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Cricket is the most popular game of India, so today you get to see many such apps in the market, on which you can win thousands and lakhs of rupees by making your cricket team, which is called Fantasy Cricket Apps and My11Circle App is one of the best Fantasy Cricket Apps.

These days My11Circle App is becoming very popular because this app is promoted by former India captain Sourav Ganguly, in which you can earn money online sitting at home using your cricket knowledge.

You can estimate the popularity of My11Circle App in such a way that this app has been downloaded by 13 million people and 11 million prizes have been won using this application.

So if you are also a fan of cricket and want to earn money by playing fantasy cricket then you must read this article once because today we are going to provide you all the information about what is My11Circle Apk and how to download it as well as how to play it.

What is My11Circle App

My11Circle App is a fantasy cricket Application where you have to use your cricket knowledge to form your team before the start of any cricket match and then you get an opportunity to win money as your team performs.

The name of the company that produces My11Circle App is Play Games24*7 Pvt.Ltd. Earlier this company has made another very famous app which you know by the name of Rummy Circle Game.

The special thing about fantasy cricket is that you have to make your own team from both the teams and include those 11 players in your team who perform best in the match.

According to the performance of your selected players, you are given points and then on the basis of points you get rank and according to that rank you earn money.

In My11Circle App, you are given points for everything that happens in the match like Catch, Run, Out, Four, Six Runs etc. And if you are able to score the most points then you can win the match with My11Circle App and millions of rupees also can earn.

My11Circle Apk Download

If you have good knowledge about cricket match then this app can become a good companion of your entertainment and you can earn money from it, for this you have to register after downloading and installing this app and make good money by making your team.a

Note- My11Circle App you will not find on Google Play Store, so you have to download this app from our given link because Google does not support any such app, so Dream11  also you do not get in Google Play Store.

  • Step-1 You have to download My11Circle App, for which you click on the button given below.
  • Step-2 Now Download My11Circle App
  • Step-3 As soon as the app is downloaded, you have to install it by enabling Unknown Sources.
  • Step-4 Now My11Circle App has been downloaded and installed in your mobile, after following some steps to register and create account in My11Circle App, you can create an account on My11Circle App.

My11Circle app download APK latest version

My11Circle App Referral Code: AMYS4214

How to register on My11Circle App

  • Step-1 First of all open this app and click on Register button.
  • Step-2 Now register it by entering your username, password and Gmail Id.
  • Step-3 Now you have been prepared by creating an account.
  • Step-4 With the help of Facebook, you can easily create an account in it.

How to Create and Play My11Circle App Team

To earn money on My11Circle App, you have to play as a team on it and you have to make your team of 11 players in which you have to select the players from both the teams who are the best performers in that match.

You have to choose Batsman, Bowler, Wicket-Keeper and All Rounder, Captain, Voice-Captain all in your team and you will get points for selecting all of them and you can choose only 7 players from any one team.

  • Step-1 First, Open App & My11Circle login using your credentials.
  • Step-2 Now select the match you want to play.
  • Step-3 Now here you will get to play many types of contests like – Cash Contest, Practice Contest and Private Contest etc.

Cash Contest- You can play by investing your money in such contest.

Practice Contest- You can play practice contest for free without investing any money.

Private Contest – Private Contest in which you can create your own contest and play by sharing it with others.

  • Step-3 Now click to participate in the contest you want to play and see how much money you have to pay to participate in it.
  • Step-4 Here you can know that how much money you will get if you come to any rank and how many and who have participated in it.
  • Step-5 Now click on Join button to create your team, for which you are given 100 points, choose your team from 1-4 Wicket Keeper, 1-6 Batsman, 1-6 All Rounder, 1-6 Bowler and  Click on Next.
  • Step-6 Now you have chosen the captain and vice-captain of your team, remember the captain’s point becomes x 2 and vice-captain x 1.5 so choose it wisely.
  • Step-7 Join Content and Content Fee is deducted from your account, after which you complete the process of participating in the match.

My11Circle app download APK latest version

My11Circle App Referral Code: AMYS4214

My11Circle App Rules and Points System

My11Circle App is a fantasy cricket, so it works completely on Point System, if you are able to get the most points by making your team, then you can win the first prize of that contest and one lakh rupees or many times it. There may be more, so you should be aware of the Rules and Point System of My11Circle App.

The ones you will make captain in the team have their points x2 then you should make the captain only who is the best player and make the vice-captain in the team whom you consider to be the best player in the 2nd place because the vice-captain’s Points are x1.5.  On playing any player of the team, they have 2 Points and if they do not play they get zero points.

How to earn money with My11Circle App

There are two ways to earn money from My11Circle App but the main way is to create your own team on My11Circle and use your cricketing knowledge to include those players in your team who will give the best performance in the entire match.

Because if you are successful in selecting such players then you get the highest points which take you to the first prize of the contest whose prize money is very high it can be one lakh or it can be many times more so this The first way.

Another way in which you can promote My11Circle App and get a bonus of Rs.500 by adding it to each person through Refer and Earn program and then using that money without putting any of your money in it, you can earn money by playing matches. It arises that how will we withdraw our winning money?

How to withdraw winning Money from My11Circle Apk

Now the most important thing is that how to withdraw money won from My11Circle App, then let us tell you that to withdraw money from My11Circle App you have to enter all the important details you need and when they are verified by My11Circle team then you become eligible to withdraw from your account.

You can add your Bank Account or Paytm Account in My11Circle App and after winning the cash prize you can also transfer to your account.

  • Step-1 Open your My11Circle App and after going to More option click on your My Account.
  • Step-2 You have to enter your important details by clicking on the Withdraw Cash option here.
  • Step-3 Now enter your winning money or the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Step-4 Now the cash you withdraw is transferred to your account.

So we have tried our best to provide you all the information about My11Circle App which will help you to understand better about this app and now you can easily use this app.

My11Circle app download APK latest version

My11Circle App Referral Code : AMYS4214


So we have tried our best to provide you all the information about My11Circle App which will help you to understand better about this app and now you can easily use this app.

We hope that what is My11Circle App and how to download it as well as how to earn money, you must have got all such information after reading this article.

So if you like this article of ours, then do share it with your friends who want to earn money using their mobile and are fond of playing fantasy cricket so that they can also enjoy it.


Is My11Circle safe?

If you are wondering whether My11Circle is safe, then for your information let me tell you yes, it is absolutely safe!  My11Circle is a “skill” game.  The relevant law in India is quite clear that, unlike “games of chance”, sports which require a great deal of skill for the player to apply, are absolutely legal.  All games hosted by My11Circle are carefully designed and the award winners’ jurisdiction is strictly monitored to ensure legal compliance with the relevant laws currently in force in India. Cricket Fantasy Apps cannot play in some states of India like: Assam, Orissa or Telangana. You are prohibited from playing cash contests on My11Circle from any of these two states.

Benefits of Using My11Circle

My11Circle is an online fantasy app that allows you to earn by showcasing your cricket knowledge and analytical skills.The biggest advantage of using My11Circle is that you only need to build your own team with 100 credits and compete with others. No matter what device you are using, My11Circle Fantasy Apk can bring your favorite sports to life.

How to Play My11Circle

It is a game of skill that allows you to build your team and build your winning strategy. Here you can create your own fantasy cricket team of real-life players and score points based on their real-time performance in the real game.

My11circle Customer Care

If you are facing any problem in My11Circle Game then you can register your problem by calling My11Circle customer care number.

Missed Call On The Phone Number: 8010400200

For additional information, please contact us at [email protected]

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