List of Top 7 Best Student Loan App in India 2024

Top 7 Best Personal Loan App For Students in India 2022, Here we have prepared the list of the best instant loan apps for school and college going students in India in 2022. The student loan apps mentioned below offer instant personal loan to the students within a few hours.

India is changing, and Indians’ ideas, behaviours, norms, including habits are changing along with it. We all need money and taking out a loan is no longer looked upon. As in this tough time of Covid-19, everyone is seeking loans for different purposes.

Also, many students have been borrowing money through the top loan apps in India for a variety of reasons, including premium study material, Buying new smartphones, laptops for their study purpose, submitting academic fees, planning a vacation and many more.

In India in 2022, multiple rapid loan apps will provide a fast, paperless, as well as hassle-free solution to acquire quick access to funds to support your aspirations or help you during a financial emergency.

We’ve compiled a list of the top loan applications in India in this blog. This article will teach you about the top immediate personal loan apps available in India in 2022.

Best Instant Personal Loan App For Students List

1.mPokketClick Here
2.RedCarpetClick Here
3.BadaBroClick Here
4.PocketlyClick Here
5.StuCredClick Here
6.SahukarClick Here
7.TalaClick Here
Best Instant Personal Loan Apps For Students List

1. mPokket App Review

Running out of money is a regular occurrence among college students. As a result, Mr Gaurav Jalan, founder of mPokket, It’s a unique App to ensure that no college student has to rely on friends for money. This personal loan app is intended specifically for college students that give them pocket money.

The credit line is initially granted for Rs 500, and it grows over time as long as you use it and pay it back on time. The repayment period ranges from two to four months.

App NamemPokket
Minimum Loan Amount ₹500
Maximum Loan Amount ₹30,000
Downloads in Play Store1 crore+
Ratings in Play Store4 lakh+ reviews with 4.2-star ratings
Company NamemPokket Financial Services Private Limited
Company LocationKolkata, West Bengal

Features of mPokket Student Loan App

  • You will get a reward for making repayments on time.
  • In 2 minutes, you may get a cash loan and have it transferred to your bank or Paytm account.
  • Personal Loans up to Rs 30,000 are available instantly.
  • Repayment Choices: Various Repayment Options, Repayment in 4 Months.

Eligibility to get a loan from mPokket Student Loan App

mPokket App is one of the top online loan apps in India, with a very easy and quick verification process. Submit the required papers to get a quick personal loan:

  • You have attained the age of 18.
  • College ID card for Students.
  • PAN Card.
  • Last 3 months Bank Statement, Salary Slip/Joining Letter for Salaried Professionals.
  • KYC Details.
  • Aadhaar Card, Driving licence, Voter ID card, etc.

How do I get a loan From mPokket Student Laon App?

  • You can use the search field to look for “mPokket” or write in the full app name, “Instant loan for college students – mPokket.”
  • The next step is to successfully install the mPokket application.
  • Identity/address verification can be provided by the relevant documentation:
  1. Passport
  2. Voter’s Identity Card
  3. Driving License
  4. Aadhaar Card.
  5. For instant student loan (additional requirement): College ID Proof.
  • Make an application for a loan. They will give you a student loan or a salary loan for up to 20,000 rupees and immediately transfer the loan amount to your bank account.

mPokket Customer Care Support

From Monday to Saturday, you can call customer service at 033- 6645 2400 between 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Email Support: [email protected]

2. RedCarpet App Review

Most individuals will suggest that they seek their parents for assistance and that they talk to their friends and coworkers to see if they can help them out with additional finances. However, they frequently do not receive the funds when they are needed and are disappointed.

Now, no such student or self-supporting individual will miss out on an opportunity owing to a lack of finances; with RedCarpet Loan, one may now obtain a personal loan with an extended credit limit via an ATM cum debit card.

App NameRedCarpet
Minimum Loan Amount ₹500
Maximum Loan Amount ₹50,000
Downloads in Play Store10 lakhs+
Ratings in Play Store 46k+ reviews with 3.6-star ratings
Company NameRedcarpet Tech Private Limited
Company LocationNew Delhi

Features of RedCarpet Student Loan App

  • Instead of paying a lump sum amount up front, the application includes a credit line for its personal loan.
  • The Ruby card is only available if you have taken out a personal loan with the company. Just like any debit card, the cash is released under the loan amount.
  • There are no additional costs when withdrawing funds from this debit card up to ₹1,000.
  • The company includes an in-built spending tracker with the RedCarpet app, allowing you to conveniently track as well as analyse your expenses and also view your comprehensive card account every day of the year.

Eligibility to Get a loan From RedCarpet Student Loan App

RedCarpet offers personal loans based on a credit score developed by a complex formula with over 100 variables. Before qualifying for a personal loan, one must meet the following general eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant must be a university student studying in a large city.
  • Students in their final year should apply before the course’s six-month period ends.

How do I Get a Loan From RedCarpet Student Loan App

  • Enter your phone number and select your chosen language.
  • Fill out the required fields, such as your name, address, and college info.
  • Please send your files to them (Personal ID, College ID, Address Proof and others)
  • Click ‘Accept’ for various service Terms & Conditions.
  • Following verification, you will be given a ₹500 beginning limit.
  • To apply for a card, go to ‘Apply for card’ and fill out the form.
  • Once the card has been accepted, you will be notified.

RedCarpet App Customer care

Customer care team – 011-71156232

Email support – [email protected] /[email protected]

3. BadaBro App Review

BadaBro is a mobile app-based marketplace in India that offers personal loans to salaried professionals and college students (above the age of 18 years). The loans are credited to your bank account/Paytm wallet right away.

App NameBadaBro
Minimum Loan Amount ₹500
Maximum Loan Amount ₹1,00,000
Downloads in Play Store1 lakh+
Ratings in Play Store14k+ reviews with 4.2-star ratings
Company NameBadabro Giga Venture Private Limited

Features of BadaBro Student Loan App

  • Request online, and BadaBro credits your Bank/Paytm account instantly.
  • By telling your friends about BadaBro, you can earn rewards.
  • Upload your Aadhaar/PAN, Employee ID, or fill in a few basic things to complete your profile.
  • Online Profile approval and credit limits assigned.

Eligibility To Get a Loan From BadaBro Student Loan App

College students who meet the following conditions are eligible for Badabro loans:

  • Your age must be eighteen.
  • A valid college ID card or other comparable document is required.
  • PAN cards and Aadhaar cards are required as identification and evidence of address.
  • Bank Statement for the Previous 6 Months.

How do I Get a Loan From BadaBro Student Loan App?

  • Verify your phone number using a one-time password (OTP).
  • Sign up with your Google or Facebook account.
  • Aadhaar/PAN card, salary slip/college ID, bank statement, marksheet/money receipt, photo & selfie video, and maybe a few details must be uploaded. The profile has been completed.
  • Wait for your profile to be verified and your credit limit to be assigned.
  • After that, you will receive an SMS/App notification/email notification.
  • Select your loan amount, repayment term (how long you want to borrow), number of instalments, and credit location (Bank account or Paytm).
  • Repay whenever you like, on or before the due date, with a Debit Card, Paytm wallet, or UPI.

BadaBro App Customer Care Support

Customer care number: 7003090000

Email support: [email protected]

Pocketly App Review

Pocketly‘s goal would be to provide immediate credit to students in need at the end of the month thus they don’t have to sacrifice their education. This cash can also be used to assist  in the event of a medical emergency or to pay their monthly bills.

App NamePocketly
Minimum Loan Amount ₹500
Maximum Loan Amount ₹10,000
Downloads in Play Store1 lakh+
Ratings in Play Store8k reviews 4-star ratings
Company NamePocketly Infotech Private Limited
Company LocationBengaluru, Karnataka

Features of Pocketly Student Loan App

  • Increase your credit limit by paying on time.
  • KYC & Underwriting
  • Upload Documents & User Verification
  • Get Credit
  • Amount from ₹500 to ₹10,000
  • Extension or restructuring of loans, as well as refinancing of loans

Eligibility to Get a Loan From Pocketly Student Loan App

  • Your age should be 18 or more.
  • As confirmation of identity and address, you should have an Aadhaar Card.
  • Another form of identification that you should have is a pan card.
  • You must show the proof of a valid college ID card.

How Do I Get a Loan From Pocketly Student Loan App?

  • Enter your phone number to begin your account.
  • Now you have to simply verify your details like Aadhar info, Pan info, Student info.
  • You must now enter your banking information.
  • Your quick cash will be sent to you.

Pocketly Customer Care Support

Email support: [email protected]

StuCred App Review

StuCred knows what it’s like to be a cash struggling college student. That is why, through sustainability and the provision of student loans, StuCred strives to make financial independence a reality for everyone.

Minimum Loan Amount:  ₹500

Maximum Loan Amount: ₹10000

Downloads in play store: More than 5 lakh

Ratings in play store: 8 thousand reviews

App NameStuCred
Minimum Loan Amount ₹500
Maximum Loan Amount ₹10,000
Downloads in Play Store5 lakh+
Ratings in Play Store8k reviews 4.3-star ratings
Company NameKreon Finnancial Services Limited
Company LocationChennai, Tamil Nadu

Features of StuCred Student Loan App

  • There will be no more physical documents. Secure documents can be uploaded through this app for quick verification.
  • StuCreds Student Loans, which have a 0% interest rate, are designed to provide InstantCash to Indian students.
  • From the app, the entire process is quick and simple. Simply apply for an extension if you require additional time.
  • StuCred allows you to start building your credit score before you graduate. This is a crucial financial score that will affect your life in the long run.

Eligibility to get a loan From StuCred Student Loan App

  • StuCred is currently only available to college students (18 years and older) who are enrolled in specific colleges in India.
  • College details (College name, ID & Email ID)
  • Government ID

How do I get a loan From StuCred Student Loan App?

  • Registration – Fill up your information and wait for the OTPs to arrive.
  • Verification – Scan the front and back of your government ID, as well as your college ID card, and enter a video OTP.
  • Connect your bank account when you’ve completed onboarding! From your credit limit, you can choose the loan amount you want. Your money could be paid to your bank account in as little as 30 seconds.

StuCred Customer Care Support

Customer care number: 044 – 46271122

Email support: [email protected]

Sahukar App Review

Sahukar is a digital lending company that provides students with personal / pocket money loans to help them meet their financial demands while in college, such as tuition and living expenses.

Minimum Loan Amount:  ₹500

Maximum Loan Amount: ₹ 5,000

Downloads in play store: More than 5 lakh

Ratings in play store: 10 thousand reviews

Features of Sahukar Student Loan App

  • Get as many loans as you need and pay them back whenever you choose.
  • Your Paytm or bank account will be credited immediately. Anywhere, at any time.
  • No physical documentation, verification.
  •  Get extra Sahukar Cash and a no-interest loan. There are also attractive coupons.

Eligibility to Get a Loan From Sahukar Student Loan App

  • ID proof
  • Address proof
  • Educational identity card
  • Social account ( Facebook)

How do I Get a Loan From Sahukar Student Loan App?

  • Get the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now enter your mobile number in into sahukar application.
  •  Complete your profile.
  • Now select the amount duration and send the request.
  • Repay in 90 days. Yes it is so simple.

Sahukar Customer Care Support

Customer care number: 8282828822

Email support:

7. Tala App Review

You will get fast and easy loans in about 1 day. Millions of Tala customers have downloaded this app who have maintained financial peace of mind while managing costs, paying school fees, and growing their enterprises.

Minimum Loan Amount:  ₹1000

Maximum Loan Amount: ₹ 10,000

Downloads in play store: More than 5 lakh

Ratings in play store: 6 thousand reviews

Features of Tala Student Loan App

  • Make easy payment in the app.
  • You’ll stay on track with your payments if you stick to a simple payment schedule.
  • In minutes, your loan will be deposited immediately into your bank account.

Eligibility to Get a Loan From Tala Student Loan App

  • Should have an active phone number.
  • You must have a PAN number.
  • Aadhaar card or Voter ID.
  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Must have a bank account number.

How do I Get a Loan From Tala Student Loan App?

  • In a matter of seconds, you’ll have your loan approved..
  • Use a secure way to confirm your identity.
  • Your loan will be deposited directly into your bank account.
  • There’s no requirement for a pay slip, bank statement, or credit score.

Tala Customer Care Support

Email support: [email protected]


So, this was the list of the best instant loan apps for school and college students in India in 2022. The loan apps mentioned above offer instant personal loans within a few hours.

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