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Mobile gaming has experienced tremendous growth after the release of COVID-19. Individuals can now try out a wide range of new games which are being released.

Fantasy League games are one of the best earning money online apps that have exploded in popularity. Users can assemble a squad of players from several sports and afterwards receive scores based on their real-life achievements in these games.

The Gamezy App is one of the most recent fantasy league apps, and best earning application. Many people have been looking for Gamezy APK Download or “What is the Gamezy App?” You’ve landed on the perfect article. Yes, today I’ll talk about the Gamezy online earning money game.

It was unimaginable only a few years ago that we could make money by playing video games. However, the entire scenario has suddenly shifted.

Millions of people play video games for money. In this article, I’ll delve a little deeper into the Gamezy app. So you can learn more about it and determine whether or not it’s right for you? So let’s begin.

What is the Gamezy App?

gamezy apk download

Gamezy is an eSports online app to earn money. It enables you to make money by playing fun games. Fruit Slice, Ludo, Carrom, Snake & Ladders, Fantasy Sports, and others are among the more than 15 games offered.

The Gamezy app has been downloaded over a million times from both the Gamezy website and the Apple App Store. This app’s brand ambassador is K.L Rahul. GameKraft, a Bangalore-based startup, owns the e-Sport app.

Gamezy APK Download

if you are Looking for Gamezy APK download then it may be downloaded from or from the download given below.

To download this Gamezy money earning app, go to and put there your phone number and the download link will be sent to you by text message.

If you have an iOS device, you may get it from the App Store.

Gamezy APK Download


Take a peek at Gamezy’s features.

Play While the Game Is Being Played:

If a player misses the start of the game, it’s not too late; they can still participate in the league through the second innings. Gamers may also test out the live fantasy option that enables them to participate based on the number of overs thrown every 5 overs.

Missions and the Leaderboard:

Players can earn extra rewards by completing various objectives and tasks in the Gamezy app. They can also compete in the game’s leaderboard to see who is the quickest.

Language Assistance:

When playing cricket with the Gamezy app, the language barrier is no longer an issue. The app is accessible in eight different languages.

Distribution in a hurry:

The change in points and awards is virtually real-time for the gamers. Within 15 minutes of the game’s conclusion, players were awarded their scores.

Additional Games:

Gamezy also features additional games, such as Poker and Rummy, where players may take advantage of their fantastic refer-a-friend programme and quick withdrawals.

How to Register on Gamezy App?

The registration procedure is easy. After you sign up, you will receive Rs. 15. I’ll show you how to sign up for the Gamezy online earn app down below.

Step1 : First and foremost, download and install the Gamezy app on your device. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

Step2: Open the app and type in your phone number. You must use a referral code if you have one.

Step3: Make sure your phone number is correct.

Step4: Go to Gamezy’s profile page and fill out your information.

Step 5: For signing up, you will receive Rs. 15.

Gamezy App Refer and Earn

You can earn 15% of your friend’s entry cost with the Gamezy referral programme. A 15% bonus will be given to both you and your friend.

Most money you can make together is Rs. 10,000. You have no limit to the number of referrals you can generate.

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How to Add Money to Gamezy?

To play games, you must contribute money to your wallet.

  • To access My Wallet, open the app and select it.
  • Now press the Add Cash button.
  • Put in the amount you’d like to add.
  • Finally, pay the bill.

On your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of up to Rs. 10,000.

How to Play Games in Gamezy?

You can begin playing games once you’ve put money in your wallet.

  • Simply open the app.
  • Now select the game you wish to play. You can also engage in games and sports fanaticism.
  • Choose a contest that fits your budget. It is preferable to begin with a minimal amount.
  • Now pay the fee and begin playing.

How to Withdraw the Winning Amount from the Gamezy App?

The minimum withdrawal amount on Gamezy online money earn app is merely Rs. 25. When you have at least Rs. 25 in your winning wallet, you may withdraw your winnings.

  • To withdraw your earnings, you must first validate your KYC.
  • To begin, open Gamezy and select Menu.
  • After that, go to My Wallet and select Withdraw.
  • Select Verify KYC from the drop-down menu.
  • Now add your personal information, such as your name, PAN card, bank account number, and date of birth.
  • The verification of your KYC has been completed.
  • Your profits are now available for withdrawal. The winnings can be deposited into both Paytm and bank accounts.
  • Select Menu, then Withdraw.
  • Choose if you want to withdraw your earnings using Paytm or a bank account.
  • Lastly, select Withdraw to have the funds credited to your account.

Final thoughts

Over one crore Indians trust the Gamezy to earn money online by apps. There are numerous e-Sport apps available now. Gamezy, on the other hand, is unmatched. When I first used the app, I noticed that the games ran more smoothly than some other esports apps. Not only can you play a game, but you can also participate in fantasy sports. I hope now you understand all about the Gamezy online earning money game. For better understanding you must read this topic thoroughly so that it will clear all doubts.

FAQs related to Gamezy Apk

Is the Gamezy app secure?

Yes, it is risk-free to use.

How do I get my money out of Gamezy?

You can withdraw your winnings when you have at least Rs. 25 in your winning wallet. Confirm that you’ve finished the KYC process.

Is the Gamezy app ready for download on the Google Play Store?

No, it’s not the case. This type of (Cash Contest) app is not allowed in the Google Play Store. Gamezy APK may be downloaded from

Is Gamezy a genuine money game?

Yes, Gamezy is a genuine money app.

Is KYC required for Gamezy?

Yes, you must verify your eKYC account before making withdrawals.

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