for which advertisers pay them on a PPC or PPV basis.

The business model is for you to share 20% to 50% of revenue. Which means simply they are distributing a portion of their generated revenue with you.

So they have a lot of sponsors (Google Ads, Direct Ads), and you may earn a lot of Paytm Cash this way. To make money in India, all you have to do is watch videos.

What’s the Best Part?

You may earn Paytm cash not only by watching videos as well as by playing games, referring friends, installing apps, taking surveys, including clicking links. As a result, this article is a total package for you.

If you want to make money online, this is the real deal about how to earn money from home with passive income concepts.

You could be worried about the safety of the websites given in this blog to earn Paytm cash by viewing videos; nevertheless, I can assure you that I have tested them but also found them to be 100% legitimate, legal, but also trustworthy.

Furthermore, I found no concerns with the app’s use or payment methods. As a result, you may trust these websites and apps but also earn real money from Paytm cash earning websites.

11 Apps to Earn Paytm Cash

The apps and websites in this list were best suited for students in high school and college. With minimal work, you may cover the daily pocket money as well as other expenses.

There are no apps which exclusively offer movies; instead, you’ll find various ways to earn Paytm cash, which is a positive thing in my opinion. So, without further ado, let us just take a look at all of these apps and websites in India that allow you to watch advertising but also earn money.

Roz Dhan – ₹200 Daily

Roz Dhan App download

Roz Dhan is also another amazing way to earn Paytm cash by viewing movies and advertising, with 176K ratings on Play Store plus 10M+ downloads. You will earn a 50 sign-up bonus when you just log in to Roz Dhan. This app even has a good referral commission.

I got ₹200 to ₹300 every day working for only 2 hours when I utilised this software for testing purposes. Despite the fact that this is a news app, you can earn the above-mentioned amount on a daily basis by fulfilling easy tasks such as watching advertisements and earning Paytm cash.

How can Roz Dhan help you make money?

  • Walk and Earn
  • Survey
  • Link Clicks
  • Games
  • News

There is a payout option available

  • Paytm Cash.

I loved the user interface because it is simple to use and does not cause any problems. The support centre is also excellent, and you can contact them directly at this email address if you have any problems.

Download Roz Dhan App

Roz Dhan invite code – 0TDC53 – to get extra 50 referral bonus

CashBoss – ₹ 350 Daily

CashBoss is an app created by CouponDunia, one of India’s most popular discount but also deal websites.

It is another amazing app to watch ads but also earn money in India, including over 2 million users and a total of 17,75,00,000/- earned by users since its launch.

To earn money, you simply need to complete the tasks. Your earnings could be deposited into your Paytm Wallet and then used to recharge your phone.

Although CashBoss is an old app which is owned by the reputable website CouponDunia, all payments and money earned are completely secure.

CashBoss’s sources of income include:

  • Spin the Wheels
  • App Installation
  • Referral
  • Watching Videos

Redeemable options include:

  • Paytm Wallet
  • Mobile Recharges

I must add that this is a great programme that you should try at least once. However, TaskBucks or Pocket Money are preferable.

Download CashBoss App

CashBoss Referral Code: FAD81D

Pocket Money – ₹400 Daily

pocket money paytm cash app 2022

I like this app just as much as TaskBucks and would recommend it to anyone looking to watch videos and make money in India. I used this app for almost 6 months and found it to be an excellent way to earn money while having fun. When I used to earn money by doing tasks successfully, this app enticed me to earn more because the quantity obtained through PocketMoney was really quite good.

Pocket Money challenge says you can earn ₹7,000 in a day, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

Around ₹400 and ₹500 per day is the maximum amount of money you can make. This is a far more reasonable amount that even an app can reward you with simply performing simple activities for a set amount of time.

Paytm Cash can be earned in a variety of ways using pocket money.

  • Watching Videos
  • App Installations
  • Playing Games
  • Link Clicks

You can withdraw your earnings into the following services:

  • Paytm Wallet
  • Online Shopping
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Discount Vouchers

This app is the most downloaded in this category, with over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Customer service is responsive, and you can contact them with any questions or concerns you may have concerning the app and money withdrawals.

Download Pocket Money App

TaskBucks – ₹500 Daily

taskbucks app paytm cash

TaskBucks is a fantastic app which allows you to earn up to ₹500 every day by doing things like watching videos, taking quizzes, and filling out surveys. This app is owned by Times Internet Ltd., which owns the majority of the company.

As Times Internet Ltd is a brand, and TaskBucks is just another app under their umbrella that is totally controlled and monitored by them, there seems to be no doubt about trust and genuineness.

TaskBucks is one of the top-earning apps, including over 3.2 crore installations on Playstore and agreements with 160+ brands (Paytm, Mobikwik, crashlytics), TaskBucks is one of the top-earning apps that will provide you fantastic tasks to make more money.

Earning sources with TaskBucks:

  • Play Quizzes
  • Referrals
  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • App Installation

You can get your money back from the following places:

  • MobiKwik
  • Direct Mobile Recharges
  • Paytm Cash

TaskBucks is a fantastic method to earn Paytm cash simply by watching videos on websites, so I strongly advise you to give it a chance.

Download Task Bucks App

PocketCharge – ₹ 200 Daily

PocketCharge is one of the top Paytm cash earning apps. All you have to do is watching videos to earn money, after which you may watch advertisements to earn money in India and enhance your overall profits.

CollegeDunia, which provides reviews of colleges and institutions around the world, owns this app. You may receive new offers every day, offering you a wide range of possibilities to select or earn money on a daily basis.

My advice is to start with the tasks which pay far more money and work your way down to the tasks that pay the least. To earn Paytm cash by watching movies, try this method.

PocketCharge allows you to make money by:

  • Referral
  • Creating Account on certain websites
  • Watching Videos
  • Form Filling (Surveys)

From where can you redeem?

  • Prepaid and Postpaid recharges
  • Paytm

PocketCharge also has a wonderful user interface that gives customer assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you won’t have any problems getting around the app.

PocketCharge’s app has over a million downloads and high ratings on Google Play Store. Furthermore, all of your transactions are safe, so you can redeem it whenever you have a minimum amount of 30 in the account.

Download PocketCharge App

PocketCharge Referral Code: 9HRK2NRPK

App Trailers – ₹200 Daily

App Trailers is an app created by App Redeem Inc that allows users to earn Paytm cash in a variety of ways by watching videos.

This includes movie trailers, app trailers, celebrity gossip, DIY videos, and even more. You’ll get the most up-to-date information while also earning Paytm cash by watching commercials.

Not only can you make money through videos, but you can also make money from a variety of other sources.

One of the things I loved best about App Trailers is that it includes Nielsen’s unique measurement tools, which helps with market research. This means that every click that is made contributes to the growth of our country, both indirect and direct.

How can you make money?

  • Trivia
  • Video Ads

Where can you redeem?

  • Paytm
  • Bank Withdrawal
  • Gift Cards from : PayPal, Amazon, Groupon, eBay

YesMobo – ₹250 Daily

YesMobo is a WhatsApp-based service that allows you to earn money. Whatever you need to do is distribute video ads on WhatsApp with your family and friends.

You must also watch videos or earn Paytm cash in addition to sharing. It’s easy to make money with the Yes Mobo app. To earn Paytm cash, simply follow these instructions.

Step 1: From the provided link, download and install the app.

Step 2: Choose which ads you’d want to share.

Step 3: Start watching the video then sharing it on WhatsApp.

Step 4:Whenever a referral watches a shared video ad, you can earn Paytm Cash.

How can you earn?

  • Link Sharing
  • Video Ads

Where can you redeem?

  • Paytm
  • Bank Withdrawal
  • DTH & Mobile Recharges

Successbux – ₹400 Daily

Successbux is another fantastic site in India for watching ads and earning money. By watching adverts on this mind-blowing website, you may earn Paytm cash.Yes, after signing up for this platform, you can earn money by viewing videos then listing adverts. Successbux pays in dollars, offering you to foreign markets and allowing you to make more.

You can also withdraw money on even a daily basis after you hit a $1.10 threshold. Succesbux does not have an app; to make money, you must use a browser.

How can you earn?

  • Click Wall
  • Listen and Earn
  • Survey
  • Video Ads Click
  • SignUp

Where can you redeem?

  • Paytm
  • Bank Withdrawal
  • Gift Cards from Amazon

OneAd – ₹350 Daily

OneAd is a similar app that allows you to earn Paytm cash by watching videos. You can make a lot of Paytm cash with this app because it has a lot of other ways to earn money outside just watching videos. Play some amusing as well as exciting Paytm earning games such as Trick Shot Ball, Run Boy Run, or Rise Up.

All you have to do is watch videos to get Paytm cash. Having 1,91,979 reviews on the Play Store, this app seems to have an excellent rating. This is a fantastic example of One Ad’s stability.

How can you make money with just one ad?

  • Participating in Tournaments
  • Refer & Earn
  • Video Ads
  • Playing Games

Where to redeem?

  • Paytm
  • DTH & Mobile Recharges
  • Bank Withdrawal

Cash Panda – ₹250 Daily

Cash Panda is the only app that allows you to use PayPal to make a withdrawal. This indicates that Cash Panda gives various tasks to earn Paytm cash from outside India by watching videos. This app can be used to earn money in a variety of ways. The best possible alternative, which I enjoyed the most, is to watch videos and earn Paytm cash.

What are all the several ways to earn money on Cash Panda?

  • Survey
  • Link Clicks
  • Refer & Earn
  • Video Ads
  • Free Apps Installation

Where to redeem?

  • Paytm
  • Paypal

Download Cash Panda App

Cash Panda Referral Code: 22761E12

MakeDhan – ₹200 Daily

MakeDhan seems to be another app in which you can make Paytm cash by watching videos. You can earn ₹200 every day with this app by completing the tasks listed below. MakeDhan offers engaging videos which encourage you to watch more and make more money. In addition to watching videos and earning money, you can use the services listed below.

How can you make money?

  • Refer & Earn
  • Watch Video

Where to redeem?

  • Paytm

Download Make Dhan App

Our Recommendation

We do not recommend that you rely solely on these sources because they are not a reliable sources of high and long-term revenue.

You can earn for a while, but you may become bored and run out of jobs to keep you earning. Yes, these apps are useful for earning extra cash, but not for a long time.

Final Thoughts

All of the apps but also websites described above are completely safe to use, and you may watch videos and earn money. All of these sources of income are trustworthy and will assist you in earning Paytm cash by viewing videos.

Earn Paytm cash through browsing videos is a dependable source because advertising agencies or brands pay them to improve brand awareness. In exchange, they pay you a portion of the revenue generated by ad-watching and ad-watch time. So what are you waiting for? Watch ads and earn money now.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to profit from watching videos?

Yes, you can make money by spending 2 to 4 hours per day on these apps and services. The maximum amount you can make per day is ₹500.

On Paytm, how can I make real money?

To make money on Paytm, simply follow these simple instructions.
Step 1:  Download the app from the official website or the Google Play store using the links provided above.
Step 2: Log in to the app on a daily basis then watch videos for 2 to 4 hours. Play in quizzes or contests.
Step 3: Withdraw the money you’ve earned to your Paytm Wallet.

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