Top 10 Best Offline Games under 50MB for Android | Offline Android Games under 50MB

Guys, are you bored?

How about trying some new Android games out?

Everyone knows that a good casual game can be very interesting and relaxing. With the popularity of Android, the Google Play Store has been flooded with all kinds of games.

This list is a collection of Android offline games that will keep you entertained for hours. People often think that Android phone offline games are less popular than their counterparts on Apple or IOS. But if you look at the statistics, this is not true.

In fact, Android offline gaming is far more popular than both of those platforms.

List of Best Offline Games Under 50MB

Game NameDownload LinkRating
1. N.O.V.A. LegacyDownload4.0
2. Kung Fu AttackDownload4.0
3. Blocky Farm Racing & SimulatorDownload4.0
4. Epic JourneyDownload3.9
5. Top Run: Retro Pixel AdventureDownload4.6
6. Rekt! – High Octane StuntsDownload4.3
7. Fishing LifeDownload4.2
8. John HayashiDownload4.1
9. Past for FutureDownload4.0
10. OutrushDownload4.4
11. Shadow SkateDownload3.9
12. Racey RocketDownload4.5
13. StackDownload4.1
14. Stick FightDownload3.7

The Benefits of Android Games Under 50MB

  1. Takes up less space.
  2. Requires less RAM to run.
  3. Less lag.
  4. Lightweight
  5. The majority are offline games.
  6. Can be played on a number of low-cost Android phones.
  7. It is simple to download and install.

1. N.O.V.A. Legacy: Offline Games Under 50MB

N.O.V.A Legacy is one of the best offline games under 50MB. It’s an action game with a compelling tale that unfolds across 19 action-packed FPS stages. There are multiplayer venues where gamers can put their abilities to the test.

The game has most of the features seen in high-end action games, such as the ability to customize your marine avatar. It’s similar to a console game, except it’s played on your Android device.

The Nova Legacy game is a sci-fi fps action game, and it was stated or tagged as the best sci-fi fps game by the possessors. Based on this, I’ll say it’s completely incorrect because if this game should be the best sci-fi fps game, what about other unique sci-fi games that have made a lot of great impact on gamers and also have a good name strategised by the people.

Game Size – 47 Mb

Developer – Gameloft


2. Kung Fu Attack: Offline Games Under 50MB

One Punch Boxing – Kung Fu Attack is an Android offline Action RPG game. You’ll have to use the Kung Fu fighting technique to defeat your opponents. By the way, its primary character is definitely influenced by the world’s best Kung Fu diffuser, the legendary Bruce Lee.

The game is fast-paced, including hack and slash features as well as RPG components. It does not require internet access and is only 45MB in size and it’s the best offline game under 50MB for Arcade Lovers.

Increase the character’s health, impact power, and weapon qualities as you perform tasks in the arena. This will assist you in defeating opponents who will become stronger with each bout. Each fighter has a unique set of combo strikes and skills, and some of them will also have weapons in their arsenal. Use the proper punches and kicks, execute devastating attacks on time, put up blocks, and dodge opponent attacks.

Size: 45MB

Developer: Hs Soft


3. Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator

Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is unlike most other games in that it does not begin with a tutorial. Instead, you are directed directly to the game’s home page. When you first begin playing, you can choose between racing, agricultural simulator, and demolition. it is one of the best Offline Games for Android Under 50MB

The racing portion is similar to that of endless runner games in that there is no end and you must simply avoid obstacles along the route. The difference here is that you’ll be racing in agricultural vehicles. That’s right, you can race tractors in this game.

The gameplay is also not like that of endless runners, where changing lanes is as simple as swiping a finger. You get the sensation of driving here, thus you must maintain solid control when changing lanes.

The farm simulator allows you to experience owning a farm. So you’re riding your tractor, which you may use to plow fields or harvest crops. What makes this game mode unique is that you can explore and drive around a town.

The final game mode, demolition, is identical to racing. This time, though, you attempt to demolish everything in your path. Let’s get into the Blocky Farm Racing game’s gameplay immediately.

App Size: 50

Developer: Mobadu


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4. Epic Journey: Dragon Land & Legend Thrones

Faraway Journey is an Android offline puzzle game featuring elements of escape and RPG games. The mechanics of this game are even reminiscent of Monument Valley.

In this one, though, your objective will be to guide the character Ethan across a valley filled with dragons and mysteries. It adds colorful, fluid, and appealing 3D visuals to the game’s hard challenges. The game is 100% free and does not require Wi-Fi to play.

Size: 46MB

Developer: PlayMobi


5. Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure

Top Run: Retro Pixel Adventure is a new Android game with many nods to the 1980s and that distinctive, even quirky, feature of fashion. An endless runner in which you must deal with iconic characters from the time period.

We refer to famous characters as those most associated with the years when gym tape in the hair was essential or those meshes with those very “kitch” haircuts. A free title to enjoy while vitiating a complete arcade with a lot to offer.

Size: 46MB

Developer: Katata Games


6. Rekt! – High Octane Stunts

REKT! is an Android offline racing arcade game. You’ll have to navigate a circuit full of ramps and platforms while completing the most outrageous aerial moves and stunts. All of this in a short amount of time while achieving the greatest possible score.

The greater your score, the more cars and arenas you’ll be able to unlock. Carts can also be customized. The game is playable without an internet connection. This also comes under offline games.

Rekt! High Octane Stunts is a pretty cool retro aesthetic that combines arcade-style Hot Wheels vehicles with colorful neon settings. All of the maps in the game have a future cyber vibe to them that makes them fun to explore, and there are hundreds of vehicles that show varying degrees of damage if players crash.

Size: 57MB

Developer: Little Chicken Game Company


7. Fishing Life: Offline Games Under 50MB

Fishing Life is a fun game about a man who returns to his hometown after being dismissed. To discover inner calm, he takes up fishing, a sport he learnt from his father.

The gameplay in Fishing Life is straightforward. To begin, you’ll need a fishing rod and a tiny boat anchored near a lighthouse. Simply tap the icon on the right to cast your line. After a few seconds, you’ll catch a fish. Then you must select whether you want to sell the fish or use it as bait to catch a bigger one.

With the money you make from selling fish, you can purchase a number of improvements. You can improve your casting distance by purchasing a better fishing rod. You can also strengthen the fishing line so that it can pull larger fish. Of course, you can enhance your boat to sail further out and catch bigger fish.

Fishing Life is a calm game with a fun premise, excellent graphics, and a charming soundtrack that plays continuously. At sea, you can catch any type of fish and inspect your catch whenever you wish.

Size: 44MB

Developer: Rexelon Inc.


8. John Hayashi- The Legendary Zombie Hunter

John Hayashi is an Android offline action game containing shooting and battle gameplay. You will be a swordsman gunslinger fighting against samurai zombies in this game, which has a pretty strange combination.

So, in addition to shooting, you’ll be able to strike zombies with swords at the same time.

This is a basic casual game that is excellent for passing the time. It can be played without an internet connection and is only 48MB in size.

Size: 48MB

Developer: Mayonnaise Studio


9. Past for Future: Offline Games Under 50MB

The creators of Father and Son have released a new point-and-click adventure called Past For Future. It tells the narrative of a man who is dissatisfied with his life.

Things begin to change when he meets a woman who has the capacity to travel across time to escape her own sadness.

So you’ll drive to Taranto, a beach town, to find more about this intriguing woman. You’ll also strive to track her down so you may escape your own misery by traveling through time.

If this seems like fun, go ahead and download this cool little adventure game from Google Play right now.

Size: 51MB

Developer: Ass. TuoMuseo


10. Outrush: Offline Games Under 50MB

OutRush is a fast-paced space warfare arcade game. In it, you’ll control a spaceship while avoiding the most different and intricate obstacles and blasting your foes in order to make it to the end alive.

It’s a fairly intense casual title that will keep you entertained for hours. It has minimal, futuristic graphics with synthwave images. This is a game that does not require internet access to play.

Size: 49MB

Developer: Ugindie


11. Shadow Skate: Offline Games Under 50MB

This is one of the most addictive Android running and skating games under 50Mb. The backdrop themes are incredibly gorgeous and appealing.

The game is simple to play because all you have to do is leap, crouch, and speed up, but synchronizing all of this is difficult. It includes up to 40 hard levels as well as some realistic and beautiful shadow art images. Shadow Skate is the most thrilling running and skating game available for Android.

Size: 9MB

Developer: Candy Mobile


12. Racey Rocket- Arcade Space Racing

Racey Rocket is a throwback 2D arcade racing game in which players boost, slide, and bounce their way around difficult levels in pursuit of the fastest time. Use ultra-intuitive controls to pilot a racing rocket through tight circuits and compete for the world’s quickest times.

Race through over 100 circuits at breakneck speed, dodging anything in your path. Unlock over 65 amazing rockets and trails to personalize your rocket and cross the finish line in style!

This game is ideal for passing the time. It is one of the most popular Android games under 50MB. If you have Racey Rocket installed on your smartphone, you will never be bored.

Racey Rocket is a high-speed racer in which players boost, slide, and bounce their way around difficult tracks in order to achieve the greatest time. There are up to 100 excellent tracks available, as well as a slow time feature to help you nail the right lines.

Size: 51MB

Developer: Salmon Pirate


13. Stack: Offline Games Under 50MB

The stack game is technologically oriented. To achieve greater scores, simply stack more blocks, as the name implies.

Meanwhile, to play this game, your Android handset must have a rear camera with at least 3MP resolution. The surface picked as the target must have sufficient details, and your device should be parallel to the surface while selecting it.

You can also promote your score on social media and compare it to the scores of your friends.

Size: 43MB

Developer: Ketchapp


14. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior & Stickman Game

Stick Fight is a fighting game in which you control a stickman against a slew of foes who come at random. Players will use accurate attacks to defeat those that approach, and you will, of course, know when and how to strike each type of adversary. Furthermore, the tasks will assist you in obtaining cash to utilize in the game, and the gear will give you an advantage.

The stick battle game is returning with some fresh updates for all Android users. In this game, you will take on the role of a youthful stickman battling both familiar and new opponents.

Whoever wins the fight will be deserving of the title of Shadow Warrior! In this case, you must battle against all odds to win the title.

The game is separated into missions, and you must finish each mission and defeat the adversaries at each level to demonstrate your abilities with the belts you gained.

The game includes a variety of weapons and armor to help you on your quest for greatness. This game is designed to see if you have what it takes to become a black belt and dominate the leaderboards.

Size: 22MB

Developer: Homecooked Games


My Final Words

Android games, Android games popularity and Android game downloads – those phrases are the 3 major aspects of the game industry.

Little did we know how big they really were until they grew to dominate more than 80% of the games market according to App Annie, a consumer intelligence firm.

So friend this is the best android game list under 50 mb. You can try any of them. If you have any question or any suggestion then do let us know in the comment box.

FAQs Related to Offline Games Under 50MB

1. Which is the best game from the list?

All are the best android games. You can install any of them.

2. Where i can download the game?

You can easily download and install any of this game from google play store.

3. How much ram do i need to play these games?

You need a minimum of 1 gb of ram to install and play these games.

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