7 Best Tech News Apps For Android To Try In 2024

The tech industry is a constantly evolving ecosystem. The world of technology is continually changing. Every other day we hear about new gadgets, apps, and more!. These days, it’s pretty easy to stay updated with the latest trends because plenty of tech news sites and apps are available on the web.

Since we now use smartphones more often than computers, sharing the best tech news apps you can install right now for Android users makes sense.

Here are the best news apps to keep up-to-date with all of your favorite tech sites in one place..keep you updated on the latest happenings in the tech world, so make sure to check them out!

List of 7 Best Tech News Apps For Android

There are many different ways to read tech news on your phone and tablet. Some apps listed in this article let you bookmark or save websites for later offline reading, so we recommend checking them out!

1.TechCrunchClick Here
2.Medium Click Here
3.Feedly Click Here
4.Flipboard Click Here
5.Newsy Click Here
6.TechMeme Click Here
7.Google News Click Here

 1. TechCrunch

The TechCrunch Android app provides users with customization options to see topics of their own choice, and it also allows them to get all the headlines from this popular portal.

TechCrunch is a popular tech news site with many loyal fans, and this app will help you stay up to date on the latest from TechCrunch.

The TechCrunch Android app is a really great resource for tech enthusiasts. You can use the browser and read all of their headlines, with customization options available if you want to customize what topics are shown on your feed!

Features of TechCrunch

  • Browse the latest tech news in multiple categories.
  • Includes a dark mode for reading at night.
  • Share articles with your friends.
  • Keep up to date on all things tech-related without needing to come back every day.
  • Get notified when new articles are posted(Push notification).
  • Easily bookmark favorite articles.
  • Helps keep track of your favorite stories.
  • 15+ million monthly readers/visitors.

2. Medium

If you are looking for a comprehensive tech news app, look no further than Medium. It is an all-in-one app that covers tech news and business, culture, and design. You can browse articles by topic or publication, and there is even a section for recommended stories.

Medium is a tech news app that has original, creative and exciting content. It also comes with audio for the user to hear instead of reading it themselves! Many topics are covered by writers from various technological fields like Tech Industry, so if you want more information, this would be the perfect site to get your fix on.

Medium is an App that focuses exclusively on technology news. If you are looking for tech-related news and information, Medium is the place to be. The site has a team of reporters who cover the latest happenings in the tech world.

Features of Medium

  • Access a variety of topics in tech.
  • Visit anytime, anywhere—online or offline
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of over 100 million people
  • Save time by discovering more in less browsing
  • Find deeper insights on topics that matter to you (and others)
  • Offers a wide variety of exciting and original content
  • Accessible across many devices, including web, iOS, Android, and more
  • Save time by listening to content.

3. Feedly

Feedly is one of the most popular tech news apps and is widely used. It’s an RSS reader app that lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites and keep track of the latest articles. You can also create custom feeds and add your favorite topics.

The best part about Feedly is that it’s available on both Android and iOS devices, and you can use it for free. The Feedly app also offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to stay updated with the latest tech news. Feedly is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Features of Feedly

  • Feedly automatically pops up all the news from your subscribed sites.
  • The app has a light and dark mode to help you read in either condition.
  • There is also a reader mode option so that it’s easy to read articles/blog posts.
  • Allows users to subscribe to favorite tech blogs.
  • Easy to use interface with simple navigation method.
  • Makes life easier because you don’t need to open a browser or consult an RSS feed for the latest news.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the most popular tech news apps, and it’s not difficult to see why. The app has a beautiful interface, and it’s effortless to use. Flipboard lets you personalize your feed by selecting the topics you’re interested in. You can also follow other users to get their recommendations.

Flipboard is an excellent app for staying up-to-date with the latest technology news. The app has a section dedicated to tech news, and you can also add other units such as business, sports, etc. Flipboard is available for free on Google Play Store.

Features of Flipboard

  • Save time by getting your news quickly and easily.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology and innovations.
  • Get your tech news in a unique and fun way.
  • Feedly is easy to use
  • The blog/magazine-style interface allows for a more visually appealing design on your home screen,
  •  a magazine for any industry you love.
  • Follow other users for recommendations.
  • Personalized feed based on topics of interest.
  • A dedicated section for tech news.

5. Newsy

Newsy News is one of the best tech news apps for Android. You can install this app on your Android phone and watch all the latest tech updates from various sources like The Verge, Business Insider, Engadget, etc. If you are not familiar with websites, then – Newsy includes a brief summary of the news article so that you don’t have to read through long articles.

You can install this app on your Android phone and watch all the latest tech updates from various sources like The Verge, Business Insider, Engadget, etc.

The familiar tech news app is free and ad-supported if you are unaware, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to stay updated with the latest tech trends.

Features of Newsy

  • The app is trusted and respected
  • Newsy has a broad category of news sections
  • Provides relevant videos on demand
  • Audio-only mode is available for those who are busy or want to watch the video later.
  • Watch high-quality news clips in one app
  • Get instant notifications for important news updates
  • Keep track of the topics you’re interested in through the “watch later” tool
  • Stay informed on all things relevant to your personal interests.

6. TechMeme

TechMeme is a popular tech news aggregator app that brings you the latest updates from all over the web. It allows users to download full articles and comments on their favorite topics directly onto their smartphones. This way, you can read them later even when you don’t have an internet connection available!

The Techmeme App also allows you to set up notifications for the most important topics to you. The app also provides a list of articles in an easy-to-read format which saves time when browsing through multiple pages on your browser.

Techmeme is the best because it allows users to keep track of dozens of sources without having them clog up your phone’s storage.

Features of TechMeme

  • Receive updates on the latest happenings in the tech world.
  • Stay up-to-date with what is happening without having to search for it.
  • Easy navigation and content browsing.
  • Professionally curated.
  • Find exciting and relevant news snippets
  • 100% free.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest and most trusted news.
  • Shareable without revealing your identity.
  • Curated tech news from people who know their stuff.

7. Google News

Google News is one of the most popular tech news apps. It offers a great experience with its clean and straightforward design. The app has a section for top stories, local stories, and other categories like business, technology, sports, etc. You can also add your favorite publications to the app so that you can read their latest articles easily.

The Google News app is a program that tells people about what is happening in the world and allows them to see news for things they are interested in. Stay updated on all topics from one place with For You tab delivering top stories across different sources, or explore Full Coverage for detailed coverage of how specific issues are reported by various organizations

Features of Google News

  • Get the latest news from all over the world
  • Stay updated on what’s going on in your hometown
  • Know more about the stores you love and shop at
  • Always stay up to date with breaking news, entertainment, sports & more
  • Stay on top of the latest stories and read about what you’re actually interested in.
  • Quickly save articles to read later with just one click.
  • Spend less time wasting your time viewing irrelevant articles and more reading articles that interest you
  • Save articles for offline use when there is no internet connection available.


So, in the end, we can say that there are a lot of tech news apps available on Android. We recommend you test them all and choose one which suits your needs best. For example, if you want to read about Apple or Windows-related stuff, it makes sense to select News iOS or Microsoft Insider, respectively. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they can also stay updated about the latest tech trends.

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