Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From Apps in India 2024

In your free time, would you like to earn money from apps? There is a tonne of online income-earning opportunities. Are you trying to find the top free money-making apps in India? In India, various apps can be used to earn money instantly.

To get started, all individuals require is a smartphone and internet access. Apps provide a wide range of ways to earn money online, including cashback incentives, affiliate marketing, referral bonuses, ad-viewing, and more.

You may make extra money in your free time with the assistance of these premium and free money-making applications.

In this article, we will recommend you top 10 apps by installing them you can earn money from apps in your free time. So, let’s get started!

Best Earn Money Apps

Here are some of the top mobile applications for making money that you can install to increase your earnings through digital platforms:

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan App download

India’s top-earning app is known as Roz Dhan. Over 2.5 crore people trust the Roz Dhan app, which has a 4.0 out of 5-star rating on Google Play. Simply by registering with this application, you can start making money instantly.

Roz Dhan offers a variety of ways for you to make money every day. For example, you can get money by playing advertisements, reading and sharing the most recent news items, sharing the Roz Dhan app, participating in polls, and playing video games and puzzles.

One of the most intriguing features of the Roz Dhan app is that you can make an infinite amount of cash by just using it every day. You did hear accurately.

Even if you don’t do anything in the application, you can still get money from it by simply opening it.

Roz Dhan has a referral scheme just like other applications. You can share your referral code with your relatives and friends through various social media sites or directly through SMS after installing the app on the refer and earn page.

When someone you refer installs, the app using the link that you provided, they immediately receive ₹ 50 in their wallet, and you receive ₹ 25 for each successful referral.

Additionally, you can receive a lifetime reward from your referrals every time they successfully refer the application to their family and acquaintances. 


Meesho has already emerged as one of the leading e-commerce companies with the quickest growth. It is, however, one of the few of its type that enables people to generate revenue by signing up as merchants or distributors.

You may use Facebook and WhatsApp to sell clothing and lifestyle items here. You have the option to share the products that the company provides on the social media website with your network.

In other words, this application is for reselling. There are two ways to monetize the Meesho application. If you buy anything from Meesho and sell it again to make money.

Additionally, you may purchase the goods by just posting a link to it and providing your profit margin. so that you can profit from an order made by a friend using your link.

In addition, there is another possibility to earn money from apps. That is a referral program.  You can receive up to $1,000 in your wallet if you recommend a person to join Meesho.

Additionally, you can earn money as a commission of up to 25% on your first three orders. Once the return period has passed, Meesho will reimburse your unpaid commissions and income every Tuesday.

All you have to do is connect this application to your bank account.


The initial UPI predecessor in India was PhonePe. By signing up for this money-making website, you can benefit from many repayment discounts on particular purchases as well as cash rewards for referrals. The earnings will be credited to your bank account.

One of the best digital payment platforms, PhonePe enables simpler and more seamless payments. On a variety of online transactions, including recharges, bill payments, such as for power or water, and others, rewards or cash can be easy to earn money.

Both iPhone and Android phone users can use this cash register application.


taskbucks app paytm cash

One of the top-earning Android apps, Taskbucks, provides free internet and mobile recharges. By doing easy tasks on your smartphone, you can earn money from apps in Indian rupees.

Rewards received through task completion can be applied to mobile recharge and money transfers. The most appealing feature is the ability for users to transfer cash earnings to their Paytm wallets.

This application will assign you tasks like downloading the XYZ app, for which you will receive payment, completing a poll, or exploring the mobile apps.

Although it assigns tasks and pays up for them, it does not immediately pay you for each work. Two types of tasks are offered by Task Bucks.

The first one is called Green Book Task, and it promises money for just downloading the app. Another is Orange Book Task, which assigns tasks to users to complete signup, use the application, and maintain applications for a predetermined period. Then it claims that every step was paid.

You can always check your earnings history. It would specify how much you make from each portion. Additionally, you can examine your redemption history at any moment.

Your past activity will be more readily identified with the support of redemptive history. Additionally, Task Bucks offers viral stories that might entertain or profit you.


One of the most well-known apps for online classes is Wonk, which offers a variety of features. The application’s services are offered not only within the boundaries of India but also throughout the entire world.

It’s a fantastic program that helps professionals advance their careers while also increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their teachings.

If you fulfill the requirements, you can sign up for such websites and start teaching online. WONK will accredit you as an educator, and depending on your overall teaching skills and experience, you’ll be capable of earning a respectable livelihood straight away.

The demography of the learners you teach, the subjects you teach, and the students you recruit are additional factors that influence your income.

With WONK, any online educator can earn money between Rs. 300 and Rs. 1000 for every hour of teaching. Being a certified online teacher is not challenging, and even if you have no prior teaching qualifications, you can still pursue this profitable profession.

Data Buddy

Subscribers of the widely used Data buddy App can earn money from apps by purchasing items from various e-commerce sites. You may shop at Lycra, Jabong, eBay, and Myntra using Data buddy.

You can get a variety of offers through the Data buddy app which you can use to earn rewards. These benefits include “exploring and discovering the best cashback offers,” and you can use the application to easily redeem rewards.

You would receive the latest coupons and great deals. If you spend more than the maximum sale amount, you will receive further discounts. On every successful transaction you make using the App, you’d also get rewards.

You can earn good money with the use of the Data buddy App. If you download specific apps as instructed, you may be able to earn money by finishing activities or by posting images and GIFs to social media. you can transfer all your money into your Paytm wallet.


 if you are searching for applications that enable you to earn money from apps. You can use MooCash on an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The application may be downloaded without charge, and you can start collecting points instantly.

There are many different options, and you may even make money simply by using an app and rating it. Although you can register using your phone number, some people like using their Facebook profiles.

In either case, the app’s creators promise that no one else will have access to your personal information.

Almost all of the tasks you perform on the website are rewarded by MooCash. You will receive five coins if you slide left to view the advertisements on your lock screen.

While completing tasks on the platform, swiping left twenty times per day for ten days will pay users $1. You will receive $1 after exchanging 1000 coins at a moderate rate.

You will also be able to receive your bonuses if you attentively follow the directions for each task. For instance, to earn money, you could have to download a mobile app, participate in a game for 3 minutes, and complete a certain level.

Google Opinion Rewards

earn money from surveys in india

You can earn Google Play credit or PayPal cash for completing short surveys with Google Opinion Rewards. In most cases, these surveys can be completed in less than a minute, making them some of the fastest-paid surveys available.

Both Google and third-party market research organizations conduct Google Opinion Rewards surveys to obtain information on a variety of issues. Basically, in every survey or poll, they ask about the products and services of google.

The number of surveys and the payout per survey vary. According to Google, surveys are typically dispersed at random. However, they deploy several algorithms to recognize and exclude individuals who provide false information.

Google provides a free test survey after you correctly sign up to provide you with a preview of what the questionnaires are like. Participants will get a notification from the app anytime a new survey becomes available after finishing the test poll.


SHEROES is the biggest social networking and unique app for women that allows them to express themselves through video content and posts, discuss their preferences, get career advice, free beauty guidance, access a free women’s help desk, free medical care guidance, discover and share cooking tips, build friendships, receive legal assistance, get styling tips, find the best home-based employment opportunities, earn money from home with leading companies, and gain knowledge about sale or distribution. Additionally, this app offers financing for women at lower rates of interest.

The User experience of SHEROES is incredibly easy and appealing. The User experience is simple enough for people to comprehend. Users of SHEROES can also search the site and view the most recent posts in the top section.

Additionally, one can view many communities and conduct personal searches. Users can also locate the application’s most popular hashtag.

There is a video section where ladies can post videos showcasing their talents, cooking tutorials, tips and techniques, and various other stuff. 

Women can buy and sell items inside this app under the buy-and-sell feature. User registration is necessary to become a seller on the application.

Current Rewards

This app is made for music lovers but is not restricted to only music. There are more than 100,000 radio stations in this application, which can be found in the Apple and Google Play stores.

You can listen to the music on your favourite radio station by saving the channel. You can earn money from apps for each song you listen to. These points can be exchanged for items or cash.

You can earn cash through various methods. The first method is offers and tasks. Downloading several applications, such as, is one of its tasks. You must create an account with those apps.

Run those applications by the requirements of the specific deal to gain points. You have to spend 1 to 30 minutes on these activities and offers. It states you can collect up to 20,000 points.

The second method is through sharing your opinion. In essence, this is responding to surveys. It will take between one and thirty minutes. Another method is earning through the daily usage of applications.

The apps give you points for listening to music for a predetermined amount of time. A total of 150 points can be earned.

Another way to earn money on this app is to unlock your screen and play games. You will get rewards when you unlock your mobile screen after two hours. Playing a game in the games section will earn you points.

You must first agree to a few rules and guidelines before you start playing and collect rewards for each minute you spend doing just that.


One of the most popular ways to earn money from apps is to install our recommended applications. Whether you are employed or not does not affect this.

They can almost always make you more money. They also have the biggest benefit of working online.

To complete the work, you are not required to be physically present somewhere. Your involvement is all that matters, not anything else.

So, install any of these apps and earn money or say additional income which will support you in your income and give you a sense of confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 Which earning application is ideal for students?

Ans1: well, we have suggested 10 apps everyone is safe and can be used by students but if you want to pick one or two apps Google Opinion App and Taskbucks are most suitable.

Q.2 Are these apps legal to use in India?

Ans 3: All of these apps which we have mentioned in this post are legal and available in the google play store and most of them are on the iOS platform.

Q.3 Which application is best suitable for women?

Ans.3 Sheroes is an application that is most suitable for women and dedicated to women.

Q.4 Does this earning application offer actual money?

Ans 4: yes, these applications offer real cash some apps give you your earnings in the form of coins but you can redeem those coins for actual cash.

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