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India, a country in South Asia, has the second-highest population in the world. Election management has historically been thought to be challenging.

However, the relevant departments have already made considerable strides and have just lately introduced the Garuda Training App.

The brand new application was developed exclusively for BLOs, who are newcomers with no prior experience with the voting process. The process and importance of online operations for data collection may not be well understood.

Here, we’ll provide a succinct description of all the pertinent details and steps with an emphasis on helping the particular person. Remember that the process is regarded as being simple.

What is a Garuda Training App?

garuda training app

The Garuda Training App is an android app that depends on online communication. After the application is installed, the BLOs can now input all the necessary information regarding polling locations. It also helps in supplying details about different facilities.

when we configure the application and examine the information that is readily available. The platform was then crucial and helpful for providing the necessary information.

In the past, the departments lacked access to technology. They mainly use papers to provide relevant information.

Even though the procedure takes time, the paper could occasionally fail to reach its audience. People ultimately had to deal with the effects, regardless of the reasons, which could differ.

Name of AppGaruda App
Year of Launching2022
Latest Update6th July 2022
App Version2.3.1
Total Installs1 Lakh
DownloadGaruda App Download
PlatformAndroid & iOS

But this time, the Election Commission of India decided to roll out a brand new online application. The unique online Garuda Training Android system is currently used to make the booth-level offerings. must give the essential info in advance.

This means that the officer must submit the necessary information on the polling location beforehand. if an unforeseen event occurs on election day. The department might be able to gather information and put security measures in place fast.

Everyone is familiar with election days and the voting procedure. Despite the fact that the government asserts to provide the best facilities for each department. The majority of BLOs do, however, later file complaints regarding these occurrences and amenities.

If people are not allowed access to the facilities. It will then directly affect the number of voters at the end of the session. Low voter turnout raises suspicions that the election was rigged and is questionable. to focus voter assistance on the problem and address it.

The Indian Election Commission decided to put various reforms into effect  and decided to make this quick, secure communication application available. As a result, the police are able to promptly provide the required data. The departments will take the required actions to prevent wasting time.

Remember that you can only use the app once all required data has been incorporated. As a result, unauthorized individuals may be prevented from accessing the dashboard. If you’re a BLO officer looking for access to the Apk, go to our website and download the Garuda Training App.

Garuda App Download For Android Devices

  • You can install the Garuda app’s apk file on your Android phone if it is compatible with the most recent version but your phone does not.
  • You must first give permission for outside files to be installed on your mobile device in order to achieve that. After that, you can access any APK download website to access the Garuda app.
  • The app is about 13.5 MB in size.
  • For the current version to be installed, your device has to have at least 100 MB of free space.
  • On the APK website, it is now accessible for Android devices in version 4.0.1.
  • You can install this after downloading it in an APK file to your smartphone.
  • You can use this application as you would any other after installation.

Garuda App Download For iOS Devices

  • The Apple Play Store has the most recent version of the Garuda EVT election vehicle tracking app.
  • This app is also available for download at:
  • This software used 44.9 MB of storage space and was made to work with iOS 12.1 or later.
  • It is necessary to have Mac OS 11.0 or later and an Apple M1 chip or later in order to run this app on a Mac.
  • The official website offers this app at no charge.

Garuda App Download For Desktop PC

  • Install BlueStacks on your laptop if you want to use the Garuda app on your PC.
  • This software enables hassle-free use of all Android applications on your laptop.
  • It has improved over the past few years to become the top online Android app emulator.
  • The most recent version will consume 5 GB of storage on your PC.
  • When you install the most recent version of BlueStacks 5, a window with access to Google Play Store will open.
  • You may easily download the Garuda app from Google Play Store and use it on your laptop or PC.

How To Register In Garuda Training App?

  • The BLO must first download this software into their smartphones.
  • They must complete their registration in the app after installing it.
  • They have to  launch the app on their phones in order to register then click the registration link.
  • After that, fill out this registration form completely, and then hand it in to the authorities.
  • You will receive your login information after completing these steps.

Garuda App Login Procedure

Booth Level Officer (BLO) must adhere to the following instructions in order to successfully log into the Garuda app:

Step 1 – When the Garuda app is opened, the login page is displayed. Here, there are two drop-down menus: one for the assembly constituency and one for the state selection. In addition, the user must enter his Part number, registered cellphone number, and password to log in.

Step 2 – The user must choose his or her state and assembly district from the provided drop-down menu. The user then clicks the “Get OTP” button after entering his part number, registered mobile number that is registered in ERONET, and the password.

Step 3 – The user will see a screen where he must input the 6-digit OTP that he has just received and touch the “Verify and Proceed” button.

Step 4 – The user will go to a compatibility test page where the software will check all the device’s resources and their suitability for the task at hand, including the camera, RAM, operating system, free space, internet, and downloading the polling place’s voter data. After downloading the elector data, BLO must hit the “Submit” button to return to the home screen.

Issued Faced During Login in Garuda Training App?

1. Invalid BLO Details

If the user encounters a “Invalid BLO Details” notice after application login. In this scenario, the BLO entered the right password and mobile number, but the Part number was input incorrectly. For the user to properly log in, they must confirm the part number.

2. Invalid Parameters

If the user enters the right component number but the password or mobile phone number is wrong, he will see the warning “Invalid Parameters.” Therefore, in order to login to the application, users must enter the proper cell phone number and password.

Change The Language Of Form Submission

Step 1- Tap the setting button after selecting the side menu option located in the top left corner.

Step 2 – After arriving at this page, the user must choose the language in which he wants to submit the form.

Update GPS Coordinate of Polling Station

BLO can mark the lat/long coordinates of the polling place in the Garuda app. To record the GPS coordinates, BLO must go to the polling place and complete the actions listed below.

Step 1: First of all open the Garuda app and select Main Menu.

Step 2: Select the Facilities menu item.

Step 3: Click the GPS icon under “Polling Station Address.”

Step 4: Select “UPDATE” after selecting “CURRENT LOCATION.”

Upload Photos Of Polling Station in Garuda Training App?

Additionally, the Garuda offers the BLO the ability to include photos of the polling place. BLO may now provide two pictures of the voting place: one of the structure and the other of the front. He has two options for uploading images: either from the phone’s gallery or directly from the camera. The steps following must be followed by BLO in order to upload the image:

Step 1: First open the app and select Main Menu.

Step 2: Select the Facilities menu item.

Step 3: Click or tap “ADD PHOTO” under “Polling Station Photos.”

Update AMF/EMF Status Of Polling Station

BLO must show the status of the AMF (Assured Minimum Facility) and EMF (Essential Minimum Facility) in the Garuda app. The app has a list of a total of 27 AMF & EMF, which BLO must indicate as available or not. The following procedures must be followed by BLO in order to mark AMF/EMF:

Step 1: First open the app and select “Main Menu.”

Step 2: Select the “Facilities” menu item.

Step 3: To save the response, choose AMF/EMF facilities in the polling station’s “Facilities” section and click the update button at the bottom.

How To Fill Form On Behalf Of Electors In The Garuda App?

BLO can also submit a form through the Garuda app on behalf of an elector for his AC exclusively. For form 6, he also automatically receives this application for the field verification. BLO must do the following actions in order to submit a form on an elector’s behalf:

Step 1: Tap Forms after clicking the Main Menu.

Step 2: Next, select “New Voter Registration (Form 6)” from the “Voter Services” section that has been opened.

Step 3: Now select “Let’s start” option from the menu button.

Step 4: Select “Yes I’m applying for the first time” and then press “Next.”

Step 5: Check the box next to “I am unable to give my Aadhar number…” or enter your Aadhaar data.

Step 6: Enter the voter’s correct date of birth.

Step 7: From the dropdown list, choose the appropriate evidence of date of birth.

Step 8: Tap the “Next” button after uploading the supporting document.

Step 9: On the following page, input the voter’s personal information.

Step 10: Check the box next to any disabilities you may have and input their percentage before tapping the “Next” button.

Step 11: Enter the relative information and relation type.

Step 12: Enter your current regular residence’s information correctly and select the “Next” button.

Step 13: Complete the declaration form with accurate information and press the “Done” button.

Step 14: Review all the information on the preview page, and then click the “Confirm” button if everything is accurate.

Step 15: The user will see the message “Thank you, your application has been successfully submitted with referral id” in step 15.

Garuda App Features

There are lots of features in the Garuda app. Some features are mentioned below;

  1. You’ll have access to the online dashboard once you’ve installed the Garuda Training App.
  2. Where BLO representatives can reach them quickly.
  3. Quickly transmit the information that is required.
  4. Public service groups are included in the information.
  5. Nearby emergency facilities, including police and fire stations.
  6. This also applies to public transportation.
  7. No external advertising is accepted.
  8. The GPS system aids in locating objects.
  9. The route to the polling place can also be followed using the online map.
  10. It requires an internet connection to use.
  11. The app’s user interface is kept straightforward.
  12. Registration requires a mobile phone number.

Garuda App Key Features

The app I’m talking about or reviewing here is made for particular purposes. You can download it to your Android phone and use it to access these services under the name Garuda Training App. The application is valuable to us due to the following characteristics;

  1. Download and use the Best Communication App for Free to get digital voting station mapping and enter all necessary data.
  2. Easy to Understand and Use.
  3. Friendly User Interface Registration Is Necessary.
  4. Ads free.
  5. Friendly User Interface and many more main features.
  6. The content may only be shared and deleted by BLO.
  7. Safe for both your data and your phone.
  8. Android mobile users can download and use it for free.


All BLO will use this app to update information with the electoral commission. This article contains all the information you need to know about the latest updates, apks, PC versions of the Garuda app and how to use Garuda app.

So friends, we will give you full information about the Garuda app. If you like our article then share this to all your friends and You are welcome to ask any questions you may have about the Garuda app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe for my smartphone to use the Garuda Training App?

The Garuda Training App is safe to use on your smartphone.

2. What is BLO’s complete form?

Booth Level Officers are referred to as BLO.

3. What is the Garuda Mobile App’s most recent version?

This app is currently at version 2.3.1.

4. When was the Garuda BLO App last updated?

On July 6, 2022, an update to the Garuda App was made.

5. What purpose does the Garuda app serve?

The BLO will utilize the app to add new voter names, remove names, modify addresses, and do other tasks.

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