12 Best Short Video Apps To Make Money Online In India

 Short video platforms are now wildly popular and have become a popular new way of content consumption in India.

Short video platforms allow users to share their videos with others, as well as consume videos from other creators.

The popularity of this format is on the rise, and it is becoming an increasingly important part of the media industry in India.

Many people use these platforms to share their personal lives with friends and family, while others use them to post tutorials or informational content.

Some people even make a living off of these platforms by making their own videos and monetizing them through ads or by charging for subscriptions.

With short videos, users can share their stories, experiences and thoughts in a more creative way than just text. This is also a great way for brands to promote themselves and increase their reach to a wider audience.

What is the revenue model for short video apps?

Short video apps generate revenue through brand promotion, brand sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing, collaboration with celebrities and singers, pay-per-view videos, commercials, and subscription videos Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Ad-supported Video on Demand (AVOD), Hybrid Model.

Aside from that, other apps establish a hybrid strategy in which clients are initially provided with free material but are later converted into subscribers.

1. Instagram Reels

When the Indian government startled the Tik Tok influencers, they began to look for another outlet to promote their short video material.

Instagram introduced a new tool called Instagram reels around the moment. They acquired a solid platform that connected them to a large network of people all over the world.

Instagram reels is a platform provided by the Instagram app that allows you to create amusing videos and share them with everyone.

Record and edit multi-clip 30-second videos using audio, effects, and creative tools like filters and stickers. You can distribute reels to your followers.

You may also share it with the larger Instagram community by making your account public. When you have a fair amount of engagement, you may earn money by collaborating with brands, offering items and services, generating traffic to your website, and applying for an Instagram bonus.

You can also upload the reels and win millions of users’ hearts. It is also simple to create remixes of videos that have previously been uploaded to Instagram.

2. YouTube Short

Start uploading your videos to YouTube if you want to make money as a video artist. YouTube shorts have grown in popularity among artists who want to submit videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

When you upload the videos, you can select the appropriate audience. As a result, gaining followers on YouTube is not a time-consuming activity for its users.

As a result, begin recording your video clips on YouTube and target a large global audience by providing unique content on your theme to YouTube subscribers.

YouTube is for long-form video. On YouTube shorts, you may make vertical, 60-second videos. The absence of a copyright issue distinguishes YouTube shorts.

To increase traffic, you might add excerpts from an existing video. You may later monetise these films through brand collaborations and sponsorships, as well as a YouTube shorts fund.

You must be 13 years old, respect YouTube’s community guidelines and monetization policies, and belong in an eligible country to be eligible for YouTube shorts money.

3. Snapchat Spotlight

Using Snapchat lenses, you may add 3D effects to your short films. You will undoubtedly obtain the most inventive ideas for adding to your short video material on the Snapchat Spotlight App.

Furthermore, you may easily add friends and share your Snapchat shorts. With Snapchat’s special Spotlight function, you can quickly publish video material with a large public audience.

Create your own personality avatar with Bitmoji’s avatar tool to show the world who you are. As a result, take a photo lasting up to 60 seconds and transmit it to your pals in a matter of seconds. Win more hearts on Snapchat’s popular video app.

Millions of dollars are awarded to the top Snapchat videos that reach the Snapchat spotlight. The algorithm, however, decides based on the unique view count, screenshots, shares, and view time.

A Snapchat highlight video lasts 60 seconds. After you’ve finished making the short video, go to the top and click ‘Spotlight,’ then add hashtags and share it.

There is no comments section; however, music can be added using the app’s music library. The higher your videos rank in popularity and watch count, the more likely you are to get awarded.

4. Moj

Moj, another popular Indian short video app, has fully supplanted Tik Tok. It offers the platform’s exclusive feature of uploading videos ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Users submit their greatest ideas in the form of videos under various categories such as travel, singing, acting, comedy, dance, cooking, decorating, education, and so on.

It is accessible in 16 different languages. MOJ app is popular among youths due to the desi stickers and AI editing capabilities that users may use when submitting videos.You may also use it to try out the greatest features and tools for short video editing.

Moj is India’s finest short video-earning app. Sharechat is working on it. They offer thousands of stickers, amazing effects, and beautiful emotions to enhance your selfies.

Over time, Moj encourages films and creators that participate in its hashtags and challenges. This programme also allows for duet videos.

You can monetise your short films by advertising a brand, sponsoring products, becoming an affiliate marketer, promoting your other social media accounts, and working with small creators.

5. MX Taka Tak

Download the MX Taka Tax app if you want to see authentic and entertaining videos. You can watch videos about cooking, dancing, humor, dialogue dubbing, and other topics.

This app’s distinguishing features include the best editing tools that users may use to change the timing, mix the movies, and add originality.

Download the MX Taka Tak app and start sharing your short films on various social media networks. You will quickly gain a large number of followers on this app because it is one of the greatest short video applications for targeting the proper demographic.

Mx Taka Tak is a video creation and dubbing app developed by Mx media and entertainment. Sharechat, the owner of Moj, recently purchased it.

Popular creators include Badshah, Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, Angel Rai, and Aashika Bhatia. Short films can be monetized by joining an Affiliate Marketer, referring to the app, cooperating, sponsoring, selling your goods, and providing visitors to your other social media accounts.

You can also make money by going live and converting the stickers and stickers, emoticons, and gifts that fans send you into coins.

6. Josh

The Josh app allows you to create stunning short videos. This app has begun to establish itself in the Indian market. As a result, video content creators see it as a replacement for Instagram reels for sharing short videos.

You can also take part in daily challenges and win fantastic prizes. As a result, consumers are more interested in this platform than in any other app.

You can also include music from the available playlist in your videos. The best part about this app is that celebrity influencers utilize it to advertise their brands as well.

Josh provides excellent camera filters with features like slow motion and tonnes of background sounds to help you create beautiful short videos.

The Josh app allows you to view the most recent videos from producers such as Mr Faisu, Hasnain Khan, and Sameeksha Sud. You can earn money by recording and uploading videos, participating in challenges, and becoming a Josh star.

You can monetise your short movies through brand promotion, sponsorships, becoming an Affiliate Marketer, boosting your social media profiles, and working with other short video artists.

7. Chingari

The Chingari app is also regarded as one of India’s top short video apps. The app’s new ‘Audio Room’ feature allows users to join in a live debate.

As a result, people regard it as the most entertaining and convenient video app for uploading short films. This short movie maker app provides users with AI filters for using creative graphics in videos.

To do this, tap on the Mask symbol to receive attractive filters for your films. Furthermore, the color option allows you to customize the brightness and contrast.

Salman Khan endorses Chingari, a short video-earning app in India. You may make entertaining films, dance to your favorite songs, experiment with amusing and intriguing AR filters, and lip sync to popular songs and lines.

With video discovery on the call screen while you wait for it to be answered, you can also obtain video tone augments for your phone call experience.

The Chingari app features a mechanism for direct monetization. Content providers will be compensated for their efforts.

Each scenario awards the content producer one point, which may be redeemed for money. One rupee is equal to 1000 coins. The trending section displays videos from the most popular content creators.

8. Zili

Looking for a fun video sharing app that may help you make your videos more creative? You should be able to quickly download the Zili app.

You will receive the best editing tools, such as Boomerangs and superzooms, to showcase your creative ideas around the world.

Furthermore, you can share the prepared short videos on your WhatsApp status. On the Zili app, you can not only watch movies from various genres, but also choose your chosen language. Give your creativity true recognition on the Zili app and quickly reach a huge audience.

Zili is the finest short video-earning app where you can find trendy videos such as amusing skits, movie excerpts, talents from across the world, dance videos, and new music.

This programme includes a plethora of editing tools and features, including puzzle videos and boomerangs. You can also listen to popular music from various genres, such as rap, rock, hip-hop, EDM, and country.

You can make money by promoting your eCommerce store and bringing traffic to your other social media profiles.

9. Roposo

Roposo began its journey successfully as a fashion social network. However, users now use its new version to publish short movies and earn money. You should download it since you will be able to effortlessly post your films, earn money, and transfer it using this app.

If you’re wondering about its editing capabilities, we’ll tell you that it includes fantastic editing features similar to Tik Tok.

For video editing, you can utilize stage light, contour light, natural light, studio light, and mono light. You may also apply stickers and filtering effects to make your films more creative.

In India, Roposo is a short video-earning app. You may go live, shop, and discover the latest trends from your favorite celebrities and influencers, in addition to watching short videos. Gift coins earned via reactions, promotions, sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing, branding, and collaboration can be used to monetise your short films.

10. Facebook Short

If you are considering using your Facebook account to upload the shorts, you should do so. The Facebook app makes it incredibly simple for beginners to create video content.

Like the Tik Tok app, your fans will like and comment on your videos. As we all know, the Facebook app is one of the most popular social networking sites, with a massive global community.

You can reach millions of its users by uploading unique and innovative video material. Begin your incredible journey of generating videos on the Facebook app and become one of the finest influencers.

Short videos are linked to Facebook and are exclusively accessible to app users. It appears at random on Facebook users’ screens.

To be eligible for monetization, you must be over the age of 18, have more than 10,000 followers, and have a total of 600,000 minutes of views from any combination of video uploads. You’d also need at least five live video uploads.

11. ShareChat

Do you want to gain access to a rapidly developing social media site that can let you quickly share your films with unknown users? Then, we propose that you download the ShareChat app for your Android or iPhone.

ShareChat differs from other short video apps in that it allows for personal messaging and tagging. You can share your short movies with others who have similar interests by using the tagging tool.

This platform is available in 14 vernacular Indian languages. Users can interact with video content via the personal messaging feature ‘Shake-N-Chat.’

12. Tiki

Tiki is a short video entertainment application that features high-quality short videos. This platform features videos from a variety of genres, including comedy, dancing, lipsync, drama, food, lifestyle, and fashion.

Anyone may share, like, and comment on your favourite videos and producers.

Tiki also hosts offline meetups in select cities where people can discuss ideas from time to time. Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and brand promotion are all ways to make money on Tiki.

My Final Word

I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular short video applications for watching videos or creating content. We have already reviewed each of the 12 greatest short video applications above.

If you have any questions or comments about the best short video apps, please leave them in the comments area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Short Video App Is The Most Profitable?

If you want to earn money while also gaining exposure by sharing short videos, we recommend the Instagram, Josh, and MX Taka Tak apps. However, make certain that your video material provides visitors with a new notion.

2. Is The Tik Tok Short Video App Popular In India?

The Tik Tok app is not popular in India. The Indian government banned various Chinese apps, including Tik Tok, in 2020. According to reports, these Chinese apps are involved in data theft and crimes.

3. Which video topic is now hot on Indian short video apps?

There are numerous trendy genres from which to generate short video material of your choice. Some popular genres are:
1. Dancing
2. Cooking
3. Health
4. Motivational
5. Traveling
6. Singing
7. Comedy
8. Home Decor
9. Spiritual
10. Child Care

4. Can We Get Money From The MOJ?

MOJ, like other short video apps, allows you to earn money. You will quickly gain fans if you publish short films to Moj. The more followers you have, the better your chances of earning money on the Moj app.

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