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AstroPay India may be a very useful tool that makes online betting website payments. This digital prepaid AstroPay card has seen a rise in popularity in recent months, owing to the obvious benefit of being able to initiate online payments without having to share personal information. Whenever it comes to cross-border but also cross-currency transactions, the card is also incredibly beneficial.

The advantage of AstroPay India is that it not only allows you to transact for Indian rupees, but it also lowers your overall payment expenses. Because this card seems to have no fees, users would not be subject to local taxes. Because the transactions are performed in local currency, there is no need to evaluate exchange rates. No transaction costs are charged to the client, and sometimes even opening an account is free of cost.

What is Astro Pay App?

Astro Pay App India Review

The widespread use of mobile gambling has increased significantly in recent years, resulting in an increase in need for payment options such as AstroPay.

A smartphone app for Android and iOS devices has now been developed to access and analyze the AstroPay card that India obtains. Both of which have reasonably similar user interfaces, therefore getting used to these doesn’t take that long. In terms of appearance and functionality, the app is quite outstanding.

The platform’s main features include maintenance of the AstroPay card India and the ability to conduct transfers immediately from the app. You will get these both apps easily on the Play Store but also the App Store.

AstroPay App Additional Details

App NameAstroPay – Online Money Wallet
Downloads50 Lakh +
Rating4.1 stars
Released on22-Apr-2016
Launched ByAstroPay LLP
Download Astro Pay AppClick Here

AstroPay App Key Advantages

  • Get access to markets worldwide
  • Won’t need to integrate separately
  • Super secure payment solution
  • No installation fee
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • 24/7 Support

How to download the Astro Pay App?

  • Go to the Google Play Store then look for the Astro Pay app.
  • Click on install.
  • After downloading the app click on option option.
  • You first need set up an account if this is your first time using this.
  • After that enter your mobile number and you’ll get an OTP.
  • Now you can add a password there. So that you would simply login in again.


How to Create an Account in Astro Pay App?

  • You can either just use a desktop website and install the AstroPay app from Apple Store and Google Play Store to open a new account.
  • If your location isn’t detected properly on the website, select your country.
  • At the bottom of this page, tap ‘I am new here, set up an account’ after clicking ‘Login’ in the top right of the screen.
  • Fill up the form using your private details, including your email address, name, and passcode. You’ll be requested to examine the terms & conditions which apply first before the transaction is complete. While reading these instructions is recommended, it is not required.

How to Get an Astro Pay Card in India?

If you live in India, the first step in receiving an AstroPay card is to create an account through AstroPay. The procedures to get an AstroPay card would be as follows:

Sign up for AstroPay India.

Visit the AstroPay India website and complete the registration process. The AstroPay India app could also be used to finish the application process. The registration procedure needs you to provide details such as your phone number, email address, and other details.

Include a password.

Users must first validate the mobile number with just a one-time password prior proceeding with the verification process (OTP).

Select a card.

After completing the registration process, AstroPay India gives you the choice of selecting from a variety of card denominations. Cards are available in amounts ranging between $25 to $500.

Easily fill your AstroPay card with money.

The AstroPay card is then funded, with customers having the choice of picking from a variety of payment methods such as bank transfer, UPI, and much more.

Get your AstroPay card

You can receive the AstroPay card either by email and then through the apps. The AstroPay Card is a virtual card that looks but also functions like a physical card, including a 16-digit number plus CVV codes. It’s good for a while after it’s been issued. Besides the cellphone number verification process during the first step of registration, AstroPay card India does not require additional paperwork or confirmation.

History of AstroPay India

AstroPay India was only in existence until 2009, making it a young platform when compared to certain other prepaid but also virtual card choices. Despite this, the business has been able to use its decade of knowledge to bring new features, correct some developmental issues, and give exceptional support. AstroPay’s popularity has skyrocketed in India over the previous few years. AstroPay is a global payment system that operates in more than ten countries. This figure has been slowly increasing in recent years as more consumers use traditional credit cards due to concerns regarding data security.

Astro Pay App Refer and Earn

Refer others to Astro Pay and also have them register for the Astro Pay App using your referral code.

With each referral who purchases an Astro Pay card, you would receive $10.

Your referral would also receive a $10 bonus for just using your Astro Pay Referral/Promo Code, and even a free worldwide card.

Astro Pay Promo Code

Astro Pay Promo Code is

How to find Astro Pay Referral Promo Code?

  • On your smartphone, install the Astro Pay app.
  • Select the “More” option.
  • Select the profile options.
  • Select the Account option now.
  • You’ll be able to see your referral code.
  • Directly share your Astro Pay Referral Promotional code.
  • You may also copy but also share your code with others.

Is Astro Pay App safe to use?

Yes, AstroPay India is concerned about the safety of its customers. This prepaid card, which remains anonymous, employs a number of security measures. Furthermore, no personal or financial data is shared.

How does Astro Pay App work?

AstroPay is a prepaid virtual card. Virtual cards in the range of $25 to $500 could be purchased directly from the Astropays site or app. Whenever you shop or bet online, you could use these virtual cards like actual deposit cards. The cards have the same 16 digits like any other debit card.

How do I invest in an Astro Pay App?

To buy an AstroPay Card, you should first create an account then log in, then select the amount and currency of the AstroPay Card you wish to buy, as well as the desired payment method. The AstroPay Card would be released but also available to use as they get payment confirmation.

What is an Astro Pay investment?

With a first-class payment system, AstroPay can help you increase your merchant’s revenue rates. They enable retailers to accept local payment methods in a variety of currencies, whereas AstroPay thereafter settles cash offshore.

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