Top 10 Best Android Games Under 500Mb With Best Graphics

There has been a boom in Android games in recent years, and Android devices have become quite common devices for high-end gaming.

This surge in Android gaming has attracted a diverse group of gamers and developers. You may now quickly find various kinds of android games on your Android devices, whether they are Adventure, Shooting, Racing, or any other genre.

The issue arises when you do not have access to the internet. Most Android games operate on the Internet, which necessitates a stable internet connection.

However, if you want to play android games offline, it can be challenging to locate the best offline Android games currently. It could take you days to go through each game one by one to find the greatest offline Android game.

To assist you with this issue, we will provide the top ten offline Android games that you can play without an internet connection in this article. It is widely assumed that offline games are inferior to internet games.

However, all of the games on this list of the ten best offline android games have high-quality graphics and intriguing plots. We attempted to include games from the genres of racing, shooting, adventure, action, and others.

1. Highway Drifter – Android Games Under 500Mb

Highway Drifter is a driving game in which you can drift and skid behind the wheel. This android game will appeal to racing game aficionados in particular, with a plethora of locales and dozens of modification options for your vehicle.

Before you begin driving, you enter the workshop, where you can design your vehicle’s bodywork and wheels. Then, choose a game mode to play, such as a police chase, limitless driving, or an online race with players from all around the world.

The Highway Drifter controls are fairly simple; on the left side of the screen, two directional arrows allow you to turn your vehicle to one side or the other. The accelerator, reverse, and handbrake are located on the right side.

You must strive to double your score using these five controls by performing the most amazing drifts imaginable, which will not be difficult because the car will turn very readily when you push the relevant buttons. The more points you gain, the closer you pass other cars and the greater chaos you cause with your drifting.

At all times, you can see the points you have gained with your drifts and reckless driving at the top of the screen. In police pursuits, you must be careful not to favor drifting above evading the cops, as your main goal will be to escape being stopped by the cops.

Highway Drifter is a nice game in which you may perform road antics and construct the weirdest cars.


2. Zombie Frontier 4 – Android Games Under 500Mb

Zombie Frontier 4 is an action game in which you must invade a zombie-infested city. In the beginning of this great game, you must be quick to fire at these living dead.

The graphics of Zombie Frontier 4 depict the action from a first-person perspective. You must make your way through several locations, shooting zombies with various firearms and high-precision missiles.

By touching the action buttons, you can spin the camera in whatever direction you choose while firing or reloading. It’s vital to note that it may be necessary to fire your enemy multiple times in order to eliminate them.

In Zombie Frontier 4, you can access a comprehensive map from the main menu to discover the many infected zones. While earning rewards, you must fight to rid the city of zombies. This is not a simple assignment; evil is spreading at an alarming rate, and you must make the most of your weapons in order to triumph.

The dynamic controls in Zombie Frontier 4 assist you in quickly intercepting all zombies. Shoot at your foes as rapidly as you can to try to free the city from these sick beings. But don’t forget that you must also protect yourself in order to avoid being slaughtered by these hordes.


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3. Evolution 2: Battle For Utopia

Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia is a third-person shooter with RPG elements. Players will continue their conquest of planet Utopia, which is now a burning inferno dominated by enormous giants, robot assassins, and gangs of low-lifes.

The original android game in this series was simply a ‘clicker,’ but the makers have added an entirely new twist this time around. The first third-person shooter in this series is Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia. Its control systems are extremely basic. Swiping left allows you to go across each level, while swiping right allows you to shoot.

In each stage of Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia, your goal is to eliminate any foes that appear along the route. This task will usually take you between 1 and 2 minutes to complete.

As you complete progressively challenging stages, you will gain access to fresh bonus content. Choose new assistance, larger and more powerful weapons, new attachments, and much more.

The action game Evolution 2 Battle for Utopia is enjoyable. This android game was designed for handheld tactile devices like your smartphone, with its eye-popping graphics and a fine-tuned, innovative control system. But if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also included a social component that allows you to set up short matches with your friends online.


4. Cover Fire – Android Games Under 500Mb

Cover Fire is a first-person shooter game in which players control a small company of mercenaries battling Tetracorp, an evil mega-corporation that is invading various sections of the earth, submitting their people, and grabbing all of the precious resources. Fortunately, our small band of heroes is on hand to put an end to evil.

Overall, the control techniques of Cover Fire are well suited to touch devices. Swiping your finger to the left side of your screen allows you to aim your weapon. The trigger button is also on the right side, but most significantly, you don’t have to worry about your hero always moving to the nearest cover because he will do so automatically.

The story mode of Cover Fire comprises over sixty missions in which you must work with and against various people. Furthermore, each character offers you access to a wide range of armaments, including sniper rifles, machine guns, missile launchers, and much more. As you advance through the ranks, you’ll have access to a wealth of new warriors and skills.

Cover Fire is a wonderful shooter that not only has stunning graphics but also a wide range of weapons and tasks. Each level concludes with a super slow-mo scene reminiscent of the legendary ‘Sniper Elite.’


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5. Project Offroad 2 – Android Games Under 500Mb

Project Offroad 2 is a 3D driving game in which you take the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle and drive through a massive natural area. You’ll also find a plethora of various tasks in an open environment to keep you on your toes and put your talents to the test.

There are three distinct control modes in Project Offroad 2. You can utilize the virtual steering wheel on the left side of the screen by default. A virtual button control system or an accelerometer can also be used (tilting the device from side to side). Whatever option you choose, the controls are nice and accurate.

One of the most appealing aspects of Project Offroad 2 is the ability to drive wherever you want in a vast rural setting. You can explore beautiful scenery at your own leisure, without feeling rushed.

Having said that, you are free to engage in as many challenges as you wish. The advantage of this is that it allows you to accumulate experience and access further material.

Project Offroad 2 is a fantastic driving game that provides a completely different experience than traditional racing games. Most difficulties need talent behind the wheel and precise movements to complete.


6. BattleOps – Android Games Under 500Mb

In the BattleOps, become a soldier and see if you can break up opponent squadrons. To take on all the savage adversaries, use the weapons you obtain as you complete tasks.

BattleOps features 3D graphics and excellent music that immerses you in the action. This android game also includes a variety of offline play options in which you can participate in exciting raids and shoot relentlessly on all foes who cross your path.

Another amazing aspect of BattleOps is its simple controls. Simply maneuver your avatar with the virtual joystick, and use the action buttons to jump, reload, or use additional weapons to become even more powerful. You can also choose between automatic and manual fire.

Visit BattleOps to go on realistic missions with a plethora of weaponry, maps, and characters. The struggle has only just begun, and it is up to you to ensure that your side wins every battle.


7. Westland Survival: Cowboy Game

Westland Survival is a free RPG online mobile video game with multiplayer capabilities. The craft survival and adventure game has over ten million players. Begin a true adventure survival gaming journey in the Wild West and invite your friends to join you.

The android game story is like outlaws and even sheriffs are willing to sell heroic men out for a mouthful of money in the Wild West of the Great American Prairies. Frontier pioneers and bounty hunters have set out on carriage rides to the famed gold finding areas of the Klondike and Yukon, as well as the immense plains and deserts of Texas and New Mexico.

Your wagon convoy was ambushed by bandits, leaving you as the sole survivor, but determined to put those gunslingers to the hangman! Alternatively, shoot them off their horses.

But first, there’s some crafting to do: a night’s shelter, some wood logging for bow and arrows, and possibly some ore mining for horseshoes and trading with the Indians. Maybe they can teach you how to shoot deer for a steak.


8. Combat Master – Android Games Under 500Mb

Combat Master is a first person shooter that places you in realistic locations to put your aim to the test. You must strive to walk through each room while shooting adversaries by using the weapons in your armory as efficiently as possible.

Your main goal in Combat Master is to destroy more than the other side by forming a team with other players. Tap the joystick to travel around the map while also tapping the action buttons on the right side of the screen. To kill more adversaries in one go, you can switch weapons or use additional items such as grenades at any moment.

Combat Master’s graphics are realistic, adding to the realism of each android game. You will die and fall to the ground if you are intercepted by an adversary.

You can, however, resurrect after a few seconds and continue fighting. All of this will make you experience the adrenaline of each battle as you try to get the most kills for your squad.

Combat Master’s gameplay is already recognisable from the most popular FPS games. Overall, this is a realistic game in which you can play a variety of games and use your best weapons to win.


9. Trial Xtreme 4 – Android Games Under 500Mb

Trial Xtreme 4 is a 2D racing game in which you must race to the finish line while avoiding falling off your bike… which will be difficult given the game’s intricate tracks.

Trial Xtreme 4 players must overcome dangerous hazards on insane tracks. Initially, you’ll just have to worry about making some stunning jumps, but soon you’ll have to complete intricate tricks where speed isn’t everything. In fact, in order to reach the finish line safely, you may have to apply the brakes.

Trial Xtreme 4 allows you to compete in tournaments as well as individual races, allowing you to compare your times with gamers from all around the world. As you race, you’ll notice your competitor riding alongside you, aiming to outperform you.

As is customary in racing games, you may modify your bike and even purchase totally new motorcycles in Trial Xtreme 4.

Trial Xtreme 4 is the fourth part in a story that has over seventy million Android downloads. That’s no coincidence, given that the series has always been associated with high quality, and this new android game delivers once again.


10. World War 2 – Android Games Under 500Mb

World War 2 – Battle Combat is a WWII multiplayer shooter. Two teams of up to five players each can compete in massive settings, many of which are recreations of famous historical events and conflicts.

Initially, you’ll only have access to the original ‘team deathmatch’ mode. However, as you progress through the game and level up, you will be able to unlock five other game modes, such as ‘arm race’ and ‘knives only,’ to name a few.

World War 2 – Battle Combat’s controls are totally adjustable. You can alter each of the buttons on the interface from the settings menu to suit your unique preferences.

To that end, the virtual joystick is located on the left side of the screen by default, while practically all of the action buttons are located on the right side. Jump, crouch (for better aim), aim, toss grenades, and pick up weapons from fallen adversaries.

At the start of the game, you can pick amongst the four major participants in WWII: the USSR, the United States, Japan, and Germany. You must select one nation to play as on the Allied side and another to play as on the Axis side.

You may also unlock and modify a plethora of weaponry from the same customization menu. You can gradually level up more than a dozen handguns, machine guns, rifles, and shotguns.

World War 2 – Battle Combat is an awesome multiplayer game that draws inspiration from classics such as the Battlefield trilogy and Call of Duty to provide a game experience that is well tailored for mobile devices. The five-minute battles are ideal for a quick dose of action and shooting with friends or other internet participants.


My Final Word

There are many types of games available in the market on mobile devices but at present time offline android games, which is the most popular among them.

Most of the offline android games are free to play, but some paid offline games are also available. Here all the games from the list are free to play.

So this is the top 10 best android offline games list that is the best game app for you. You can install and play any of them. All of them are easily available on the google play store.

FAQs on Android Games Under 500Mb

1. Which is the best game from the list?

We have given you the ten games list and all are the best games.

2. Where can i download the app?

You can easily download all of them on the google play store and we have already given you the every game link.

3. Are they free to play?

Yes, all games are free.

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