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What is Finin App?

Finin App is a neo banking service that allows you to manage, save, but also invest your money in an intelligent, simple, yet safe manner.

Your most dependable banking service has been given a much-needed makeover.

Banking must be simple, sensible, or intelligent. Finin’s sole purpose is to make money management and saving as simple as possible.

Finin App is a hyper-personalized neo banking solution that allows users to track all of their accounts in one place, create budgets, set goals, receive sensible reminders, make bill payments, manage subscriptions, transfer funds with ease, pay rent, and immediately useful rewards for enhancing one‘s financial condition.

Features of Finin App?

  • All of your bank accounts will be linked in one spot. Maintain track of your money throughout all times and keep track of your transactions. Based on your spending patterns, the AI-driven insights suggest budgets for you.
  • Set goals but also budgets, receive timely bill payment reminders, plus reminders to discontinue trial subscriptions or check on refunds. At all times, have a complete image of your money.
  • Receive hyper-personalized investment solutions plus financial guidance made to meet not only your income but also your lifestyle, marital status, and other factors.
  • If you lose or misplace your card, use the Finin app to block it or a new one will be issued to you. Just unblock your card from the app when you locate it again.

Benefits of Finin App?

  • When you open a Finin neobank account, you’re effectively opening a savings account that you can use to transact, send and receive money, add payees, manage transactions, plus view transaction history. You would then receive a Finin debit card, and then after activating it, you will have access to a number of card management options, including the ability to enable or disable international payments, contactless payments, temporarily or permanently block or freeze your card, issue a new card, enable or disable online transactions, and much more. It’s entirely up to you how you want to use your card, and customization options are right at your fingertips.
  • When you have numerous bank accounts, you’ll find that having multiple apps becomes a nuisance sooner than you expect. The account aggregation tool, that allows you to integrate all of your other bank accounts to one app for a complete view of your money, is one of Finin App’s most popular features. There’s no need to switch between several netbanking apps when everything is available in one place.
  • We would like to make every single penny count, while your larger goals keep you hooked. Select the Round Off Transactions option to save a modest amount on each transaction. Consider how satisfying it was to discover money in your old jeans pocket. Well, the feeling is returning but online!
  • With a simple tap, you can pay your bills. Track and receive notifications for upcoming invoices, as well as a list of all bills that have been paid. Bill-paying apps currently available do not assist you in generating smart financial decisions.

Documents Needed to Open a Finin Bank Account

  • In the case of salaried/independent workers, a PAN card is required as proof of identity.
  • Driving License/Voter Id/Passport/Aadhar Card – For Permanent Address: Electricity bill/Gas bill/Rent Agreement/Water bill/Telephone bill/Post-took care of mobile bill/PG Rent Receipt

Users will also be required to take a selfie, which will be published to their application. Finally, the user must carefully sign the Term and Conditions, as well as the uploaded documents, utilising significant electronic signature methods, before the underlying KYC report submission procedure can be finished.

Finin Debit Card Charges

There are no fees for using your debit card, and you can make as many ATM withdrawals as you like.

Finin Bank ATM withdrawal charges: You can do up to 5 ATM withdrawal in a single month. But there when you will transact after the 5th transaction, you will be charges Rs. 20 + GST per transaction

How to Create a Finin App Savings Account?

Finin App Download Link: Click Here

KYC verification is required to become a registered but also approved user on the platform in accordance with the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) Master Direction.

The registration process starts with the user’s phone number being verified by delivering an OTP to the shared phone number.

The KYC team will review the documents when they have been submitted. The application is evaluated for On-Site Verification after the report verification process is completed (OSV). The user must set aside time for the OSV process. Throughout the distributed time period, their authorized expert visits the user at his or her current residence to compare the electronic copy of the OVD to the actual and to enter anything similar on the specialist’s computerized transaction device. As a result, the expert collects/catches the latest details using the advanced transaction gadget/app:

  • The current image of the user
  • Image of the Proof of Address
  • Image of the Identity Proof
  • The user’s signature is written on a white sheet of paper.

Once the OSV is submitted, the KYC verification procedure is complete. Finin App is a consumer neo banking solution developed in collaboration with SBM Bank India. By registering, you are essentially creating a Finin Savings account and receiving a Visa Signature-enabled debit card.

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Finin App Bank Account Interest Rate

The SBM bank encourages people to save by paying a 5% interest rate on savings account balances below Rs. 5 lakh and just a 6% interest rate on balances over that. Finin App also offers FD interest rates of up to 7.5 percent for terms of two to three years, and these features are likely to be a major draw for the company. As per the SBM websites, customers should rely on the SBM Bank office network for banking operations requiring physical branch presence, which is a disadvantage because offices are now limited to New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Finin App Customer Care Number and Email id

Finin can be contacted via email, Whatsapp, or telephone. The numbers are as follows:

Email them: [email protected]

Whatsapp them: +91 93352 47365

Call them: +91 80082 47365

Finin App Refer and Earn Program

Following the creation of an account, the user must use the twisted wheel option to obtain up to Rs 10,000. If the users share a similar referral link, the referrer will receive a silver scratch card in a flash. The value of the silver scratch card increases to Rs 100 when it is retrieved, and it naturally varies.


Finin App has received over 4000 account opening requests, with many more expected in the coming days. Finin Savings accounts may be opened in less than 2 minutes with the simplest KYC. Finin App is a hyper-personalized neo banking platform created with the goal of leveraging technology to fill in gaps and assisting individuals in developing a better connection with money by repurposing outdated banking services.


Is the Finin Banking app safe?

Finin protects your sensitive information with bank-level security to prevent unauthorized access.

Who owns Finin?

Finin was founded by Suman Gandham and Sudheer Maram.

Is the Finin Bank account free?

Yes! There are no charges for opening your Finin Zero Balance Account.

How do I close my Finin App bank account?

By sending an email to [email protected], you can delete your account at any time. Unless otherwise required by law, they will cancel any pending transactions when your account is closed. Finin will not shut your account until you make a payment to Finin or the Financing Partner, but they may restrict your ability to conduct subsequent transactions using your account. To prevent an investigation, you are not able to close your account. Even if your account is canceled, you are still responsible for all obligations associated with it. Finin will keep your information for as long as their Privacy Policy allows.

Finin Debit Card charges?

There are no charges to order your Finin debit card, and you can make as many ATM withdrawals as you like.

ATM withdrawal charges: You can do up to 5 ATM withdrawal in a single month. But there when you will transact after the 5th transaction, you will be charges Rs. 20 + GST per transaction

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