Top 10 Best Offline Android Games Under 200MB With Good Graphics

Offline android games, the offline gaming industry, online gaming industry. Online games have started to engage hardcore gamers who do not have internet connections, allowing them to play their favourite game at any time.

This implies that offline android games are becoming more sought after once more, as people find ways to still enjoy them without having an internet connection.

As the gaming industry is growing day by day, there is a huge demand for offline android games. Offline games are most popular in developed countries like the US, UK and other European countries.

Gaming experts have predicted that by 2018, Android-based smartphones will overtake iOS in terms of global market share.

Here’s a list of offline games we think you’ll enjoy. The genres represented on the list are diverse. As always, this is a subjective list, and we welcome your input and suggestions for further offline android games.

In the most recent update, we added three new games to this list (as of Sept 2022).

List of Best Offline Android Games Under 200MB

1. Project Racer – Offline Android Games

Project Racer is a 3D driving game similar to Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. Players take the wheel of amazing automobiles and compete in thrilling races on closed circuits. Your objective is to beat your competitors to the finish line.

One of the most notable elements of Project Racer is that it was designed specifically for Android, with tap and touchscreen controls at its core since its birth. And it’s obvious. You can select one of five different control styles from the options menu, each tailored to the needs and tastes of each player.

For example, in ‘professional mode,’ you can spin the vehicle with the accelerator, change gears with your left thumb, and accelerate and brake with your right thumb. The semi-assisted option, on the other hand, allows you to concentrate solely on turning while the game handles the rest.

In addition to multiple control options, Project Racer provides a wide range of graphic settings, each of which is completely tailored to the demands of each player and device. If you have a lower-end Android, you may choose to play at 480p, 1080p, or even 4K. You may, of course, switch between detail levels.

Aside from the options, Project Racer is a fantastic driving simulator. The car responds wonderfully to your commands, giving you a sense akin to that of other professional automotive games like Gran Turismo. It’s not just a matter of pressing the accelerator. If you want to win a race, you must know when to brake and become familiar with each circuit.

Project Racer is a great racing game that manages to replicate the entire experience of hardcore racing games for consoles and PC onto your Android – with stunning visuals and a control mechanism perfectly tailored to touchscreens.


2. Last Rain – Offline Android Games

This game is a horror-based game with an amazing storyline where you can see a cursed city where whoever goes doesn’t return and one of the characters went to that city and disappeared and now the character is looking for his dad. Overall the gameplay interaction is amazing, the graphics are good and much more.

Last Rain is a rain game, and the most recent version was released on January 4, 2021. Developed as a titled game with amazing gameplay and visuals in the rain genre, offering an interesting gaming experience and stunning art design. After crossing through the closed road, the Children arrive at an abandoned farm in this city and discover what everyone was talking about; nevertheless, those who saw, even if they managed to escape, did not live long.

The youngsters scattered in terror, losing sight of one another, and the main character was left alone, wondering through the fog, he finds a way and decides to follow it, their objective was to find his friends, get out of there and thoughts about his father visited him more and more frequently.


3. Shadow Hunter – Offline Android Games

Shadow Hunter is a 2D action game in which you control a solemn hero who must battle an endless swarm of creatures. Fortunately, you start with a sword as well as a number of powers and battle skills. Furthermore, as you progress through the stages and defeat adversaries, you can improve your skills, weapons, and armour.

The controls in Shadow Hunter are almost identical to those in other games of the same genre. With your left thumb, you can control your character, and with your right, you may do various fighting movements such as attack, jump, dodge, and the various special skills that you’ve acquired. You start with only two powers, but you can gain a third as you level up.

In Shadow Hunter, there are dozens of different monster-infested levels that you can try to fight in varying difficulty levels to get extra rewards. The best part is that once you’ve beaten a boss, you can play against it as many times as you want in Boss Rush Mode. In this level, you can only enjoy the most spectacular and entertaining battles in the game.

Shadow Hunter is a wonderful blend of action and role-playing, with a wide range of opponents, settings, and equipment, as well as controls optimized for touchscreen devices. The graphics in the game are superb, with 3D features and amazing animations. The bosses deserve special attention because they appear extremely menacing.


4. Double Clutch 2 – Offline Android Games

This is a basketball-based game with stunning graphics and a good gaming experience, as well as many distinct stages and missions.

With violent confrontations, DoubleClutch 2 provides moments of tension, suspense, and fear. With a few simple taps, you may enjoy an entertaining basketball game with fluid movements on the floor.

Beautiful pitching, elegant moves, spectacular steelwork, blocking, and ball battling can help you become a basketball superstar. To bring honor to your team, win the league match and the cup.

Participate in the international basketball championship, where you’ll meet actual players on powerful teams. You and your opponent share the same aim of advancing to the final. You will be able to select your teammates, so select individuals whose playstyle complements your own.

A thrilling contest has begun. With a few simple actions, you can glide effortlessly and with lovely pitches. Blocking the ball with his teammates, competing for the ball to make magnificent doubles.


5. Open Stunt Beta – Offline Android Games

This is an open-world game in which you may explore everything around you, drive automobiles, do a variety of activities with your character, and much more. The game is still in its early phases, so you can utilize its beta version as early access.

Open Stunt is a free-style, open-world stunt game with console-like physics in which you walk around and control a variety of vehicles. You have the ability to demolish environmental components such as buildings, signs, and so on. All automobiles are also destructible. There is a massive mountain to climb and multiple Ramps to jump off of in the current early access edition. There is also a hidden vehicle to be discovered.


6. Vita Fighters – Offline Android Games

Vita Fighters is a genuine Virtua Fighters-style 2D fighting game in which players control a variety of characters. Many of these characters are based on other video games, so aficionados of the genre will know them right away.

Vita Fighters’ controls are typical of the genre. The digital controller for moving your character and jumping is on the left of the screen, while the four action buttons are on the right (light, medium, heavy and special attack). By combining all of these buttons, your character can launch a variety of attacks.

Vita Fighters has five fighters, each with their own set of distinctive moves. Some characters are more successful while near to their opponents, with devastating moves, while others are far more effective when kept at a safe distance. Recognizing which character works best for you is an important element of the gaming experience.

Vita Fighters is a fantastic 2D fighting game that pays homage to several of the genre’s biggest games while also providing a unique gaming experience. Furthermore, the game features excellent graphics and controls that are perfectly suited to touchscreen devices.


7. Mad Cars – Offline Android Games

Mad Automobiles is a fast-paced skill game in which you must drive many cars at the same time. If you’re seeking for an enjoyable game with a challenge, this journey will have you fascinated for hours as you compete in adrenaline-pumping races where the sole goal is to cross the finish line.

The purpose of Mad Automobiles is to cross the finish line in one piece with as many cars as possible. You begin the race with a single car and collect more along the road, driving them all at once. Pass it to get a new car, and it will instantly join yours. However, if you hit a wall, fall off the track, or collide with an object, you will lose all of your cars. And if you lose the other cars, the game is over.

When you reach the finish line, you will be awarded points based on how many cars you have collected. Make every effort to arrive at the finish line in one piece and with a large number of cars in tow. Mad Cars also offers a tonne of unlockable elements to spice things up. For example, you can use the coins you earn while playing to purchase a new car.

Enjoy hundreds of levels that will put your agility and driving skills to the test in races where anything can happen. In this chaotic game, you must avoid all kinds of obstacles and achieve the highest possible score.


8. Epic Conquest 2 – Offline Android Games

Epic Conquest 2 is a magnificent open-world RPG with gorgeous anime artwork and the same RPG gameplay as the ‘Diablo’ trilogy or the recent ‘Hades’. In this game, you play as a teenage warrior who is led through a fast-paced journey inspired by some of the best and most classic anime. If you enjoy Asian animation, Epic Conquest 2 will provide you with high-quality entertainment that is exciting, addicting, and full of personality.

Epic Conquest 2’s gameplay is organized into two distinct areas: exploration and combat. During the exploration stages, you can freely explore an expansive universe designed by Graco Games. There, you can engage with your surroundings as well as the interesting personalities you meet along the way. During these exploratory portions, you will be assigned missions that must be completed through fighting.

Epic Conquest 2’s battle system is both fluid and satisfying. You can automatically finish combos by hitting the attack button and dodge by tapping the ‘dash’ button. As you progress through the story, your heroine will get new abilities that you can access from the start menu.

Epic Conquest 2 is a fantastic game. Despite the fact that it is still in development, it manages to provide many enjoyable moments due to its well-designed gameplay.


9. Tap Break Them All – Offline Android Games

This game is built on a humorous scenario in which you must break items in front of you. With the assistance of the hand.

Overall, Tap Tap Breaking’s gameplay is very similar to one of idle games such as Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium and Idle Miner Tycoon. In this game, you simply tap the screen repeatedly to allow the character to break objects while also upgrading him to increase his power and endurance.

He will receive a number of coins equal to the amount of damage done each time he uses his hands to destroy stuff. In exchange, his health will suffer. He cannot continue with the hurting arm if his health is at zero. I need a rest to recover.

The Critical Power bar is located beneath the health bar. When a character breaks an object, the attack’s point value increases. When that bar is full, the character enters an invincible state, indicating that his health does not deteriorate and his destructive strength multiplies many times.


10. Last Fishing: Monster Clash

Last Fishing is a fishing game that serves as a prologue to Last Pirate. Your goal in this game is to use your fishing rod to live on a deserted island. To stay alive as long as possible on this voyage, you must collect fish to eat and update your survival gear. Have fun fishing in an amazing setting and catching all kinds of exotic species.

At the outset of your trip, you’ll be given an old fishing pole, which you can use to catch your first few fish. You can wander about the island during the journey in quest of the greatest elements to help you make better hooks. You’ll need to seek for worms to entice more fish to bite and do whatever else you need to do to survive on this isolated island.

Last Fishing: Monster Clash’s gameplay is easy, but it will take you a few tries to get the hang of the control. To cast the line and send your hook soaring into the sea, press the button. Then, when the fishing button turns green, tap it. When the fish bites the hook, you must reel it in. Tap the screen to reel it in and release it when the marker is in the center. You’ll lose the fish if you aren’t doing a good job reeling it in.

In this entertaining journey, you can wander around the island as you choose, interact with various animal species, and control various aspects to improve them. In addition, you must acquire many varieties of fish with distinct qualities. To catch the most fantastic species, you’ll need to move all over the island in quest of fish and cast your line.


My Final Word on Offline Android Games

The Offline Android Games Industry is growing and thriving. These games are played on Smartphones and Tablets and require no online connection. So if you are very much interested in android games then you should play these games once.

FAQs on Best Offline Android Games

1. Which of the following games is the best?

We have provided you with a list of ten games, all of which are excellent.

2. Where can i get the app?

You can easily download all of them from the Google Play store, and we have included links to each game.

3. Are they available for free?

Yes, they are all free.

4. What is the minimum ram required for these games?

You should have a minimum of 1 gb of ram to play these games.

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