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Have you ever considered earning money in your spare time? How would it feel if we informed you that you could easily and quickly earn cash from home without any inconvenience?

How would you react if we informed you that you were able to play games online for cash? if you enjoy playing them but lack a means of making money.  I’d be lying if I said you’d accept that.

taurus cash app

Although it seems unlikely, it is now a fact. Teen Patti Games have developed in recent decades as a result of gamers’ ability to win countless rupees by only playing card games. 

 The purpose of this article is to provide information about the Taurus cash App, how you can earn money, how you can withdraw real cash, and how many rewards you will get after the Taurus cash app download.

Name of the ApplicationTaurus cash app
Size of the Application63.32 MB
Sign-up Bonus₹30-₹1500 Bonus
Minimum Withdrawal₹100-₹1000
Minimum Amount You Can Add₹100
Game TypeRummy & Teen Patti
Taurus App Download Click Here

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What is Taurus Cash App?

Taurus App is a fairly large platform that enables users to play games and make real money while doing it. Additionally, if you finish all of the tasks in the Taurus Cash App, you will receive a bonus of up to 30% which you can cash right away into your wallet.

Taurus Cash App Download get bonus

The Taurus App is authentic and legitimate throughout the entire nation. because Your information is completely safe in the Taurus App because this app is secured by an international SSL certificate. The Taurus App is alleged to be a counterfeit by many. Considering that they simply want to withdraw cash through UPI. However, banks are the only places where transfers are now processed, in which there is no threat to Taurus cash app subscribers.

How To Download Taurus Cash App?

You can download and use the Taurus Cash App on your smartphone right away by clicking the Taurus cash app Download Button link if you’re interested in making real money by playing games like Teen Patti. We’ve included a Taurus cash app download link for the Taurus Cash App below because we know you’d like to download the Taurus Cash App.

  • Click here to download the Taurus cash app download. After clicking here, it will take you to the official website where you can download Taurus cash download.
  • You will now find a “Download” option. Once you select “Ok” on the pop-up window that appears under “Download” the application will begin installing in your notification panel.
  • Now, your application will download in a few seconds install it and enjoy.

How To Register on Taurus Cash App?

You must register after you download it. If you’re unsure about what to do, try these things: After downloading the Taurus Cash App, creating an account is simple. But if you don’t properly establish your account, you could run into a plethora of issues. We, therefore, ask that everyone carefully read the following directions given below:

  • First, you have to download and install the application: Click here.
  • After installing open the application and find the register option and click on it.
  • Following that, you’ll see a webpage similar to this, where you’ll need to type your password or mobile number before pressing the OTP option.
  • An OTP containing six numbers will immediately be sent to your smartphone. Your account will be successfully set up once you successfully verify your mobile number.
  • After the successful sign-up process, you will receive a bonus of ₹20 as a welcome reward.

Supported Games in Taurus Cash App

With the help of the application Taurus Cash app download, you can play over 18 various types of games. One of the advantages of registering for an account is that you can play a wide range of games. The list below contains the names of every game as well as details about each. You can play 18 various card games in this game, all of them are rummy or teen Patti games. Any game that is fit for your skills can be played here. By wagering on any game on this website, you can also earn real cash.

The Taurus Cash App contains 18 different types of games. Playing the Taurus Cash App will allow you to earn money while spending time at home. You can play games on this application and win prizes as well. All of those games are mentioned below.

  • Baccarat AB Game
  • Wingo Lottery Game
  • Point Rummy Game
  • Andar Bahar Game
  • Teen Patti Game
  • Pot Blind Game
  • AK-47 Teen Patti Game
  • Muflis Teen Patti Game
  • Zandu Game
  • Lucky 3 Patti Game
  • 7 Up Down Game
  • Jhandi Munda Game
  • Dragon Vs Tiger Game
  • Fantasy Cricket Game
  • 777 Slots Game
  • Golden India Game
  • 3 Patti War Game
  • Red vs Black Game

The complete list of the Eighteen games can be seen above. Taurus Cash APK allows you to earn money while spending time at home.

How To Add Money Taurus Cash App?

You need to pay at least of ₹100 to participate in this game. Please review the following information to add money to the Taurus cash application: You should participate in the games if you and your acquaintances desire to win money playing games. You’ll always need a minimum ₹100 to play the games.

After that is complete, we can begin the games. Simply selecting the Add Cash option will make a cash contribution. Following that, you can enter no less than ₹100 here. you can add money through UPI payment.

  • To add money, open the Taurus cash application.
  • After opening the app, choose the “Add Cash” option, and then the modes of payment options will appear to choose your suitable payment modes for adding cash.

It only takes a few seconds and ₹100 to support Taurus’s Teen Patti game. If you encounter any difficulties adding funds to this app, following the instructions above will ensure that you do not encounter any difficulties.

How To Withdraw Money in Taurus Cash App?

To withdraw money from the Taurus cash app, you must have a bank account or a UPI. You can then withdraw your cashback. The ₹100 minimum withdrawal amount has been maintained in this instance.

Add a bank account first before you’re able to demand a withdrawal. Then you can request a withdrawal immediately. You’ll be glad to learn you can deposit cash you’ve won using the Taurus Cash App into your bank account. Please adhere to the instructions below if you desire to withdraw your winning amount:

  • Open the application before withdrawing your winning cash.
  • After opening the application, you should find and click on the option “Withdraw”.
  • Choose the amount you want to withdraw from your Taurus cash application, and then complete your KYC by providing all of your bank’s details.
  • Click the Withdrawal option at the bottom once you’ve finished everything. after withdrawal soon the withdrawn amount will appear in your account.
  • But keep in mind you must have a minimum ₹100 in your Taurus cash application account.

Cards Program in Taurus Cash App Game?

This program has two parameters: the first lasts for seven days, and the second is for thirty days. Both of these functionalities operate in an extremely enjoyable manner so that you can earn a significant amount of money. It isn’t in the apps, but these programs are in Taurus Cash APK, which has the potential to pay off handsomely.

7 Days

If you folks spend ₹500 on this program, you will receive ₹80 per day for 7 days while also receiving ₹100 instantly. However, if you choose this program, you will receive a total of ₹660, of which ₹160 will be your gain, making it clear that this program is also highly effective.

30 Days

You will receive ₹100 per day for 30 days if you spend ₹3,000 in this scheme. Additionally, you will receive ₹1,000 right away. However, if you enroll in this program, you’ll receive a total of ₹4,000, of which you’ll earn ₹1,000 as profit, making it clear that this scheme is also highly effective.

Refer and earn with Taurus Cash App

Guys, you can make a significant amount of money by playing games on this Taurus cash application and using the new Refer and Earn feature. Use the Refer and Earn Kar feature for that, which can be downloaded by downloading the application. Let me now explain to you how to refer and earn:

  • You first of all must click the “Refer and Earn” button. now you will see the share option and then the URL must now be copied by selecting the share icon from the drop-down menu.
  • You will get a 30% bonus If your friend installs the application by using your link.
  • Sharing this URL with your colleagues, relatives, and followers on social media Twitter, Instagram, and your blog will encourage them to play the game.
  • 10% of the cash the user deposits into the account will be utilized to engage in the Game. You will receive a 30% tax credit, and you’re able to ask for it to be delivered immediately to your bank account.

In this way, you can earn money by referring the application to your family and friends.


Everyone likes to play games at any stage of his age and if while enjoying the games you can earn money it will be great fun. Taurus cash app download lets you earn money while playing games. We have given you all the necessary information that you need while downloading the application. We have also told you how to add or withdraw money from this application.

Read this article, to fully understand how to use the Taurus cash application its features, and rewards. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions on Taurus Cash App

Q.1: Is it safe to use the Taurus cash application?

Ans.1: Taurus cash APK, a game application for Teen Patti, has undergone rigorous research. Thousands of gamers have already used this application to withdraw cash into their accounts while playing the game, even though it was recently released.

Q.2: How much commission is possible to make with the Taurus Cash App?

Ans.2: Commissions range from 0 to ₹1,000,000. This commission is dependent upon your efforts; for example, if you promote the Taurus app to 100 people each day, you might easily make ₹15,000 in a single day.

Q.3: How I can get my winning money back?

Ans 3: Select “Withdraw” in the Taurus cash application. Then, select the withdrawal category (bank or UPI), enter the desired withdrawal amount, and select “Withdraw” once more.

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