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Hello friends.  Do you want to download Jeet11 app in your android phone.  And you do not know what is Jeet11 App, how to download Jeet11, Jeet11 Referral Code, Jeet11 refer and earn program and how to earn money from Jeet11 App, so keep reading this article till the end.

In this article, you will get all the information related to Jeet11 App that How to Download Jeet11 Apk as well as How to Earn Money from Jeet11 App or How to Earn Money with Jeet11 App All the information is given one by one.

You must have heard about Cricket earning apps like: Dream11, My11Circle, HowZat, Real11 and Ballebaazi app etc.  Like these apps, Jeet11 Apk is also a popular fantasy cricket app.

You can play Cricket, Football, Quiz and Contest in Jeet11.  In the Jeet11 app, you also get a chance to play cricket by forming a team of 11 players. Jeet11 is the only app of Sharechat app.

You must have also known about Online Earning Apps, from Jeet11 App also you can earn money by playing online games like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi.

So, if you want all the information about What is Jeet11 App? How to Download Jeet11 App? and How to Earn Money from Jeet11 App, then read this article till the end.

What is Jeet11 App?

jeet11 app logo

Jeet11 is a leading fantasy Cricket gaming application that provides online players a chance to create different fantasy teams on the application platform. These teams then compete against players in a ranking-based system across different parts of the world.

On this, you can play cricket, football, quiz and contest and win money online.

Jeet11 app was launched in 2015 and Jeet11 fantasy cricket application is jointly created by Fareed Ahsan, Ankush Sachdeva and Bhanu Singh.

Mohalla Tech Private Limited is the owner of the Jeet11 app.  Jeet11 app downloads is more than 1 lakh and this app has got 3.6 star rating on play store.

If you do not know English then there is no need to panic because within the Jeet11 app you will find 13 Indian languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Rajasthani languages ​​along with many more languages ​​you can see in the Jeet11 app.

Jeet11 Apk Downloaded by 1,20,000 Verified Users. That’s why it can be said that Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App is safe. You will get to know in this article how you can download the Jeet11 app.  What are the features of Jeet11 app.  How to create account and Download  Jeet11 app and earn money from Jeet11 app?

Jeet11 app download latest version

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Jeet11 Apk Details

Let us now know about the Jeet11 app details. Before downloading any app, it is very important to know the details of that app.  That’s why I will tell you below which company Jeet11 app belongs to Who is the owner of Jeet11?  How many Mb is the Jeet11 app and you will get to know many information about the Jeet11 app.

App NameJeet11 Fantasy Gaming App
Size20.09 Mb
CategoryFantasy Gaming App
Downloads50 Lakhs +
Rating4.0 star
Released on2015
Launched ByMohalla Tech Private limited
Download Link Jeet11 App Download
Jeet11 Referral CodeAMANV05A
Jeet11 FounderAnkush Sachdeva, Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh

Jeet11 Apk Features

Let us now know about some features of the Jeet11 app. Before downloading the Jeet11 app, you must know about the features of the Jeet11 app.

  • You can also access the Jeet11 platform from its website. There is no need to Jeet11 App Download For Android .
  • You don’t need to do KYC verification before playing any fantasy game in Jeet11 app.
  • As soon as you new Sign Up on Jeet11 app then you get Sign Up Bonus 10 rupees instant.
  • You can easily redeem your rewards and send them to your bank account or paytm wallet.
  • All the contests you participate in within the Jeet11 app and all the contests you win, the prize money of those contests is automatically sent to your Paytm Wallet.
  • Whichever player is performing well on the live match, you can add that player to your team and make your own fantasy cricket team.  By the way, you will be able to add only 7 players from one team and you will have to create a fantasy team of 11 players by adding the rest of the players from the other team and you will get points according to the performance of those players.

How to Download Jeet11 App

You can download the Jeet11 app from the Official site of Jeet11. Let’s then know how you can Download the Jeet11.

  • Step-1: First of all you Download Jeet11 App from it’s official website in your device or simply download from link given below.
  • Step-2: If you open the Play Store, then search the Jeet11 and click on the Install button as soon as the Jeet11 app will be installed in your phone.
  • Step-3: And if you open the official site of Jeet11, then clicking on the installed button of the Official website of the Jeet11, the Jeet11 app will be downloaded in your browser.

After that you have to click on “OK”,

  • Step-3: After this you have to open the downloaded file of Jeet11 by visiting the downloaded section of your Chrome browser. If you want to download the Jeet11 Old Version then you should download Jeet11 App from its official website.
  • Step-4: After that the victory 11 app will take some time to you and you also have to enable unknown source. After that the Jeet11 app will be installed in your phone. In this way you can downlaod Jeet11 Rummy or Jeet11 Fantasy App.

Jeet11 app download latest version

Jeet11 Referral Code : AMANV05A [get Rs. 50 signup bonus]

How to Register on Jeet11 App

Now I will tell you how you can register in Jeet11 app. Well you will be able to create account and register on Jeet11 app easily by following our steps.  Let us then know how to create an account inside the fantasy cricket app Jeet11.

  • Step-1: If you want to create an account on Jeet11 then you have to first open the Jeet11 app or else search this url Jeet11.Com/Home by opening chrome browser of your smartphone.
  • Step-2: If you have opened Jeet11 app or Jeet11 official website then there is nothing to worry about Jeet11 app and Jeet11 website both have same interface and method to create account on both.  Same is.
  • Step-3: Now in the Jeet11 app, you have to select any one Indian language according to you.
  • Step-4: After that you will come to the home page of Jeet11 app but your account is not yet created in Jeet11.
  • Step-5: Then you will see the Sign In button on the top right corner of the home page of Jeet11, you have to click on the Sign In button.
  • Step-6: Now after clicking on the Sign in button of Jeet11, you have to enter your mobile number.
  • Step-7: After that you have to enter your name.Then accept the term and condition and click on the tick and click on the Sign Up button.
  • Step-8: After that an OTP will come in the mobile number you entered on Jeet11.After entering it, your account will be created within Jeet11.

How to Earn Money in Jeet11

Let us now know how to earn money from Jeet11 app.  By the way, there are many ways to earn money using the Jeet11 fantasy game app. Today I will tell you 3 ways to earn money from Jeet11 app.

Playing Fantasy Games on the Jeet11 App

You can earn money by participating in fantasy games like cricket, football and kabaddi games on this money earning app.

You can click in the contest to see how many total prize money games are going to happen within a few hours.  And you can join by paying the entry fee. And if you come on rank 1 then you can earn 100 to 1000 rupees from Jeet11 app.

Refer And Earn

If your friend is also interested in playing fantasy games. So you can tell your friend about Jeet11 app.  And if your friend shows interest in this then you can share the Jeet11 app with them.

If You Share Your Jeet11 App Referral Link With Your Friend.

Then if your friend downloads the win 11 app from your referral link.  And if you deposit money on the Jeet11 app, you will get 3% commission on each of their deposits.

If your friend deposits Rs. 350 in Jeet11 app then you will get Rs 10.  Or if your friend deposits 1000 rupees inside the Jeet11 app then you will get 30 rupees.

Through Rewards

If you want to earn money from rewards on Jeet11, then click on three dot on the left corner above the Jeet11 app, after that you click on the rewards button below.

Now you will see 4, 5 tasks and the price of completing the task will also be shown on their side, you can earn money from the Jeet11 app by completing these tasks.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket in Jeet11

If you want to play fantasy cricket on Jeet11 app then you have to open Jeet11 app. After that you will get to see ‘Cricket, Football and Kabaddi’ in the home page of the Jeet11 app.

You have to click in cricket. After that click in the contest, now all the fantasy cricket matches will be shown to you.

You can see the total number of participants by clicking above those matches. And how much is the total prize money, they can also see.  After that you can participate in any fantasy cricket match by paying entry fee.

How to play Quiz in Jeet11

You can click on the quiz section of Jeet11.  And 2 people can answer the question by playing the quiz together. And if you answer all the questions correctly in the quiz. So in Jeet11 app you will get the prize money of that quiz.

Jeet11 app download latest version

Jeet11 Referral Code : AMANV05A [get Rs. 50 signup bonus]

How to Deposit Cash in Jeet11 App

  • Step 1: After your Jeet11 app download is completed, you need to choose the language of your choice to proceed further to your money deposit process on the platform of the app.
  •  Step 2: After registration on the Jeet11 app, you need to link your online bank account details or UPI IDs with the Jeet11 app Payments wallet, to deposit money directly into it.
  • Step 3: You can add different amounts of money to your Jeet11 Payments wallet such as 100 INR, 300 INR, 500 INR, and so on.
  •  Step 4: Please check the minimum deposit scheme of the Jeet11 App before moving forward with the same. Only after winning the minimum set sum of money in the game, you will be eligible to withdraw your deposits later.
  • Step 5: You can deposit sums of money directly from your verified bank account after linking your AADHAR Card information, PAN Card information, Bank Account Expiry Details, etc.

How to Withdraw Winning cash in Jeet11

  • Step-1: If you want to withdraw money from the Jeet11 app, then you have to click on the wallet option in the left corner above the Jeet11 app.
  • Step-2:  After that you have to click on redeem.
  • Step-3:  Then you can transfer your money to bank account and paytm from Jeet11 app.
  • Step-4:  But to withdraw money from Jeet11 app, you have to submit your PAN card and bank passbook details.


I hope that after reading this article, what is Jeet11 App?, How to download Jeet11 App and how to earn money from Jeet11 App, you will be able to know all these information and you will be able to download Jeet11 App easily.

How did you like this article of ours, tell us by commenting.  And all your friends who want to play fantasy game and want to download Jeet11 app, then definitely share this article with them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question

Jeet11 is the app of which country?

Jeet11 fantasy app is our india only application.  So you can download and use the win 11 app.

Who is the owner of Jeet11 App?

Jeet11 Fantasy Gaming App owner is Mohalla Tech Private Limited Company.

Jeet11 app customer care number?

You can contact the customer care of Jeet11 app through their [email protected] Gmail Id.

How to download Jeet11 app?

If you want to download Jeet11 Old Version Download or Jeet11 New Version then you can download it from Google Play Store or its official website.

How much money can I earn from Jeet11?

If you have good knowledge of cricket, football or kabaddi game then you can earn 100 to 5000 rupees Daily by playing fantasy game on Jeet11 app.

How to earn money from Jeet11 app?

The way to earn money from the Jeet11 app is as follows:
1. Playing Fantasy Games on the Jeet11 App
2. Referring Win 11 App
3. Through Rewards

Jeet11 app is genuine or not ?

This is Genuine because it is made by the same company as Snapchat and more than 1 lakh 20 thousand people have downloaded it.

Is it legal to play games with Jeet11 app?

Playing games from Jeet11 app is legal as it comes under a skill based game which has also been declared legal by the court, in other states such games are banned because all these games are full of financial risks, so you also play it at your own risk.

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