Top 10 Most Downloaded Best Vedic Astrology App For Android in India 2024 List

Astrology is a science which allows you to see into a person’s future as well as, to some extent, may help you provide correct estimates about your life.

And then when we think of Astrology, the first thought that comes to mind is stars and planets, because we think their movement has an impact on our lives.

Everybody is fascinated by astrology since they want to know what happens in their lives in the future.

Vedic Astrology is a significant aspect of Hinduism, particularly in India, wherein Hinduism is practised by the majority of the population and there are a plethora of astrology applications available in India which provide you with a wealth of astrological data, and even that instantaneously.

As a result, to make your task easy, we’ve created a list of the Best Astrology Apps that will assist anyone in predicting your future.

Top Astrology App In India 2024 List

AstroSage Kundli Download AstroSage Kundli App4.4 star
Daily Horoscope Download Daily Horoscope App4.6 star
AstroGuru Download AstroGur App3.9 star
AstroTalkDownload AstroTalk App4.4 star
GurujiDownload Guruji App4.6 star
KundliDownload Kundli App4.4 star
AstroYogiDownload AstroYogi App4.6 star
Jyotish AppDownload Jyotish App4.6 star
AstroVed AssistantDownload AstroVed Assistant App3.7 star
Astrology and HoroscopeDownload Astrology and Horoscope App4.2 star

Top 10 Most Downloaded Best Vedic Astrology App For Android in India 2024 List

1. AstroSage Kundli: Astrology App Review

astrosage kundli astrology app

Astrosage Kundli, a popular app based on Indian astrology that was founded in 2016. This is one of the top Vedic Astrology applications available, including versions in Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, and more languages.

The birth chart is referred to as Kundli in Vedic Astrology. The ascendant or planet positions in various zodiac signs at the moment of birth, when seen from the site of birth, are shown in the twelve houses of Kundli.

A user’s Kundli is his or her life strategy. We all have a Kundali, that can assist us in comprehending a variety of topics. Which is why, roughly 15 years ago, AstroSage introduced the planet to free Kundali software. You can read your Kundli for free using this application.

This Kundali software has received worldwide acclaim for generating the most precise as well as thorough predictions about such a person. If you plan to use the software on a frequent basis, the mobile app would come in handy.

More fantastic features are available in the Kundli creating app for Android and the astrology application for iOS.

Features of AstroSage Kundli: Astrology App

  • Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada are among the nine languages available.
  • For the Moon sign, there are daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, weekly love horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, and yearly horoscopes available.
  • 10 Million+ app downloads
  •  Horoscope, Kundli Matching, Panchang, Consultation, Products and Services.
  • Text and video tutorials, as well as astrological classes, are available to help you learn astrology.

Benefits of Paid Services in AstroSage Kundli: Astrology App

  • Online astrology practitioners have data such as a birth chart or even a Kundli that they need to preserve safely and securely. As a result, they require a location which can be accessible quickly and without difficulty. The AstroSage Cloud (Gold Plan) was created with all these professional astrologers in mind. It could be used by students or individuals who are studying or fascinated in Astrology.
  • AstroSage Cloud (Gold Plan) gives you access to all services as well as the ability to save charts to the cloud. Create Kundli, horoscope matching, worksheet for carrying out astrological activities online, and writing notes as well as comments are just a few of the features. These services can be accessed via a laptop, desktop, or maybe even a smartphone. As a result, users can take advantage of these additional benefits for a year, as well as cloud storage space to keep an unlimited number of birth charts digitally.

2. Daily Horoscope App Review

Daily Horoscope astrology app

There are numerous daily horoscope applications available. Cometic’s Daily Horoscope is a straightforward horoscope application. Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes are among the basic features presented.

It has a widget with Chinese horoscopes, and also zodiac compatibility ratings. You could look up horoscopes from the past week or receive push notifications for your daily horoscope. There are some light versions available in the app as well. It isn’t the most challenging app on the list.

It does the job, though, and is ideal for those who want anything quick and uncomplicated. The app is also ad-supported and fully free.

astrology apps

Features of Daily Horoscope App

  • It has been downloaded in crores.
  • Get immediate access to your horoscopes for the day, week, or month.
  • Check your compatibility with other zodiac signs in terms of love.
  • With a subscription, you can travel back up to a week in the past.
  • You can also adjust the text size and colour scheme in the application.

Benefits of Paid Services in Daily Horoscope App

  • You will get any subscription with ad free content.
  • Unlimited favorites with personal notes upto 2 weeks of past daily horoscope.
  • Access to more days in the past plus more favourites and personal notes.

3. AstroGuru App Review

AstroGuru Astrology app

AstroGuru is a unique fortune teller palmistry and astrology software which gives you astrology forecasts via free palmistry, tarot, astrology, or horoscope readings.

They provide personalised daily horoscope prophecies as well as weekly horoscopes.

Features of AstroGuru App

In fact, compared to other applications, the AstroGuru mobile application provides a lot of user-friendly features.

  • It has more than 1 crore downloads.
  • Lifeline provides insight into health and energy. Simply scan your palm and the application will interpret your lines, revealing your personality, fate, and even fortunes. On the Play Store, AstroGuru seems to be the top Palm Reader.
  • In addition, the Astroguru application Using our acclaimed palmistry scan, unravel your fate by learning the meaning of the three key lines of the heart, head, and life in chiromancy. The headline emphasises work, achievement, and wealth, while the heart line conveys love, friendship, and marriage.

Benefits of Paid Services in AstroGuru App

  • You can consult about the Kundli report as well as matchmaking vedic you will get a report and also you consult with the astrologers you have to simply give your details like name, date of birth and place of birth you will get all the details.

4. Astro Talk – Talk to Astrologer App Review

Astro Talk - Talk to Astrologer App Review

AstroTalk is an excellent choice for individuals seeking daily counselling on marriage, love life, career, health, as well as other topics, as it offers 24/7  customer service as well as other services like Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Astrology, or Kundli.

Features of Astro Talk – Talk to Astrologer App

  • More than 10 lakh downloads
  • It also provides counselling to persons who are going through difficult times in their lives. It is one of the top astrological platforms.
  • The application draws on the expertise of professional and quite well astrologers who are well-versed in their fields in order to provide you with the most accurate future predictions or answers to your inquiries.
  • The app is simple to operate.

Benefits of Paid Services in Astro Talk – Talk to Astrologer App

  • If you’re new to platforms, your first prediction will be discounted by 50%. So that’s some money saved.
  • Second, you can be careful in terms that will help you cope face important problems, such as finance-related, career-related, love-related, and so on
  • An astrologer could anticipate not only about you but also about your behaviour toward your family, relatives, and coworkers by looking at your astrological chart. Knowing about these habits could help you portray yourself more effectively in front of important people. In this way, astrology may help you improve your personality, among other things, it could do for you. You can consult an astrologer for further information about astrology and future forecasts.

5. Guruji – Live Astro, Horoscope App Review

Guruji Live Astro, Horoscope App Review

Guruji Astro is another astrology programme for professionals which incorporates precise calculations. Face Reading, Kundali Dosha, Personal Consultation, Tarot Card Readings, weekly and monthly horoscopes, free astrology, free horoscope, and even more services are included in the app.

The app was built with the requirements of individuals in mind, and it aims to solve all of your concerns.

Features of Guruji – Live Astro, Horoscope App

  • More than 50 lakh downloads.
  • You can also speak with the astrologer instantly by phone or live chat about your marriage, employment, health, or anything else.
  • More than 300 qualified astrologers are available to assist you and therefore can predict your future utilising Vedic Astrology.
  • The best part is that the application is really reliable because it keeps all of your personal information private. So, if you’re a fan of astrology, you can’t go wrong with this programme.

Benefits Of Paid Services in Guruji – Live Astro, Horoscope App

  • After you’ve recharged, you could start a consultation with just an astrologer for only Rs 5 per minute for just a total of 6 minutes utilising the new user offer.
  • Get solutions for your life issues anytime from anywhere, Just recharge your wallet & consult.

6. Kundli – Astrology And Horoscopes App Review

Kundli Astrology app Horoscope

Kundli, a free horoscope app. It’s the best Vedic Astrology app, created using the most accurate and old procedures and methodologies.

Astrologers create forecasts as well as prescribe treatments based on your date of birth, location, and time, making the application increasingly precise but also accurate.

top astrology app

Features of Kundli – Astrology And Horoscopes App

  • It has more than 10 lakh downloads.
  • It provides free Janma Kundali creation, gemstone recommendations based on natal Kundli, astrological calculations, daily individualised horoscopes, and much more.
  • You can also use the app to create, view, or store infinite profiles, as well as access numerous services via your smartphone.

Benefits of Paid Services in Kundli – Astrology And Horoscopes App

  • If you buy a premium plan then the astrologer will assist you in detailed predictions of each month along with their monthly charts for the next 12 months.
  • You will get beautifully designed with personalised astrological details, remedial measures, dosha reports, and much more.

7. Astroyogi: Online Astrology App Review

Astroyogi Online Astrology app

Astroyogi is one of the most well-known and reliable online astrology applications, thanks to its high-quality services and knowledgeable astrologers. Astroyogi began as a content provider in 2001, but then in 2016, it introduced its first app to deliver spiritual remedies to suit people’s desires.

Features of Astroyogi: Online Astrology App

  • More than 10 lakh downloads.
  • Astroyogi is now present in more than 85 countries. With using this app, you may communicate with over 2000 astrologers about your career, love life, and other personal concerns at any time as well as from any place.
  • Additionally, you could communicate and ask questions in your native language, which includes English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, as well as Marwari.

Benefits of Paid Services in Astroyogi: Online Astrology App

Consultations start at Rs 20 per minute, and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back. This consultation will provide you with all of the answers to your inquiries. They will provide you with all the necessary details about your questions.

8. Jyotish App – Astrology Jyotish App Review

JyotishApp Astrology app

JyotishApp is a free, offline, ad-free Vedic Astrology, Hindu Astrology, as well as Jyotish software programme that supports PDF. Over 3000 Indian cities/towns, as well as prominent cities from other countries, are included in the app.

top astrology app india

Features of Jyotish App – Astrology Jyotish App

  • More than 1 lakh downloads
  • Make a thorough horoscope or Kundli in the South Indian, North Indian, as well as East Indian styles.
  • Know your Janma Rashi and Nakshatra.
  • All of the capabilities of the Jyotish App work without the need for an internet connection.
  • Save the entire horoscope like a PDF. Horoscope PDF can be shared immediately from an application via Gmail, WhatsApp, and other services.

Benefits of Paid Services in Jyotish App – Astrology Jyotish App

  • When you buy the subscription you will not get any kind of advertisements.

9. AstroVed Assistant App Review

astroved astrology app review

AstroVed Assistant seems to be a simple app which assists in the understanding, empowerment, and organisation of your work and personal life.

AstroVed Assistant may be your one-stop shop for all life-changing resources because it is a customised location-based App.

Features of AstroVed Assistant App

  • More than 1 lakh downloads.
  • Find out if your name is lucky for you depending on your birthday.
  • Use the power of statistics to better your life.
  • For success, learn about the fortunate gemstone for your Moon sign.
  • For a positive change in your life, browse then order charged figurines, Yantras, bracelets, Malas, and more.
  • Get regular notifications for daily prediction, festivals, Tithi, Chandrashtama, Dasa/Bhukti and planetary transits
  • Festivals, astrologically significant dates, temples, deities, plus free astrology tools are all detailed info.

Benefits of Paid Services in AstroVed Assistant App

If you avail their paid services then you will be able to consult top astrologers instantly and also schedule an appointment for all your concerns.

10. Astrology & Horoscope App Review

Astrology and Horoscope app review

This platform enables a free horoscope based on Vedic astrology including reliable calculations and forecasts. This programme is based on astrology from the Vedic, Indian, or Hindu traditions.

Features of Astrology and Horoscope App

  • More than 10 lakh downloads.
  • This app can be used offline. There’s no need to use the internet.
  • Calculations that are 100 percent accurate.

Benefits of Paid Services in Astrology and Horoscope App

You can also consult with their astrologer by their paid services and they will help you in solving all your problems.


When it comes to astrology or prediction, as previously stated, everyone becomes very curious and thrilled. As a result, this time we’ve compiled a list of the top astrology apps that you’ve just read.

We attempted to cover the best-rated astrology app available on the Play Store in the preceding article, so no matter which platform you use, there seem to be applications for you.

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