Top 10 Best Photo And Data Recovery App For Android 2024

Are you seeking such top Android photo recovery or data recovery applications? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. It suffices to say that life would be far more hard now if we didn’t have smartphones. Just about everyone is now more than ever reliant on cell phones. Previously, phones were primarily used to communicate with close friends and family.

Things, on the other hand, are no longer the same. It isn’t merely a way of communication anymore. Mobile phones these days are able to do a lot of things.

When it comes to function, a cell phone may today meet all of the requirements. It’s all possible, including ticket booking and internet buying. This is not the entire story!

Smartphones nowadays come packed with all the necessary professional software, enabling you to carry out your official responsibilities from anywhere.

Smartphones are quite good for another feature. With the use of cell phones, incredible photographs could be captured. With today’s phone cameras, you can snap high-definition photos with your cell phone.

There is one idea that every mobile phone user fears: losing their favourite photos. This is among the worst nightmares users want to avoid. In such cases, there seems to be one way that can help you recover your photographs.

Only one option to get your treasured photographs back without hassle has been to use file recovery apps for Android. Here are all the top 10 Photo Recovery Applications for Android if you really need to recover the most important pictures in your lives.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger is a fantastic software for photographers. The app gives you high-quality pictures and videos. It is suitable with all current Android versions, as well as earlier versions. This fantastic tool for your Android device will quickly recover all of your lost images.

Your device, on the other hand, should meet the application’s file requirement. Regardless of your storage kind, the software runs smoothly on your device.

DiskDigger App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of DiskDigger Photo Recovery App


  • Although if your smartphone is really not rooted, you can retrieve images using the Android app.
  • DiskDigger has the ability to retrieve almost any file format.
  • The utility performs brilliantly on both internally and externally storage systems.
  • The programme is compatible with a wide range of platforms, includes Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PC.


  • The app’s Mac model includes optimization as well as bug fixes.
  • Scanning the Dig Deeper mode takes an excessive amount of time.
  • Unsupported file formats are not displayed by the programme.
  • All of the device’s latest capabilities aren’t available to Mac as well as iOS users.


Dumpster - Recover Deleted Photos & video Recovery

This application in the list is indeed a popular application, with 40 million installations. When it comes to recovering mistakenly deleted images, this programme is the best option. Dumpster’s app has a straightforward user interface. This programme would be extremely simple to use for most people.

In the meantime, the application is more responsive. It scans or locates your missing photographs in a snap. The programme scans all your internal storage or SD card quickly.

Dumpster App Download Click Here

Pros and Cons of Dumpster App


  • It’s Budget-Friendly
  • It’s in your calendar.
  • It’s more secure.
  • You’ll have less liability.
  • It’s Safe for the Environment


  • Location might matter.

Restore Image ( Super easy)

Restore Image

This is yet another fantastic app that can be found just on Google Play Store. Restore Images allows you to easily restore all of your mistakenly erased pictures.

This software can be downloaded through your Google Play Store account as well as installed on your Android phone. The application is available for download and use it at no cost. The nicest feature about this software is that there is no upgrade path that will provide you with an ad-free experience. Smaller file sizes of the restore image are also accessible.

Restore Image App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of Restore Image (Super easy) App


  • It looks like a computer’s recycle bin.
  • The backup of data is done immediately.
  • Automatically organises the files, greatly reducing the searching for the required file.


  • Many features that seem to be accessible in the premium version really aren’t available in the base variant.

Dig Deep Image Recovery

DigDeep Image Recovery

DigDeep is just an easy-to-use Android photo recovery app. Everything you have to do is wait for it to complete scanning any files or folders for erased photos. This might take a little time, based on how much RAM you have. Following the completion of the search, a new screen would emerge with folders comprising photographs from a specific location. Browse each folder of your pictures one by one; each file contains a list of pictures.

Dig Deep Image Recovery App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of Dig Deep Image Recovery App


  • This application helps in the recovery of images in their original or near-original condition.
  • Photo recovery in low-light and high-speed conditions
  • It is not necessary to root the phone.


  • Certain photographs which have not yet been removed may appear in this Android image recovery programme.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

You can effectively restore lost photos with just this photo recovery programme. It looks for your erased photographs on both your externally and internally storage devices.

This picture restore App may take much longer to check all features of your phone’s storage facility based on the operating processing and memory space of the device.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop App Download Click Here

Pros and Cons of Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop App


  • All picture formats are accepted, including png and jpg.
  • Allows you to select a specific folder out of which you want to restore photographs.
  • To utilise the photo recovery application, you shouldn’t need to root your smartphone.


  • If your mobile device’s processor speed and storage capacity are insufficient, the Deleted Photo Recovery software may run slowly.

Dr. Fone Kit

Dr Fone Kit data recovery app

For over eight years, Dr Fone data recovery software has always been at the forefront of the industry, ensuring personal information restoration across 6000 Android phones. Even files from Samsung handsets that have been damaged could be recovered.

Music, text messages, contacts, movies, pictures, documents, as well as WhatsApp chats are among the file types that this programme can restore for rooted phones.

Dr. Fone Kit App Download Click Here

Pros and Cons of Dr. Fone Kit App


  • For file recovery, there really are two options.
  • It is possible to retrieve data from devices that have been harmed.
  • Recovers a variety of file types.
  • Can retrieve a wide range of data.


  • Only for tablets and phones that have been rooted.
  • The photographs that were retrieved are of poor quality.

UltData Tenorshare

UltData Tenorshare data recovery app

UltData Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro is a tool for recovering deleted contacts, photographs, videos, text messages, or call history of Android smartphones running any version of Android, including Android 4.4 Kitkat. Multiple file kinds can be recovered, including contact, photographs, SMS, call logs, movies, and more.

UltData Tenorshare App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of UltData Tenorshare App


  • Scan quickly.
  • Many types of files can be recovered.
  • All Windows, Mac, or Linus file types are supported.
  • The data that has been retrieved is of excellent quality.
  • Almost all external types are supported.


  • There is no possibility to search a specific folder. You must scan the entire drive.
  • The names of computer drives are not displayed.
  • Only 500 MB of data can be recovered with the free version.

Undeleter Restore Files And Data

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

Undeleter is a system that lets you retrieve data and folders which you believed are lost forever. Also it allows users to permanently delete any form of file, ensuring that this can be recovered to use an application such as this one.

Undeleter’s user interface is simple and well-organised. It has three main functions: restoring files, restoring data, and deleting documents. You could restore photos, audio, and video files that were wiped from your device using the first one. The second option allows the user to access data from other apps as well as SMS messages. The final option allows you to completely delete any file in your Smartphone.

Undeleter is another one of those applications that you think you’ll never use, but might come in handy at some point. That is why it is an essential application to have on hand just in case.

Undeleter Restore Files And Data App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of Undeleter Restore Files And Data App


  • The best aspect is that it handles a network-based erased cache.
  • Undelete takes care of this for you, including allowing you to adjust the location of the data to be recovered.


  • There are two areas to search, one of which is incorrect, and I had to approach customer service.
  • It can be hard to find the item you want from the list of items that can be recovered, but it doesn’t always retrieve all.

Photo Recovery – Data recovery

Photo Recovery Data Recovery

This Android photo recovery programme can help you retrieve pictures that have been accidentally lost from your tablet or phone. It’s possible that these photos were deleted from the phone’s memory as well as external storage.

Once the deleted photos have been restored, they will be returned to your collection. You don’t need to root any Android device to retrieve photos you’ve accidentally erased.

Photo Recovery – Data recovery App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of Photo Recovery – Data recovery App


  • To start, the programme has a soothing, user-friendly, but perfectly functioning user interface.
  • Photo restoration in all major formats, includes jpg, jpeg, and png, to name a few.
  • A history of some of the most current scanner findings is displayed.
  • The restored images can be saved to Photos, Google Drive, or any other location.
  • When you remove the photos, you can see a preview of what you’re going to delete.
  • The flexibility to scan by size, date, and name makes scanning a lot easier.
  • You could also select whether or not to keep recovered images in the restoration list.


The accuracy of the results is determined by the performance as well as storage capacity of your smartphone.

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Contacts

Recover Deleted All Photos Files And Contacts

It can be a headache if you accidentally delete a photo of your phone and afterwards try to find a good program to retrieve it for you. Try installing recovery data recovery for Android and do a comprehensive scan of your device’s internal and external memory to solve the issue.

Contact Recovery may restore deleted contacts from your phone’s internal database as well as restore them in the exact Contact thread without requirement for a backup without use of a computer. This programme will help you properly recover your contacts, if you unintentionally deleted a contact or restored your smartphone to default settings.

This programme allows the user to access your deleted stuff for free with this basic android deleted documents restoration.

Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Contacts App Download Click Here

Pros and cons of Recover Deleted All Files App


  • It is the great app you can install and never lose any photos, videos, documents.
  • Best functionality app backup, contact backup, device information and junk cleaner delete unnecessary data.


  • Sometimes this app takes too much time to open.


Above is a list of the top ten best image recovery apps for Android. We hope you have found our post on the top image and data recovery applications for Android is useful.

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