What Is GroMo App? | How To Earn Money From GroMo App? | GroMo Referral Code: R8QN9932

How much you earn online depends on your passion, time and knowledge in a specific niche field. But earning online is not easy, so you have to work hard if you want to make money with any kind of work that is related to your hobby or personal interest.

Also, there is no guarantee that what you earn will be sufficient to cover your basic needs. However, I think it’s not a big deal to start making money from different types of earning apps.

Here is my rating list for the best Earning App that can get you real income reports through your mobile phone on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking for an ideal way to make money from the comfort of your home, then look no further than earning apps.

Earning apps have become the most sought-after solution for making money online. The economy is suffering in many countries, which means that people are staying at home more often.

Not only do they save on expenses but also have an opportunity to work from home if they want to.

To make money from the Internet alone will be difficult, but with earning apps you can achieve a lot more than that. Below is an app called GroMo that will help you to make money online.

What is GroMo App?

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GroMo App is an Indian social commerce website where you may enhance your income with home-based work. GroMo App assists you in converting your untapped network and skills into profits and much more.

With the GroMo Financial app, you may reach out to consumers, share links to any financial product with them, and ask them to activate the product, for which you will receive a commission.

The Indian financial market is rapidly expanding, thus there is plenty of opportunity in this field.

GroMo enables its users to earn a regular side income by selling financial products from various brands such as Axis Bank, Kotak 811 Bank, Upstox, Paytm Money, Freecharge, Bajaj Finserv, and Fisdom to their consumers.

GroMo assists its partners by giving a number of materials for free, such as proper training, ready-made posters, product brochures, and much more. GroMo is available in Hindi as well. As a result, it would be extremely beneficial to Hindi speakers. According to the GroMo team, if a person works honestly, he or she can earn 50,000 rupees each month.

How To Download Gromo App Into Your Android Device?

Go to your phone’s Play Store and search for GroMo. And now click on the app and hit the install button, it will take a little time to download and install the app depending upon your internet speed.

Download GroMo App

GroMo App Referral Code: R8QN9932

How Do I Register For The GroMo App?

GroMo App allows you to earn money by completing a few simple tasks. The procedure is detailed below.

  1. First, install the application by clicking the link below.
  2. Start the app and select your favourite language.
  3. To register, Enter Your Phone Number And Click Continue.
  4. Now, provide your full name, email address, and city, and then click the Submit button.
  5. Enter the GroMo Referral Code below to receive a 250 rupees sign-up bonus
  6. Your profile will be activated and you are ready to earn money.

How Can I Finish Kyc In The GroMo App?

This app, like all others, asks you to complete the KYC procedure by providing some basic KYC information. You just need your Aadhar card. For KYC just go to the KYC section and enter Aadhar card details and upload your front and back side of Aadhar card. Your kyc will take some time to complete.

How To Enter Bank Information In The Gromo App?

To provide bank information in this app, go to the app’s profile and select the option to enter bank information.

  1. First and foremost, input the Account Holder’s name.
  2. Then enter your account number and IFSC code.
  3. Then input your PAN Number and Annual Income, as well as your Date of Birth.
  4. And now enter your residence pin code and hit the submit button.

Who Can Become A GroMo App Partner?

A GroMo partner can be any working professional, professional, student, or homemaker.

Eligibility for GroMo Partnership

  1. You must be fluent in English or Hindi, as the application is now only available in English and Hindi.
  2. You must have a smartphone as well as a basic financial understanding.

How To Refer And Earn Money From GroMo App?

You can refer GroMo App to your friends and earn Rs.500 guaranteed cash and an additional 5% of their profits for life. You can immediately withdraw your winnings to the bank.

1. Visit to the Refer & Earn section.

2. Make a copy of your referral code on GroMo app.

3. Distribute the tasks to your friends and ask them to finish them.

4. When they are finished, you will receive the referral bonus.

How To Share GroMo Referral Code

1) Go to the GroMo site and sign in to share the refer and earn programme.

2) Then, go down the page and look for the refer & earn option.

3) Now, click the recommend and earn button to acquire your unique referral code.

4) Share this link with your friends on social media.

How To Make Money On The GroMo App?

GroMo app allows you to make money by selling financial items.

You will notice several financial product categories such as Savings Accounts, Demat Accounts, Credit Accounts, Digital Gold, Credit Line, and so on after signing up and visiting your GroMo app home page.

Select any product category (for example, credit card), and it will display the many financial brands linked with that product category (For example, it will display credit cards from various financial institutions such as Unipay Credit Card, ICICI Bank Credit Card, Axis Bank Credit Card, IndusInd Bank Credit Card, and so on.)

Choose any financial brand, and it will now display all of the product’s sales specifics, such as benefits, how to sell, training videos, who to sell to, and so on. Read all of the contents carefully before clicking the share button to share product information with clients or friends on social media.

You will get your money in the GroMo account once any of your clients activates that product.

You can also earn money by recommending your friends to the GroMo App and having them download and install it. You can even establish a team through referrals to increase your earning potential.

How can I get money through the GroMo app?

To withdraw money from the GroMo app, you must first validate your KYC and provide your bank account information.

Select Edit Profile from the profile menu at the upper right of the GroMo app’s homepage. From the modify profile option, you can validate your KYC and add a bank account.

Once you’ve added a bank account, you may transfer your money from the GroMo app’s earnings section with a simple click.

What Services Does GroMo Offer?

Savings Bank Account

  1. Kotak 811 Savings Account
  2. Fi Money Account
  3. AU Savings Bank Account
  4. Jupiter Money Account
  5. Axis Savings Account
  6. NiyoX Digital Savings Account
  7. IndusInd Savings Account

Demat Account

  1. AngelOne Demat Account
  2. Upstox Demat Account
  3. Paytm Money Demat Account
  4. Axis Direct Demat Account
  5. 5paisa Demat Account
  6. Dhanush Demat Account

Credit Card

  1. MoKredit Credit Card
  2. Zest Money
  3. Free Pay Account
  4. Freecharge Paylater Account
  5. Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card


  1. Mudrex Account

What Can You Sell At GroMo?

GroMo currently sells hundreds of financial goods such as Demat accounts, Savings Accounts, Insurance, Credit Cards, and so on. You may sell these products and earn a commission.

How Much Money Can You Make With GroMo?

According to the GroMo team’s calculations, everybody who works honestly can make 50,000 Rupees each month.

How To Sell GroMo Products On GroMo App?

Step 1: Visit to the GroMo Application’s Dashboard.

Step 2: Next, navigate to the ‘Sell and Earn’ section.

Step 3: Select the product that you wish to sell.

Step 4: Play the training video.

Step 5: Either click the share button or copy your referral link.

Step 6: Now distribute this URL to your prospective consumers.

When a customer purchases a financial product through your shared link, it is considered a successful referral, and you will receive a commission on the sale. GroMo has a payout cycle of 30 days.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Using The GroMo App To Earn Money

  1. To earn money through the application, you must first create an account.
  2. If you open an account, you will receive 250 rupees just for signing up. We’ll explain how you’ll get compensated for joining up.
  3. If you have any difficulties opening the account, we will provide you with more information.
  4. After you open the account, you will notice some options such as a Demat account, a bank account, and credit. You can profit by referring to them.
  5. If you wish to refer any of your friends, you know how to do so as well. You will receive money as soon as you share the link to your buddy and your friend opens the account.
  6. Before referring, there are some guidelines and a video that you must first watch.
  7. To refer, simply click the provided button, and then share the referral link via the various channels listed below.
  8. You will receive Refer Points or Refer Money as soon as your buddy establishes an account by clicking on the provided link.

Gromo App’s Training Facility

For training, you can enroll in the GroMo academy. On the GroMo platform, you can participate in a variety of courses and webinars.

GroMo Academy is a teaching facility for the GroMo platform and the financial products available on the site.

On this platform, you can participate in a variety of courses and webinars.

Some of the courses provided here include “GroMo app demo, how to gain clients, financial freedom for oneself, and how to become a great salesman; in addition, they do product-related webinars.”

GroMo App’s Features

1. Visiting card

You can build your digital visiting card for free with this tool. You can share this visiting card over WhatsApp.

2. Diary

Diary is a place where you may keep track of all your client information, such as vehicle numbers. When you save your client’s car number in this feature, GroMo will notify you when your client’s insurance expires. If your clients have challans, you can also share your website with them. Those car numbers will be entered into the journal automatically.

3. Website

You will also receive a website or landing page with your name or branding that you can share with your customer. You are free to distribute this landing page to anyone.

4. Content

You have access to their content when you become a Gromo agent. This content can be used for promotion.

Posters and brochures are available in the content section.

Brochures, on the other hand, contain all of the information about a certain financial product.

5. Support

As a GroMo agent, you can seek help via email and chat. On all working days, chat help is available from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Customer Support of GroMo Application

You can reach GroMo via phone or email if necessary.

+91 8046972260 for GroMo Customer Service

GroMo’s email address is [email protected].

GroMo App’s Benefits and Drawbacks

  1. You can start a Financial Product Selling Business with the help of this application.
  2. This app allows you to start an account with a zero balance.
  3. Along with this, it includes features such as a wallet.

If you use this application correctly, you can earn more than 50,000 rupees in a single month. Because you have a large number of Demat accounts in the application.

There are other options available in addition to many savings accounts. You can work part-time if you are over the age of 18. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments section.

My Final  Word

GroMo is an excellent platform for earning a part-time or full-time income. There are no earnings limits; you can earn as much as you can sell. You can also form a network or team around yourself.

This is a great side income maker app that you should definitely use. If you have lots of audience or people then you can make lots of money from the GroMo app.

So friends, this is full details about the GroMo app. Please leave any questions or comments about the GroMo app in the comments area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Is The Owner Of The GroMo App?

Ankit Khandelwal, an IIT Alumnus from Delhi with over 10 years of expertise in Finance and eCommerce, worked as Chief Operating Officer at Unicommerce, and is a successful Serial Entrepreneur cycling from Delhi to Jaipur, owns the GroMo App.

2. What Exactly Is GroMo?

GroMo is an online financial services provider that allows you to earn money by selling digital products.

3. What Services Are Available With The GroMo App?

Account opening services include Savings Account Opening, Demat Account Opening, Crypto Account Opening, Credit Card Application, and so on.

4. Is It Possible To Generate Money Using The GroMo App?

Yes, you can make a lot of money using the GroMo App.

5. Is There A Refer And Earn Program At GroMo?

Yes, there is a Refer and Earn feature in the GroMo app.

6. Is GroMo App Kyc Required?

No, you can make money without completing KYC.

7. How Many Languages Are There In GroMo?

There are two languages available in the GroMo app, English and Hindi.

8. How Do I Withdraw Commission Money From The GroMo App?

You can use your bank account to withdraw funds on the GroMo app.

9. How Much Cash Is Credited To The Bank Account When Commission Money Is Withdrawn From GroMo?

The commission money is promptly credited to the bank account after being withdrawn from GroMo.

10. Is GroMo App Real?

Yes, GroMo is a real app and legit that gives real money.

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