Top 6 Free Korean Drama app | Best Apps to Watch Korean Drama Shows for free

Free Korean Drama App 2023: The Kdrama series has dominated the entertainment industry. Many millions of people daily watch it, and word-of-mouth engagement is growing.

A perspective into Korean culture, including dialect, traditions, and customs, is presented via intriguing plotlines, realistic acting, and visually spectacular photography.

Youngsters these days have developed a desire to watch Kdrama. Kdramas are now the talk of the town, as well as Korean short stories.

Fans admire romantic Korean dramas, and some of them have even begun learning the language. So, let’s find out in this post which Free Korean drama app enables us to watch Korean dramas for free.

If you want to watch Korean dramas in your native language—Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, or English—you may do so. Moreover, you may find them in the Free Korean drama app listed below.

Let’s start with the compilation of the best 6 free K-drama streaming applications.

1. AsianCrushFree Korean Drama App

Try AsianCrush instantly if you want unrestricted access to all Korean dramas and TV shows. Users can view dramas from a wide range of countries here, including Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Mainland China.

High-definition films, dramas, and anime are all available for viewing. This Asian TV app also offers a premium subscription for a better experience, with which you can access exclusive, age-restricted programming and continuous, ad-free viewing.

When you launch the AsianCrush Free Korean drama app on your mobile, you’ll see live TV being shown alongside the usual thumbnails. You may watch its selection of K-dramas and movies on demand or if you keep up with the schedule, live broadcasts.

Explore AsianCrush’s library by title, genre, on-demand availability, or one of its specialized collections, such as Korean movies, or by country. Prominent books include Sweet Vengeance and Boys Over Flowers. And in this case, subtitles prevail.

You must pay the $5 monthly or $50 annual premium membership to view without commercials. Each title has a rating next to it, and the on-demand menu on AsianCrush divides material into groups like “Independent,” “Staff Favorites,” and “Popular Korean Dramas.”

2. OnDemand KoreaFree Korean Drama App


you may watch Korean dramas for free via the OnDemand Korea (OKD) Free Korean drama app. The free version is sponsored by ads. The app UI is available in English and Korean.

Several Korean dramas and series are available to watch for free. Moreover, you could think about paying if you want to get rid of video advertising, improve stream quality, and access premium material.

However, free users also get access to paid material. The app features an area where you may see premium material without subscribing to a plan for 24 hours after it has been posted.

Furthermore, OKD has a partnership with Kocowa via which it will provide paying subscribers with access to additional Korean shows. Create a free account and use the app to stream Korean television episodes without providing a credit card number.

Avoid online spoilers by watching Korean television within an hour of its South Korean broadcast. For less than $1, you can get a 24-hour Premium pass, which is a great deal for viewing a show with friends and family without committing to a subscription.

3. VikiFree Korean Drama App

Viki Asian Dramas & Movies

One of the best Free Korean drama App available is Viki, which has a vast library of TV episodes, movies, and reality shows from Asia that have won awards. You may use the app to get free online streaming of your preferred TV episodes and movies.

But you may access exclusive material without advertisements and in High definition for many of the Kdrama series if you choose their membership option, Viki Pass. Via the watch party, when a certain program is streamed concurrently worldwide, you may watch it with friends.

For subscribers, Viki provides ad-free watching. This is a significant benefit because commercials can be bothersome and interfere with the watching process.

It also provides a broad range of Asian dramas, films, and TV episodes from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other nations.

They have an active user base that may share and discuss their favourite Korean dramas. You may interact with others who share your interests from all around the world.

You can see previews and trailers for coming Korean dramas and other series on the Viki app. You can download this app from the Google Play Store or the App Store; it currently has more than ten million users worldwide. Create your own Kdrama playlist and enjoy the top Korean dramas.

4. Kocowa – Free Korean Drama App

Kocowa app khazana

Kocowa, a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2017, debuted in 2017 with a 100% Free Korean drama app coming from South Korea.

More than 17,000 hours of Korean television, including Running Man and The Penthouse, are available on the site. The service offers reality programs, docuseries, K-pop events, and contests in addition to K-drama films and television episodes.

Its K-drama titles are arranged by specialized subcategories including action, crime, sports, and romance. The site, like Netflix, features rows that indicate if titles are new, trending, or unique to a given genre. Also, users like Kocowa’s short turnaround time when it comes to subtitles for recent additions to the platform.

On the website or the app, you may access some material without creating an account. Also, you may join Taste24HR, which offers free access to Korean dramas and episodes immediately following their broadcast on the South Korean networks MBC, KBS, and SBS.

The brand-new video is available for 24 hours and broadcasts with and without subtitles. There is advertising in both choices.

All content on the streaming service is available with the $7 monthly/$70 yearly membership, which also includes a 14-day free trial. If there’s a certain show you want to watch on a certain day or if you just want to test things out, you can also buy a $0.99 membership for one day.

5. Tubi – Free Korean drama App

How often have you found a wonderful Kdrama TV that was always subscription-only? With more than 50,000 titles, Tubi boasts a huge selection of Korean television programs.

You don’t have to worry about violating the law to watch Kdramas because they are both free and legal. You are shown advertisements as a means of payment for streaming on this Korean television app.

As a result, you may watch the content for nothing. You won’t have to look around to discover the shows thanks to the user-friendly design. After choosing a program, you have the option of adding English subtitles.

Korean television programs are entirely legal, free, and sponsored by commercials. To access its material, you do not need to sign up for a subscription or create an account. Several gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, set Top boxes, and game consoles, support Tubi.

A collection of Korean films and television programs that spans a variety of subgenres, including action, comedy, drama, horror, and more.

6. iQIYI – Free Korean Drama App

The following Free Korean drama app would be iQIYI, which offers free access to shows. Also, you may purchase a VIP subscription to have access to the additional high-definition video without the broadcasts being interrupted by advertising.

You will find a lot of original Korean stuff on the app because they generate a lot of their content. Since iQIYI and Netflix entered into cooperation, you may discover a few Netflix titles here along with the additional material. All of it is viewable using the built-in video player, which offers subtitles in six different languages.

In addition, you may watch Korean television programs on iQIYI across the majority of South Asia, except China and Hong Kong.


These Free Korean drama App allow K-Drama enthusiasts and those who are just starting in the world to stream their favourite shows. These are the top Korean drama apps available in India if you’re wondering where to watch Korean dramas.

There are several shows available on each app and platform. We advise perusing each catalogue to see which one best fits your interests. These applications offer free access to Korean dramas in India.

Every Free Korean drama app has a unique interface, and you may pick the one you prefer most. You can store episodes for offline viewing on iQIYI and Netflix, which is useful for watching when there is no Internet connection.

Every application has a unique interface, and you may pick the one you prefer most. You can store episodes for offline viewing on iQIYi, which is useful for watching when there is no Internet connection.

We hope that our advice on where to watch K-Dramas has been helpful to you as you begin or continue your adventure through the world of K-Dramas.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Korean Drama App

Q.1: What are the best Korean apps with English subtitles?

Ans.1 One of the greatest applications for streaming K-Dramas with English subtitles is Rakuten Viki. It is simple to access and offers a wide range of K-Drama genres. If you’d rather watch television with subtitles in your native tongue than in English, iQIYI features a range of programs with multilingual subtitles.

Q.2: What is a K-drama?

Ans.2: Are you new to the Korean entertainment scene? Korean drama, or K-drama, is a category of television shows created and mostly starring South Koreans. There are romantic comedies, adventure, fantasy, historical dramas, comedy, horror stories, medical procedurals, and school-focused sagas in the Korean drama landscape, which some people regard to be a genre unto itself.

Q.3: Is it possible to watch Kdrama for free?

Ans.3: There are many websites and applications where you may watch Kdramas for free, however, some of them could offer a little selection or demand that you join up or register.

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