Top 7 Best Podcast Apps On Android In India 2024

Podcasts have taken over the universe of entertainment. They’re audio entertainment that can stream or download, making them a good choice for listening on the go. , they’re online radio programs that you may hear on-demand.

Why Is It That Podcasts Are So Famous?

Despite video podcasts, the overwhelming majority of podcasts nowadays are audio-only—the need for background content fuels podcasting’s growth.

So, let’s face it, podcasts are handy. Simultaneously, you can do something boring or repetitive that may entertain, educate, or inspire you. For example, you can download the podcast while travelling to work, college, or any other location and enjoy or educate oneself as needed!

You may also listen to that while working out at the gym, cleaning the yard, or driving to work. You can then use any spare time to educate yourself or, at the very least, entertain yourselves.

Best App for Podcast in 2022

Currently, there are several podcast apps accessible on the market. The following is a list of the top seven podcast apps:

1.SpotifyClick Here
2.Google PodcastsClick Here
3.KhabriClick Here
4.AudibleClick Here
5.Cast BoxClick Here
6.Pocket CastsClick Here
7.StitcherClick Here

1. Spotify

Spotify is most known for its music streaming service, but it also has a special podcast section that includes several individual episodes.

Premium subscription: INR 129 per user/month; free with advertisements (No ads)

Yes, there are exclusive podcasts.

iOS, Android, Web browsers, Smart TVs, Media Players, or Gaming Consoles are all examples of devices.

Features of Spotify

Spotify’s homepage contains a variety of lists, including curated sets of podcasts from multiple genres and exclusive podcasts available just on Spotify. If you enjoy a podcast, you can subscribe to it and like it to put it on the playlists.

Content & Premium Subscription

While there is a free version of Spotify, ad-free listening needs a premium subscription. Spotify Premium is by far the most cost-effective option to enjoy music without commercials, costing INR 129 per month with one account. It’s important to note that podcasts are only available to Spotify Premium members.

What are the top 5 podcasts on Spotify?

Pros and Cons of Spotify

Pros of Spotify

  • It’s easy to register.
  • Music Experiences to Share.
  • You can download music and podcasts.
  • You can listen to its “over 40 million tunes” in its massive music library.

Cons of Spotify

  • Lack of Lyrical Characteristics.
  • Its premium service is expensive.
  • For free users, sound quality is weak.
  • There are a lot of advertisement between the songs if you use this app for free.

2. Google podcasts

By pointing you to famous podcasts focused on genres or what’s trendy, Google Podcasts makes it easy to discover the most effective programs for your tastes. Most of the same podcasts accessible on Apple Podcasts are also accessible on the app.

Price: Free

Exclusive Podcasts: No

Devices: Android devices, iOS devices, and Web browsers


Its user interface is simple to use for both newbies and seasoned listeners. If a program is not currently on Google Podcasts, you can add it and use the platform’s RSS feed. You may also create a list to listen to various podcasts in a predetermined order. You can make a row if you want to hear different podcasts in a specific sequence.

Unique features of Google Podcast

Each episode site on Google Podcasts contains a ‘explore section’ that links to Google search engine results on keywords related to the podcast you listen to. For example, listening to a bitcoin podcast will present you with the other top cryptocurrency podcast selections.

Pros and Cons of Google Podcasts


  • A Simple User Interface
  • Smart mobile Features
  • Outstanding performance.


  • Innovative Screen Experience Is Terrible
  • No Desktop Downloads.
  • No Video Support

3. Khabri

With 30,000+ content creators, Khabri is India’s leading Hindi audio platform. They assist users with finding or listening to the audio content in their native language.

Downloads:  500 – 600 downloads per day.

Ratings and reviews: 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store.

Features of Khabri App. 

Here on Khabri app, you may get the latest news, inspiration, government jobs, information, faith trust, audiobooks, health, zodiac, music, or stories at any time, & yes, even if you’re beyond the age of 18. Create a channel on the Khabri App as well as start earning money online by broadcasting audio. If the audio on a channel appeals to you, users can subscribe to it and use the same button.

Subscription of Khabri App. 

The software is free & allows users to download material or consume them offline. During the recent pandemic, Khabri saw an extraordinary 6x and 4x increase in users but also creators, accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Khabri


  • This app is great for kids because they can listen 24hrs a day. 
  • This app can also be used offline.
  • This app is fantastic for earning money.
  • Unlike the rest of the programme, you don’t have to pay a penny or subscribe to utilise it.


  • Most of the time, there is a temporary loading issue. 
  • Sometimes log-in problems are there. 
  • Khabri installation app issues. 
  • Khabri app notifications are not working correctly sometimes. 

4. Audible

Amazon controls the website. Audible is best recognized for its audiobooks, but Audible Originals’ podcast series. The “Podcasts” category has a plethora of knowledge on various topics, including humor, relationships, technology, and much more.

Price: Free, Audible Plus: INR 199/month

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Devices: Android, iOS, Windows 10.

Features of Audible App

You can read user reviews when you’ve chosen a show. Star ratings for the owner’s presentation, the subject, and the entire podcast includes in these reviews. It contributes to Audible’s reputation as among the most user-friendly audiobook review systems.

While listening to a podcast, you can go 30 seconds ahead or back, link to Bluetooth, or change the speed between 0.5 to 3.5 times. You could also check the remaining time, switch to CarPlay for a cleaner interface, and to choose programs from such a list at the bottom of the display.

Premium Subscription

Even though Audible provides a free version, a paid subscription must access much of the platform’s content. After subscribing to Audible Plus, you may access podcasts or gain access to a few of the unique premium materials.

Pros and Cons of Audible App


  • Audible has an extensive range of audiobooks. 
  • The design of the Audible app is so lovely. 
  • You will get membership benefits.


  • If you’re not connected to the internet and desperately need to download anything, you could be out of luck.
  • Audible titles on Amazon are sometimes higher costs than those on or other book sites.
  • Scanning and skipping contents become difficult.

5. Cast box

Castbox is an easy-to-use podcast player for podcast fans, with a minimalistic design and simple navigation. With a large selection of podcasts to pick from, you may listen or save your favorites for free, anywhere at any time.

Downloads: 1 crore plus

Reviews: 4.6-star ratings on google play.

Features of Cast Box App

Castbox is a multi-award-winning global podcast platform that makes it simple to search, listen to, produce, and share spoken audio content. Castbox allows consumers access to unlimited content in various languages, anywhere, on any device—

iOS, Android, Web, Amazon Echo, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Apple Watch—on iOS, Android, Web, Amazon Echo, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Apple Watch.

Premium subscription

Premium is $0.99 a month and includes no ads, unlimited subscriptions, a personalized homepage, primary needs, and early access to new services. Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, CarPlay, Google Home, or Android Auto are all supported by Castbox.

Pros and Cons of Castbox


  • A completely free option.
  • Networks of popular podcasts.
  • Integration with Amazon Echo.


  • In the free edition, there are annoying advertisements.

6.   Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a well regarded and attractively designed app. All through free or Pocket Cast Plus tiers, the aim is to create the greatest podcasting experience in the real world. It was designed by podcast listeners for podcast listeners.

It gives podcast listeners more control over their sound quality by incorporating features that make it easier to search but also organise programs, as well as dependable tools for customising the experience.

Pocket Casts is compatible with Amazon Echo, CarPlay, Android Auto, Sonos, Apple Watch, Chromecast, and HomePod on Android, iOS, and the web (via Google Cast and Airplay 2).

Downloads: 10 lakh plus

Reviews: 4.3 stars in google play store

Features of Pocket Cast App

Pocket Casts is the most influential podcast platform on the planet. Our podcast player features advanced listening, searching, and discovery features. With our human-curated podcast suggestions, you can discover your next addiction. Syncing across several devices Listen without any restrictions.

Premium subscription

Upgrade to Plus for 99 cents per month or $10 a year if you’re new to Pocket Casts (or have used the mobile versions).

You’ll be able to use it on macOS, Windows, as well as the internet. The premium subscription offers “unique app icons and customizations,” as well as cloud storage of audio and video files.

Pros and Cons of Pocket Casts App


  • Add your favorite podcast channels to get automatic downloads of new episodes as they are released.
  • For easy restoration, use the automatic sync and backup feature.
  • Enjoy the beautiful UI that complements the podcast artwork rather than clashing with it.


  • There isn’t a single thing I don’t like about this software.

7.   Stitcher

With Spotify and Audible, Stitcher wholly focused on podcasts. This app is solely for hearing to podcasts, and it boasts an extensive collection of over 260,000 highly chosen and handpicked podcasts.

Price: Free (ads), Premium: INR 370/month

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Devices: iOS, Android, Web Player.

Features of Stitcher App

It also features one of the neatest and straightforward user interfaces amongst podcast apps. You can hear Stitcher’s best picks of the week, as well as customized playlists recognizing women, Black Americans, indie musicians, and much more once you’ve signed up.

You may also get an automated download of new episodes, a list of programs you’ve downloaded or liked, and save up space by deleting all files in one go.

Premium Subscription

Even while Stitcher has a free version, a premium subscription must listen to podcasts without ads and participate in monthly giveaways.

You can download podcasts, receive instant access to some episodes, or access some “platform-exclusive material.”

Pros and Cons of Sticher App


  • Thanks to its clean and easy UI, Stitcher Radio is among the most excellent podcast apps to use if you’re looking for something new or want to keep track of your favorite episodes.
  • Although this app appears to have no offensive content on the surface, parents must keep an eye on their children’s usage because Stitcher Radio includes thousands of possible adult stations and programs. This program is best with children aged six and up in a group setting.


Stitcher downloads and broadcasts a podcast episode only once, masking the number of listeners you’re genuinely getting (and advertisers)

Stitcher adds its advertisements.


Podcasts are the way of the future since they entertain and educate you despite taking up no additional or exclusive time in your already hectic schedule. We hope this post helped you select a podcast app and start your listening experience!

What is the most popular app for podcasts?

Spotify is the most popular app for podcasts.

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